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Estes Park, Colorado
Estes Park, Colorado

Women-Only Learning Adventures

Celebrate empowerment and community on women's-only travel around the world! Together with a group of Road Scholar women, you can learn about restorative traditions in Santa Fe, participate in an art-intensive week in New York or hike in Rocky Mountain National Park. And that’s just the start. There’s even more to explore on these adventures just for women!

Note: Some of these programs offer select women-only dates, while others are designed with all dates just for women.

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5 Reasons to Try Women-Only Travel Tours


The interest in women-only trips has become popular in the past few years as we search for rich relationships and connections to others. Searches for the term “solo female travel” increased sixfold during the four years before the COVID-19 pandemic. On women-only travel tours, travelers can bond by sharing female perspectives and experiences. 

More than ever, female travelers are taking women-only vacations with people they have never met to build relationships on their journey. Road Scholar has crafted specific women-centric itineraries to encourage more women to seek life-enriching, experiential learning adventures with each other. Here are five reasons to go on women-only travel tours:


1. You’ll Be Nurtured

Women nurture and care for each other; it’s in their genes. Road Scholar has curated top-of-the-line travel groups for women over 50, where we take care of all the details so you can focus on exploring your surroundings. On our women-only trips, you will travel outside the box, exposing yourself to education by learning from remarkable instructors.

“As a first-time solo traveler with Road Scholar, this women’s-only trip exceeded my expectations. Our group leader was friendly, knowledgeable and organized, and immediately put me at ease. The accommodations, food, activities and presenters were all first rate. And the women in my travel group were fascinating and welcoming. I loved every second of it.”

- Jane from Covington, Wash. | Road Scholar Class of ‘15


2. You’ll Feel Safe

Women tend to feel more comfortable traveling in women-only travel tours, especially abroad. Women report that traveling in the company of other women feels more comfortable. Women say they feel safer pushing themselves to do new things in the company of other women. In addition, it is nice that someone else is planning this time, alleviating the stress women are used to feeling planning trips for their families. 


3. Challenge Yourself and Learn From Others

Taking part in women’s-only vacations means opening yourself up to new possibilities. It can be easy for a woman over 50 to fall into a routine. You’ll find fascinating new friends and expert instructors in Road Scholar’s women’s-only travel groups, who will challenge you to learn something new.

“This women’s-only trip was a fabulous way to meet amazing women from across the country! We learned about nature as we hiked Rocky Mountain National Park, all while challenging ourselves to climb to new heights – both in the mountains, and in our souls.”

- Gainor from Charlotte, N.C. | Road Scholar Class of ‘08


4. Create Lasting Bonds

Road Scholar’s women’s-only trips are more than just travel groups for senior women — they’re amazing opportunities for experiential learning adventures with women over 50 who are at a similar place in life. These shared travel experiences build bonds between women that last a lifetime. Connections and commonalities form quickly in women-only travel tours

If you are searching for a special community of women, a great way to do it is to journey with other women. In a matter of days, you won’t be able to imagine your life without these women — even if you never see each other again.

“I love when women come together to form a sisterhood. That’s what happened during my recent women’s-only trip. I shared wonderful memories and bonded deeply with a group of awesome women! I made many new friends and we’ll all be joining another Road Scholar women’s-only travel group soon!”

- Beverly from Baton Rouge, La. | Road Scholar Class of ‘17


5.  Education Beyond Vacation

Travel with Road Scholar is incredibly educational, but some women-only trips become skills training. For example, Road Scholar offers a trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico, on a women’s-only excursion to learn healing practices used by Indigenous peoples and discover the diverse traditions from other cultures that have been brought to New Mexico. On this 6-day trip, women will learn how to prepare delicious cuisine, gain flexibility with yoga, and hike through glorious landscapes.

“I just returned from ‘Women at the Fire: An Art Introduction to Glass, Clay and Steel.’ Many of the women in my travel group had never worked with clay, glass, or steel before. We received solid instruction in both form and technique, with hands-on guidance by very patient instructors who adore their craft. I am a teacher, and can vouch that this was some of the best teaching I have seen. I am so glad I decided to join this women’s-only travel tour with Road Scholar!”

- Sally from Olive Branch, Miss. | Road Scholar Class of ‘18

Once you travel with a group of women, you won’t want to stop. Read our blog to learn about the adventure you can find as you journey with a group of women to exclusive tours all over the world. 

Looking for a way to reconnect with your mother or adult daughter? Women’s-only group travel can help you do just that! Read Road Scholar’s Top 5 Bonding Experiences for Mothers and Adult Daughters.

Are you part of a large group of women traveling together? Learn how you can travel with your group.


Road Scholar Women-Only Trips

At Road Scholar, we have a wide range of women-only, experiential learning adventures that allow you to explore great adventures in sisterhood. Road Scholar also has developed wonderful trips for senior women looking for camaraderie. Book with Road Scholar today for travelers who love to learn.