Walking Madeira: Portugal’s Isle of Flowers By Foot

Portugal’s botanical wonders, sun warmed coasts, renowned vineyards and exquisite Mediterranean cuisine make this European gem a real-life paradise for exploration and adventure.
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With its reputation as the “Isle of Flowers,” Madeira’s rich, volcanic soil and levadas — or carriage ways and mini-canals — offer pristine walkways that wind along its coastlines, weave through gardens and lead to the islands most scenic vistas. Meander along one of Portugal’s most beautiful regions as you join local experts for a walking exploration of Madeira’s capital city of Funchal, a city wedged between the sea and mountain slopes.
Small Group
Small Group
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Best of all, you'll ...

  • Admire indigenous and exotic plants of the Botanical Gardens on the grounds of the Quinta do Bom Sucesso.
  • Hike in a pristine laurel forest, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Visit the colorful market where local purveyors offer fresh fish, vegetables and fruit.
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You can find many of the books we recommend at the Road Scholar store on bookshop.org, a website that supports local bookstores.
Cork Boat, A True Story of the Unlikeliest Boat Ever Built
by John Pollack
This endearing tale of family, loss and friendship revolves around a deliciously absurd childhood quest to build a boat of cork and sail it 133 miles on Portugal's Douro River.
Walking in Madeira
by Paddy Dillon
Featuring a rich and varied selection of walks on Madeira and neighboring Porto Santo.
Lonely Planet Pocket Madeira
by Lonely Planet Publications
A practical city guide to region of Madeira that fits in your pocket, with the top sites, the best walks, food, art, shopping, views, nightlife and more. Includes pull out city map.
Prince Henry "The Navigator," A Life
by Peter E. Russell
A complicated yet rewarding portrait and the first biography of this empire-minded Portuguese prince in more than a hundred years.
A Birdwatchers' Guide to Portugal, the Azores & Madeira Archipelagos
by Colm Moore
The first and only birdwatching guide to cover all of Portugal, this enlarged second edition features several new sites (44 in all) and includes the Azores and Madeira archipelagos.
Oceans of Wine, Madeira and the Emergence of American Trade and Taste
by David Hancock
Hancock's unexpectedly engrossing book explores the culture of wine in Madeira and trade in 18th-century America.
Tango in Madeira, A Dance of Life, Love and Death
by Jim Williams
A tangled web of ambitions, romance and murder featuring Agatha Christie, George Bernard Shaw, the exiled emperor of Austria, a WWI veteran and a priest with dubious political intentions, set on the isolated island of Madeira.
A Traveller's History of Portugal
by Ian Robertson
A lively, admirably concise survey from prehistory to the present, great for travelers to Portugal who would like an overview of the country's history and culture.
Journey to Portugal, In Pursuit of Portugal's History and Culture
by Jose Saramago
Jose Saramago's richly detailed account of his journey across Portugal in 1979. He combines his vivid impressions of the Portuguese landscape and people with a dose of history, fiction and meditation.
Alentejo Blue
by Monica Ali
These short stories set in the Alentejo province of Portugal star a range of colorful expats and locals, including Teresa, a beautiful young girl from the village engaged to a suitable man who yearns to see the world and Vasco, a cafe owner losing business to the new Internet cafe down the road.
Baltasar and Blimunda
by Jose Saramago
This tale of two unlikely lovers in Inquisition-era Portugal is arguably Saramago's masterwork: a philosophically charged, intellectually rigorous historical drama which is also a captivating read.
The Taste of Conquest, The Rise and Fall of the Three Great Cities of Spice
by Michael Krondl
Weaving travel and history, Michael Krondl writes of a world where pepper, cinnamon and cloves were as valuable as gold -- and Venice, Lisbon and Amsterdam jockeyed for global control of the spice trade.
Small Memories
by Jose Saramago
In this contemplative memoir, the Portuguese Nobel laureate recalls a childhood both dark and magical, split between the growing city of Lisbon and the tiny village of Azinhaga.
Madeira, The Mid-Atlantic Wine
by Alex Liddell
Originally published in 1998, this engaging history tells the story of Madeira. Once shunned by wine connoisseurs as just a cooking wine, Madeira has been growing in popularity worldwide as a drink. Liddell provides a robust, full-flavored history, taking readers from the 1500s to the present and covering all aspects of the wine's production. A revised second edition.
Europe Between the Oceans: 9000 BC-AD 1000
by Barry Cunliffe
In this magnificent book, distinguished archaeologist Cunliffe boldly recasts European history through the lens of geography, showing its seas and rivers as the conduits to trade and culture. With lucid maps and choice illustrations.
Authentic Portuguese Cooking
by Ana Patuleia Ortins
With over 200 recipes, this is the biggest and most comprehensive book available on Portuguese cooking. In delicious detail, Chef Ana Patuleia Ortins explains recipes like Madeiran Wine and Garlic Beef Kabobs, Mushroom-Stuffed Pork Tenderloin with Pomegranate Sauce and Sauteed Kale with Pine Nuts and Onions.

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