Road Scholar Updates & New Policies


Enroll Risk-Free Until October 31, 2020

To give you peace of mind and to help you plan for the future, when you enroll between June 18 and October 31, 2020 in most Road Scholar learning adventures in 2021, you can cancel and get a full refund up until 90 days before your program begins. Please note this policy only applies to Road Scholar programs that have standard deposits of $100 for North America programs and $250 for International programs. For Adventures Afloat and “specialty” programs with higher deposit amounts, the typical cancellation and transfer policies apply.

New Health & Safety Guidelines

We’re sure you’re looking forward to the time when we can resume our rewarding learning experiences. In the meantime, we have a team dedicated to creating new health and safety procedures for the future. We’re evaluating local, state and federal guidelines in the places we’ll be offering programs and creating safety standards, so you can be confident knowing you’re in good hands. We want to take every step we possibly can to care for your well-being, while still providing an enriching and enjoyable experience.

Suspension of Programs Through August 2020

Because of our commitment to our participants, we have decided to suspend all Road Scholar programs around the world through August 31, 2020. If you were due to attend a program during this time, we will be contacting you over the next several weeks to talk about opportunities, which include up to a $200 “Friend of Road Scholar” credit to be used for your future program. We are also carefully evaluating future programs and will be in touch with those participants if it becomes necessary to extend our suspension.

Frequently Asked Questions

Trips Currently Impacted

My program is not operating due to the suspension. What do I do now?

We realize that a great deal of planning and preparation have gone into your travel plans. To make things as easy as possible for you, we will be in touch with you to discuss your options. All our Participant Services advisors are working from home now, and to give you the best service ― and as a great help to us ― if you could wait for us to contact you, we’d greatly appreciate it. However, if it is urgent that you speak with us before we contact you, please call us at (877) 646-3253. Thank you.

What are my options?

You have several options. We will clearly explain all of your options, including transferring to a future date or another program entirely when we contact you. If you’re interested in joining us at a later date, we would be happy to transfer you to a future departure of the same program or one of over 5,500 other departures in 2020 or 2021. Transfers must be made over the phone.

If you’re interested in participating with Road Scholar at a later date, but aren’t ready to enroll in another program right now, you can opt for us to hold your payment on file as a tuition credit to be used on a future Road Scholar learning adventures. Your tuition credit is fully refundable if at any time in the future you should decide that you are unable to travel with us again.

If you choose to transfer to a new program or to keep your tuition on file as a credit, we will give you up to an additional $200 credit as a thank-you for sticking with us.

What do I need to do about my plane ticket?

In light of the extraordinary circumstances, we have found that airlines have been waiving fees for their passengers, even if a policy is not posted on their website. With that in mind, we are asking that you contact them to have your penalties waived. If you cannot get the fee waived, you’ll need to send us a receipt from the airline, and then we’ll be happy to create a credit on your Road Scholar account for up to $300 for a future Road Scholar program.

If my program is no longer running, do I need to file a claim with my travel insurance provider?

Good news! If you purchased Road Scholar Trip Protection for your program and your program is no longer running due to the suspension, you do not need to file a claim. Your trip protection plan cost will be automatically refunded by Aon Affinity, the plan administrator, to the same credit card you used to purchase the plan. Due to high volume please allow up to six weeks for Aon Affinity to process your refund. You would only need to file a claim if you are cancelling your enrollment in a program that we are still planning to offer.

Future Trips

Will my program run? If not, what happens?

So far, we have suspended all Road Scholar programming through August 31st, 2020. We put a lot of thought and deliberation into making this decision, as we hate to disappoint our participants, but your health and safety are our highest priority. If we do suspend programming beyond August 31st, we will make the decision at least a month in advance and will notify impacted participants as soon as possible.

I am enrolled in a program that takes place at a special event after August 31st. If that event has been cancelled or postponed by the festival or special event organizer, will Road Scholar cancel the program?

Yes, if the special event is the focal point of the program, we will cancel the program. If this happens we will notify you as soon as we confirm with the festival organizer.

My program is later this year, but I am concerned about travelling. What should I do?

We realize that there are many factors to consider when planning a trip right now and that situations around the world are changing almost every day. Our advice? Continue with your program as planned. Road Scholar is consistently monitoring current events and will notify you with ample time if we need to cancel your program.

What are my options if I choose to cancel my trip that departs September 1 or later?

