Hawaii & Pacific Coast

Decide for yourself if the west coast is the best coast as you discover cities like Seattle and San Diego and learn about National Parks from Denali to Crater Lake. No matter where you choose, the Pacific provides a stunning backdrop for learning as our experts share what they love about their own backyards!

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Pacific Coast and Hawaii Adventure Tours

See what makes the West Coast the best coast by booking a Pacific Coast or Hawaiian tour for seniors with Road Scholar. From Honolulu to San Diego and Seattle to San Francisco, Road Scholar has Pacific Coast tours for everyone. 


No matter the experiential learning adventure you choose, you’ll be able to learn about the history, geography, and wildlife of your destination from expert Road Scholar instructors. Ready for your next adventure? Explore our Pacific Coast and Hawaii educational tours below.

Tours on the Pacific Coast

America’s Pacific Coast is ripe with adventure. From stunning National Parks like Denali, Yosemite, and Olympic National Parks to quaint coastal villages like Monterey, you can explore it all with Road Scholar. Curious to learn what you can see? Here are some of our top trips to Hawaii and the Pacific Coast:


  • National Parks: One of America’s key defining traits is its National Parks system, and the West Coast is abundant with federally preserved areas for you to explore. At Road Scholar, you can explore National Parks across the entire West Coast, including Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada, where you can see glacial lakes hidden in the Rocky Mountains, or Yosemite National Park in California, where you can see Half Dome or El Capitan. Other West Coast National Parks include Sequoia, Kings Canyon, Death Valley, Olympic, Joshua Tree, Channel Island, and Volcano National Park.
  • Water activities: A trip to the Pacific Coast isn’t complete without admiring the scenery and wildlife from the water. At Road Scholar, we have water-based activities for every comfort level. If you’re on a Hawaiian tour for seniors, you can go snorkeling to spot unique marine life in colorful reefs. If you find yourself in Washington, you can go kayaking on the Columbia River or along the forested coasts of the San Juan Islands.
  • Mountain explorations: North America’s West Coast has one of the most diverse landscapes in the world. Due to major plate tectonic activity eons ago, sprawling mountain ranges have shaped the landscape along the West Coast, which means you can embark on hikes in the Rockies in Alberta, Canada, or the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California. With Road Scholar, you’ll be able to explore these mountain ranges with expert guides who can teach you about the history, geography, and wildlife of the area.
  • Island voyages: As with any coast, there are plenty of islands in the distance that are worth discovering. At Road Scholar, we have plenty of island tours for seniors on the West Coast, such as the Channel Islands, Hawaiian Islands, and San Juan Islands.


These are just some of the many Pacific Coast and Hawaii adventure tours offered through Road Scholar. If you’re looking for a winter getaway to the warmth of the Pacific Coast, whether it be Hawaii or San Diego, book with Road Scholar today.

Road Scholar’s Pacific Coast and Hawaiian Tours for Seniors

If you’re looking for a trip to the Pacific Coast, you’re in the right place. At Road Scholar, we have exciting and engaging Pacific Coast and Hawaiian tours for seniors to choose from. Led by professional guides who are experts in the area, you’ll be able to explore new areas with a diverse cohort of like-minded learners. 

No matter the adventure you choose, such as an ocean voyage or a National Park tour, you’ll be able to enjoy spirited conversations with your cohort, learn about the Pacific Coast’s rich history, and discover unique wildlife and vegetation. To prepare, review our travel tips for seniors to ensure a memorable and safe Pacific Coast tour.