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Since the beginning of July 2021, thousands of Road Scholar participants have joined us on programs in the United States, Central America and Europe, and we have many more destinations scheduled for 2022 and beyond. Our participants are eager to continue their journeys of discovery, and we are working diligently to accommodate everyone who wants to learn and travel with us this year and next.

Because the vaccines have been so effective at preventing severe illness from COVID-19, we require all participants and Group Leaders to be fully vaccinated and be up to date with all recommended boosters as well. We have been in consultation with an infectious disease medical expert and have developed safety protocols on all of our programs. You can see the additional precautions and enhanced measures we are planning on our Safety Roadmap.

Road Scholar remains committed to delivering high-quality educational experiences. However, if there are restrictions imposed in locations we visit and we would not be able to operate a program with the high educational integrity you expect from us, then we won’t. We are doing everything we can to operate programs, because we know how disappointing it is when your program is canceled.

We appreciate your patience and understanding, as the world begins to re-open. Thank you, and we can’t wait to re-connect with all of our Road Scholar friends!


Video Message From Road Scholar President James Moses

Watch a video update from Road Scholar President James Moses.


Updated January 3, 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

The United States is now requiring travelers entering the United States to be tested for COVID one day before their return flight home. Will Road Scholar be able to help me meet this new requirement?

Yes. Your Group Leader will facilitate testing prior to your return to the United States in time for you to comply with these new regulations.

I’m eager to attend my program, but what if things change in my destination closer to my departure date? 

We realize there are many factors to consider when planning a trip right now and that situations around the world are changing almost every day. Our advice? Continue with your program as planned. Road Scholar is consistently monitoring current events and will notify you with ample time if we need to cancel or change aspects of your program.

I’m a little unsure about the future. How can I have the greatest flexibility?

These days, we understand participants may want more flexibility when planning for the future. We also know travel plans can change at the very last moment. That’s why our optional Road Scholar Trip Protection Plan also includes Cancel for Any Reason coverage, which allows you to cancel your program enrollment for any reason and receive a credit good for future travel with Road Scholar for the full amount of the cancellation fee. When you purchase the Road Scholar Trip Protection Plan, your program investment is protected should you need to cancel your enrollment, whether due to a scheduling conflict, apprehension about recent world events, a sick pet, or any reason not otherwise covered by insurance. Knowing that your program investment is protected gives you peace of mind, and the flexibility and comfort of choosing a time that’s right for you to travel.

What happens if I decide I don’t feel comfortable going on the program I am enrolled in?

Road Scholar has always had participant-friendly transfer and cancellation policies. Despite the current situation, we make it easy for our participants to transfer to a different program. Participants enrolled in most North America programs can transfer to a different program up to 14 days prior to departure without penalty, and participants enrolled in most International programs can transfer to a different program up to 66 days prior to departure without penalty. Some programs have different transfer or cancellation policies, so please refer to our website and catalogs, as well as your enrollment packet for all the details.

I’m nervous about traveling. What is my risk of getting sick?

In the spring we were thrilled to get our vaccines and enjoy a somewhat normal life again. Now, we’ve had to accept the reality that COVID-19 isn’t going to disappear anytime soon. Having said that, the vaccines have proved remarkably effective at preventing severe illness from COVID-19. We found this article in the New York Times offered a very encouraging perspective on the real risk. Here is one line in particular we found re-assuring: “In Seattle on an average recent day, about one out of every one million vaccinated residents have been admitted to a hospital with Covid symptoms. That risk is so close to zero that the human mind can’t easily process it. My best attempt is to say that the Covid risks for most vaccinated people are of the same order of magnitude as risks that people unthinkingly accept every day, like riding in a vehicle.” We encourage you to read the entire article, which you can do without a subscription to the Times, by creating an account.

What can I expect on my upcoming program?

Just as you experience in your everyday life at home, there may be some inconveniences or adjustments we have to make for the foreseeable future in Road Scholar program locations around the world. You may have to wait a little longer at meal time, that museum you were looking forward to may not be accessible during your visit, or there could be other bumps in the road along the way. Please know we are doing our utmost to plan for and manage around these issues, but some may be unavoidable. We have heard from many participants who have returned home from their recent Road Scholar programs. Some have mentioned these kinds of frustrations, but each and every person also says the experience was well worth any shortcomings. Any of the inconveniences they had to cope with were minor in the grand scheme of things, and in the end they were thrilled to be out living their lives again.

I’m concerned about a rise in COVID-19 cases or travel advisories in some destinations I want to visit. Are you still planning on running programs in these locations?

We are learning that COVID-19 is likely to be an enduring part of our lives moving forward. Evidence has proven that those who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 are far less likely to become infected, and many are taking extra precautions—such as wearing a mask when in public—to further lower the risk as they carry on with their daily lives. Working with an infectious disease expert, Road Scholar developed a number of safety precautions very early on, the most important of which is requiring all participants and Road Scholar Group Leaders be vaccinated. And we are doing everything we can, as carefully as we can, to serve all of you ready to venture out into the world once again. We will cancel a program if restrictions are imposed that would prevent us from offering a high-quality educational experience. Otherwise, we are doing everything we can to make our lifelong learning experiences available for those who are ready to get back on the road.