Road Scholar has always had participant-friendly transfer and cancellation policies. Despite the current situation, Road Scholar makes it easy for our participants to transfer to a different program. Participants enrolled in a North America program can transfer to a different program up to 14 days prior to departure without penalty, and participants enrolled in an International program can transfer to a different program up to 30 days prior to departure without penalty. Some programs have different transfer or cancellation policies, so please refer to our website and catalogs, as well as your enrollment packet for the fee information pertaining to your program or give us a call at (800) 454-5768.

If you choose to cancel your enrollment and have purchased Road Scholar’s Trip Protection Plan, under the “Cancel For Any Reason” Coverage benefit you will receive a credit for the Road Scholar cancellation fees you incur to use toward another learning adventure.

In light of current events, we have extended our deadline for purchasing our Trip Protection Plan and “Cancel for Any Reason” insurance coverage. You are now able to purchase these plans up to seven days prior to your program departure. This deadline extension ends on July 1, 2020.

I am concerned about my health when traveling.

The health and safety of our participants is of utmost importance to Road Scholar. For more than 45 years, more than 6 million adults have experienced Road Scholar learning adventures around the world safely and comfortably.

Learn more about Road Scholar’s commitment to our participants’ well-being.

We want you to have peace of mind.

We offer everyone who enrolls in a program the option of purchasing the Road Scholar Trip Protection Plan, which includes “Cancel for Any Reason” coverage.

In these uncertain times we understand participants may be apprehensive about traveling. Therefore, to help put your mind at ease, we have made two important changes to make the plan even better.

Purchase a plan within seven days of your program and get Cancel for Any Reason coverage!

Typically, the window for getting the “Cancel for Any Reason” coverage is open only until your final payment due date. However, from now until July 1, 2020, we are allowing all participants who have not already purchased the Road Scholar Trip Protection Plan, the option to purchase the plan AND have the “Cancel for Any Reason” coverage included, even if they are past their final payment deadline. For this limited time you can purchase the Road Scholar Trip Protection Plan up until one week before the date that your program begins and also get “Cancel for Any Reason” coverage. By purchasing the Road Scholar Trip Protection Plan with “Cancel for Any Reason” coverage, you will have the peace of mind to transfer to another program or cancel your enrollment altogether and receive a credit good for future travel with Road Scholar for the full amount of the Road Scholar transfer or cancellation fee if you decide you do not want to travel at this time.

More time to use your Cancel for Any Reason credit!

If you purchase the plan and then have to cancel your enrollment for a reason not covered by insurance, you would typically have 15 months to use your program credit. However, for plans purchased from now until September 1, 2020, we have extended the time a program credit is valid. If after buying a plan you need to cancel your enrollment for a reason not covered by insurance, you will now have three years to apply your credit to a future Road Scholar program. Having more time to use your credit gives you the flexibility and comfort of choosing a time that’s right for you to travel.

These two plan enhancements are only available for a limited time, so for the peace of mind knowing that you can purchase a plan all the way up to seven days before your program and get Cancel for Any Reason coverage, and, if you do have to cancel your enrollment for a reason not covered by insurance, you have three years to apply your credit to a Road Scholar program, you are encouraged to purchase the Road Scholar Trip Protection Plan with “Cancel for Any Reason” coverage for your program.

Some Kind Words from Road Scholar Participants

“We miss the opportunity to prepare for and participate in programs and had it not been the current situation would have probably have 50 programs completed by the end of this year. All of your employees deserve a great thanks for everything they have done for all your participants over the years and wished you would pass along our appreciation.”

—Larry C.


“To everyone at Road Scholar ... thinking of you and grateful for your outstanding service. I just sent a modest donation with my deep thanks. You folks are superb during good times and awesome during this difficult time. Your commitment, good will and generosity is appreciated. Best wishes, good health and clean hands!"

—Bev. G.


"Our next program was to be to Korea and Japan next month, but of course it’s canceled. We’ve transferred what we paid to the same program a year’s hence. I certainly hope Road Scholar will be able to resume a schedule in the not-too-distant future!"

—Nancy W.


“Thank you for your commitment, professionalism and service. Your efforts have made countless experiences, discoveries and memories that would not have been possible without you. I trust that Road Scholar will come through this difficult period and be there for me and other explorers."

—Bob. S.


“Thank you so very much! I feel grateful, immensely fortunate, for the possibility of using my program investment in the future, and the plan that I have three years to use it just blows me away! Stay safe!"

—Anne L.


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