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Road Scholar Ambassador Online Application
Thank you for your volunteer spirit and support of Road Scholar. Road Scholar will proactively reach out to organizations in your community to arrange presentations for you. In addition, you are strongly encouraged to reach out to your contacts to organize presentations.
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Road Scholar Program Experience
How many Road Scholar Programs have you participated in?
Describe your best Road Scholar program experience (in about 25 words).
If there was one thing you could change about your Road Scholar experience, what would it be (in about 25 words)?

Tell Us About Yourself
What is/was your primary occupation or profession?
Are you a member of a Life Long Learning Institute? 
If yes, which Life Long Learning Institute are you a member of?
What are your special interests or areas of expertise?
List at least one of your affiliations with your local community organizations and/or interest groups and your role (member, board member, director, etc.)

Ambassador Program Expectations
How many hours per week do you expect to commit to the Ambassador program? 
Do you have adequate means of transportation to conduct your volunteer duties? 
How many miles are you willing to travel for a presentation?
Please briefly describe (in 100 words or less) your expectations for the Ambassador Program.
In order for the Ambassador Program to be beneficial to both Road Scholar and you, our Ambassador, we expect a minimum of four presentations to be done by each Ambassador on an annual basis. Can you meet this commitment? 
Finally, how did you hear about the Ambassador Program?
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