Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Ambassador Program?

The Ambassador Program connects participants who are passionate about Road Scholar with their communities in order to introduce the joys of educational travel to new audiences.

What do Ambassadors do?

Ambassadors are volunteers who promote Road Scholar's enriching travel adventures and the value of lifelong learning in their local communities through presentations, events and personal interactions.

Is the Ambassador Program successful?

Yes. Since the inception of the Ambassador Program, volunteers have delivered more than 5,000 presentations and introduced more than 125,000 individuals to Road Scholar's unique brand of educational travel.

What are the requirements to become a Road Scholar Ambassador?

Enthusiasm and a desire to share your Road Scholar experiences with others. Every Ambassador has attended at least two programs, including one in the past two years.

What’s in it for me?

Ambassadors who deliver inspiring presentations and gather names of future participants earn credits to put toward future Road Scholar learning adventures!

I want to join the team. What do I do?
What is the Road Scholar Mission?

Road Scholar inspires adults to learn, discover and travel. Our learning adventures open minds to new ideas and deepen understanding of oneself and of the world’s peoples, places, cultures, history and environments. A true university of the world, not-for-profit Road Scholar’s meaningful – often transformational – educational adventures engage people for whom learning is the journey of a lifetime.

Is it a tour or an educational adventure?

Road Scholar offers educational experiences, not tours. Traveling is the means to arrive at a program, not the purpose. Participants are immersed in experiential learning, with lectures delivered by faculty experts on the site or the subject they are exploring.

Who is Road Scholar For?

Road Scholar adventures are geared to adult lifelong learners, typically age 50 or older. We like the phrase, "for baby boomers and beyond."

Why is Road Scholar a not–for–profit?

Much like a college or university, Road Scholar is a not-for-profit organization with an educational mission. We have no shareholders. Any surplus we generate is reinvested in our mission.

What’s included in the price of a program?

Road Scholar includes just about everything in the price of our programs:

  • Learning led by expert instructors who are authorities in their field of study
  • An experienced Group Leader attuned to the needs of Road Scholar participants
  • Customary gratuities throughout the program that you would normally pay yourself
  • The Road Scholar Travel Protection Plan, which is purchased on behalf of every participant and provides 24-hour-a-day emergency assistance services coverage, taxes and state-of-the-art QUIETVOX listening devices.
Where can I find more detailed information about communicating the Road Scholar brand?

Find everything you need to know in the Ambassador Branding Book.

Where can I find more detailed information about being an Ambassador?

Find everything you need to know about being an Ambassador in the Ambassador Guidebook.


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