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Activity Levels, Diet, & Accommodating Special Needs

How will I know if the activity level is right for me?

Since we are not able to alter the pace and activity of an adventure, it is important to select a program that best aligns with your abilities. To help, we have assigned an activity level to each program. Any time you see a rating level, click on it to view a quick pop-up summary of the information listed below. In addition to the general activity level description, each adventure has a sample itinerary that includes detailed daily activity notes.  These notes might include the amount of walking or standing, elevation, the type of terrain and much more.

Easy Going“You know what moves me? Exercising my mind. Let’s keep walking to a minimum and avoid stairs when we can.”

On Your Feet“Some walking is OK during the day. I can get on and off a coach, and I’m ready to stroll through cities and to stand for a few hours when we’re learning in museums.”

Keep the Pace“I like to spend most of the day exploring. Whether walking historic neighborhoods at a moderate pace or out and about on a coach, I want my days full. Stairs don’t bother me, and I love to keep up with the group.”

Let's Go“I’m energetic and enjoy a good physical challenge — let’s spend the day on the move! Whether riding public transit, or walking city streets or village cobblestones, I’m game.”

Outdoor: No Sweat“I exercise for fun, not to win contests. I like to explore at an easy pace, stopping to snap photos and smell the roses. Varied terrain doesn’t scare me, but let’s not do anything too extreme.”

Outdoor: Spirited“I enjoy getting my heart going on my bike or on trails. Nothing beats the thrill of taking on a rewarding climb or ride on varied terrain with inclines. Let’s keep moving — occasional stops only, please.”

Outdoor: Challenging“I love pushing myself, and I can keep a steady pace on rugged and steep terrain. This is as challenging as it gets? Great. Let’s do this. At the end of the day, I want to feel like I’ve had a real workout.”

The program I’m interested in seems rigorous. Are there alternatives?

Participating in a program that may be too physically challenging isn’t fun for you and often results in an unpleasant experience for your fellow participants as well. Our goal is to create an environment enjoyed by all, which is why we offer thousands of learning adventures of varying activity levels to ensure you can find an option that is the right fit for you. Try our Advanced Search tool and search by activity level to see the best options for your abilities.  If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, just give us a call and we’ll work to find some alternatives.

For more information, review the “Program Selection” section of our Terms and Conditions

Do you make provisions for disabilities?

Road Scholar is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to enable participants with disabilities to join our learning adventures. If you have any special needs, we ask you to notify us as soon as possible so we can make the proper accommodations. Please note that our ability to ensure accommodation requests is more limited on our international programs. We promise that we’ll let you know what is and is not possible before you enroll.

Can Road Scholar accommodate my special diet?

Not every program can accommodate every special diet. However, we make it clear what meal options are available, whether vegetarian, gluten-free or low-fat. Just click on the ‘Lodging and Meals’ tab on any program to see what special diets are accommodated. If you can’t find what you are looking for, we are always happy to inquire on your behalf, but please note that it may not be possible on some programs for diets to be accommodated, and in those cases you may need to self-select, monitor your diet and/or supplement as needed.

Can Road Scholar accommodate my food allergy?

We strive to accommodate food allergies and will inform all program staff ahead of your arrival. We ask that you exercise your best judgment and take appropriate precautions to minimize your own risk of allergic reaction. This can be done by monitoring your diet and self-selecting from the food options provided throughout the program. Additionally, you are more than welcome to ask questions of the group leader, program staff, or food service providers if you are uncertain. Please note that while we take steps to minimize the risk of cross-contamination, we cannot guarantee an allergen-free kitchen for all meals.