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How will I know if the activity level is right for me?

We have assigned an activity level to every Road Scholar program to help you decide which programs best suit your interests and abilities.

Easy Going“You know what moves me? Exercising my mind. Let’s keep walking to a minimum and avoid stairs when we can.”

On Your Feet“Some walking is OK during the day. I can get on and off a coach, and I’m ready to stroll through cities and to stand for a few hours when we’re learning in museums.”

Keep the Pace“I like to spend most of the day exploring. Whether walking historic neighborhoods at a moderate pace or out and about on a coach, I want my days full. Stairs don’t bother me, and I love to keep up with the group.”

Let's Go“I’m energetic and enjoy a good physical challenge — let’s spend the day on the move! Whether riding public transit, or walking city streets or village cobblestones, I’m game.”

Outdoor: No Sweat“I exercise for fun, not to win contests. I like to explore at an easy pace, stopping to snap photos and smell the roses. Varied terrain doesn’t scare me, but let’s not do anything too extreme.”

Outdoor: Spirited“I enjoy getting my heart going on my bike or on trails. Nothing beats the thrill of taking on a rewarding climb or ride on varied terrain with inclines. Let’s keep moving — occasional stops only, please.”

Outdoor: Challenging“I love pushing myself, and I can keep a steady pace on rugged and steep terrain. This is as challenging as it gets? Great. Let’s do this. At the end of the day, I want to feel like I’ve had a real workout.”

Any time you see a rating level, click on it to view a quick pop-up summary of the information above.


The program I’m interested in seems rigorous. Are there alternatives?

We offer 5,500 learning adventures, so chances are good we’ll have something that fits the pace you’re looking for. Try our Advanced Search tool and choose the activity level you want.  If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, just give us a call and we’ll try to find some alternatives.


Do you make provisions for disabilities?

For our programs in the United States, we are committed to providing reasonable accommodations to enable those with disabilities to participate. For programs outside the United States, our ability to serve those with disabilities is more limited. Whether you are interested in a program in the U.S. or abroad that suits your particular needs, please call us and we’ll work to find options for you.


Can Road Scholar accommodate my special diet?

Not every program can accommodate every special diet. However, we make it clear what meal options are available, whether vegetarian, gluten-free or low-fat. Just click on the ‘Lodging and Meals’ tab on any program to see what special diets are accommodated.


How can I stay healthy while traveling?

Road Scholar recommends that all participants consult with their physician and, if traveling overseas, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the U.S. Department of State regarding their health condition and recommendations specific to the countries they will visit well before departure. While Road Scholar does its best to provide pertinent information regarding health requirements and travel health precautions for travel abroad, please remember that we are not health experts and can only share with you the recommendations made by the CDC and the U.S. Department of State. It is therefore your responsibility to consult with your physician and contact the CDC for health information specific to your travel destination. Your physician will be able to assess your overall health and fitness, provide information and guidance on health risks you may encounter while traveling, medication you may need to take and other precautions for the prevention of injury, illness and general health issues during your program.


What happens if I get sick during my program?

Our commitment to your well-being is exemplified in our Road Scholar Assurance Plan. Whether you are on a program in the United States or abroad, every Road Scholar participant automatically receives this coverage. Designed specifically for Road Scholars, our plan provides 24-hour assistance in the event of an emergency and insurance for emergency medical evacuation, if the need arises.


Are there risks when traveling?

Millions of people travel each year. If you attend a program, the odds are in your favor that you will have an enjoyable and incident-free program. However, certain risks — from natural disasters to accidents, crime, outbreaks of illness, insect-borne and other infectious diseases, environmental risks to health, terrorism and other unforeseen events — are inherent in travel. While such occurrences are beyond our control, we make substantial efforts to be prepared for such possibilities. Participants are encouraged to review the safety and travel information provided by the U.S. Department of State’s travel site at to learn about current security issues, travel advisories and warnings, recent embassy notices, and other helpful destination-specific information. By enrolling in a program, you agree to assume responsibility for your own health, safety, and welfare and acknowledge that Road Scholar cannot guarantee your safety or health at any time.

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