Walking Madeira: Portugal’s Isle of Flowers By Foot

Portugal’s botanical wonders, sun warmed coasts, renowned vineyards and exquisite Mediterranean cuisine make this European gem a real-life paradise for exploration and adventure.
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This is a lovely place to visit and an even better place to hike / walk. The climate affords a year-long growing and blooming cycle so that there is always something in bloom. As was pointed out so masterfully by our tour leader Roberto, everything seems to grow on this island and in mega-sizes. For instance seeing a Poinsettia tree towering over us in full bloom was but one example. Because of the topography of the island there are lots of hills, vistas and on the shore magnificent cliff-side views. This tour is rightly advertised as a “walking” tour and even though some might like to have seen more aggressive hikes this was perfect for exploring the plant varieties as explained by Roberto. In addition to the main tour guide we had two additional ‘expert’ guides during the week, both of whom contributed to our understanding of the culture, history and other conventions of Madeira. We got exposed to the climate of Madeira with rain and then less than a mile away on the other side of the mountain bright sun. Don’t miss trying all the food as we were introduced to during this tour . . . and the wine! This was a great tour especially with our small group! Since the tour launches from Lisbon, consider doing as we did and starting a few days early (or after) to explore Lisbon.


Beautiful walks on a garden island! Plants, Plants, Plants everywhere and having a guided tour every day is a gardener's dream.


Hiking Madeira, the Isle of Flowers was an interesting, informative and active experience. The beauty of Madeira makes a wonderful setting for outdoor activities. The leader is knowledgeable and interesting, and being able to look at flowers and have a leader sho can answer questions is helpful. Madeira is beautiful, the weather was perfect and the experience exhilarating!


Maderia is a beautiful island with lots of wonderful walking /hiking opportunities. However, if you have a fear of heights these walks can be frightening.


This trip is a wonderful way to explore the island. Walking the levadas all around the island showed us the different climate zones, plants and weather. We ate in fabulous restaurants that we might have overlooked on our own. The hotel had a beautiful garden and was a retreat from the crowds in the historical section of Funchal. Traveling with a local guide gave us a great insight into the people of Madeira.

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