Web Help

How to Do An Advanced Search

Here’s how to create a customized search to find a specific kind of program.

Step 1: Select “Search” underneath the Road Scholar logo at the top.

Step 2: Enter your specific search terms.

From this page, you can enter in a specific search word in the text box, then select the magnifying glass search icon to start your search. You can search for a location, interest or specific program number.

You can also check one of the circles to focus on a wide range of programs, including those for grandparent adventures, new programs, small group, the most popular programs, or those with special offers. You can select one or multiple options.

You can also narrow down your search by destination, date, interests, activity level, duration, and price. Clicking on the arrow next to the item will allow you to further refine your search.

Select the Interest option and you can select multiple interests. Just click the “Apply” button to start your search.