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Road Scholar Trip Protection Plan with “Cancel for Any Reason” Coverage

Road Scholar is pleased to offer its Trip Protection Plan as a way to protect your program investment. You may purchase this optional trip protection plan when enrolling in your program. By purchasing this plan you will be protected in case ...

As you know, unexpected things can happen after enrolling in a program: sudden and unexpected medical issues arise; family members or traveling companions become ill; your home could be made uninhabitable by a natural disaster. If you need to cancel your program for these or other reasons covered under the terms of the policy, the Trip Cancellation benefit reimburses you not only for Road Scholar cancellation penalties but also any airline penalties, whether air travel is arranged by Road Scholar or booked independently.

If you need to cancel your trip for any reason not covered by insurance, say, for example, a scheduling conflict, sick pet, or uncertainty given recent world events, you will receive a credit* good for future travel with Road Scholar for the full amount of the Road Scholar cancellation fee.

During a program, accidents, illnesses or other unforeseen emergencies—whether they happen to you, your traveling companion, or a member of your or your traveling companion’s immediate family, may cause you to miss a portion of your program or return home earlier than expected. Road Scholar cannot issue refunds to participants for program days missed due to accidents, injuries, illnesses, or other emergencies; however, if you purchase the Trip Protection Plan, you will be reimbursed for program days you miss due to a covered event as specified in the plan. 

These days, with increasing frequency, air travel is impacted by weather or mechanical problems. The resulting delays could not only delay your arrival to the program but cause you to incur additional expenses while catching up to the program. If the reason for the delay qualifies as a covered reason under the terms of the plan, the Travel Delay benefit will reimburse you, up to the benefit limit of $2,000 ($400 per day), for missed program days plus additional expenses you may incur catching up to the program, including transportation, accommodation and meal expenses.

Please be aware that the Trip Delay benefit only applies if due to an airline or other common carrier's delay or cancellation forces you to be delayed 6 hours or more while en route to, during or returning from program due to a covered Travel Hazard. Please see the plan's description of coverage for Trip Delay benefit details. 

If you are required to isolate due to a qualifying postive COVID-19 test, the plan helps reimburse you for additional accommodation, meal and transportation expenses you may incur, as well as reimbursement for missed program days. Please note that the coverage for COVID-19 sickness is limited, and for claims to be paid you must obtain qualifying evidence of COVID-19 sickness at the time you become ill. We therefore recommend you carefully the relevant COVID FAQs on the Frequently Asked Questions webpage, as well as review the policy. Please contact Aon Affinity, the plan administrator, if you have specific questions regarding coverage for expenses related to expenses in incurred due to COVID-19 sickness. 

Another great benefit of the plan is that it covers the cost of your airfare if you need to cancel your enrollment for a covered reason, whether you purchase your airline tickets with Road Scholar or independently. Even though the plan cost is based on your Program Price, your airfare is protected, too. 

Unlike most travel insurance plans, if Road Scholar cancels your program prior to the start date, the cost of your Trip Protection Plan will be canceled and refunded automatically in full. This gives you peace of mind in knowing that if Road Scholar must cancel your program, your program investment as well as the cost of your trip protection plan will be refunded in full

The optional Road Scholar Trip Protection Plan helps protect your investment if you must cancel or interrupt your program for specified, covered reasons, such as illness or injury to you, your traveling companion or an immediate family member of you or your traveling companion which requires examination and treatment by a physician. Plus, if you need to cancel your program for any reason not covered by insurance, you will receive a credit* good for future travel with Road Scholar for the full amount of the Road Scholar cancellation fee. The plan also provides benefits if you are delayed getting to or returning home from your program and protects your investment should you have an emergency during your program that causes you to miss program days or return home earlier than expected. Your airfare, whether purchased through Road Scholar or independently, is covered if you need to cancel your enrollment — an exceptional benefit and value offered exclusively to Road Scholar participants. 


Please be aware that this is a brief summary of the plan's benefits. Please carefully read the plan's description of coverage to fully understand the plan's terms, coverages, conditions, limits and exclusions.

*The Cancel for Any Reason Credit Feature is a non-insurance feature provided by Road Scholar. Notice to Minnesota, Missouri and New York Residents: The Cancel for Any Reason feature may be purchased separately from the Travel Insurance. Contact 1-888-722-2195 for details.

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