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Wonders of the Middle East: An Exploration of Egypt & Jordan

Program No. 24423RJ
Experience the ancient and modern wonders of Jordan and Egypt on a once-in-a-lifetime journey that leads to the Great Pyramids of Giza, Petra and the Wadi Rum Desert.

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At a Glance

For more than 5,000 years, adventurers and scholars have journeyed to the Middle East to experience the vast wonders of Egypt and Jordan. Now, it’s your turn to embark on the educational adventure of a lifetime as you join local experts for an in-depth immersion into the ancient history, cultures and modern life of these two fascinating countries. Explore the city of Amman and be amazed by the vast beauty of the Dead Sea before spending a night under the stars in the Wadi Rum Desert. Marvel in the ancient complexity of the “Red Rose City” of Petra and be astounded by the sight of the Great Pyramids of Giza. Board a riverboat for a three-night journey along the Nile River, stopping to discover ancient temples and the Valley of the Kings. Your journey concludes in Cairo, where you’ll experience Egyptian life as you explore citadels, synagogues and bustling marketplaces — the true hubs of local culture.
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Let's Go!
Walking is the best way to get to know a new place. I’m energetic and enjoy a good physical challenge, so I’m always ready to spend the day on the move. Whether it’s public transit, city streets or village cobblestones, I’m game.
Small Group
Small Group
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Best of all, you’ll…

  • Discover one of the seven wonders of the modern world, Petra, as you explore this stunning city cut from rose-red rock in Jordan.
  • Delight in a night of “glamping” under the stars in the Martian Dome in Jordan’s Wadi Rum Desert.
  • Spend three nights on the Nile River in a luxury riverboat with an Egyptologist who will show you ancient temples, the Valley of the Kings and more important historical sites.
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You can find many of the books we recommend at the Road Scholar store on bookshop.org, a website that supports local bookstores.
Jerusalem: One City, Three Faiths
by Karen Armstrong
A popular history by the author of A History of God. Armstrong tackles big subjects -- and this book is no exception. It's a comprehensive, concise portrait of the city over the last 5,000 years.
The Nile: A Journey Downriver through Egypt’s Past and Present
by Toby Wilkinson
Wilkinson takes readers on both a historical and contemporary journey down the Nile, highlighting the small details that intertwine river landmarks with and Egypt’s ancient civilization.
Amman: Gulf Capital, Identity, and Contemporary Megaprojects
by Majd Musa
Landscapes of Survival: The Archaeology and Epigraphy of Jordan's North-Eastern Desert and Beyond
by Edited by Peter M.M.G. Akkermans
Luxor Illustrated, With Aswan, Abu Simbel and the Nile
by Michael Haag
The ideal companion to a Nile cruise, Michael Haag introduces all the famous monuments and temples of the Upper Egypt from Luxor, Karnak, Valley of the Kings and the tomb of Tutankhamun to the marvels of Aswan and Abu Simbel in full color.
How Petra was Built
by Shaher M Rababeh
An analysis of the construction techniques of the Nabataean freestanding buildings and rock-cut monuments in Petra, Jordan
The Rise and Fall of Ancient Egypt
by Toby Wilkinson
Toby Wilkinson, a world rewound Egyptologist, tells the story of Egypt’s great civilization, from its birth as the first nation-state to its absorption into the Roman Empire. Drawing upon forty years of archaeological research, award-winning scholar Toby Wilkinson takes readers inside Egypt’s history once ruled by divine kings who led with all-too-recognizable human emotions.
Apeirogon: A Novel
by Colum McCann
McCann writes a complex and uplifting story of a Palestinian father and an Israeli Father who form an unexpected bond by the grief of losing a daughter.
Petra: The History of Jordan's Rose City
by Selected authors
Petra, The Rose-Red City
by Christian Auge, Jean-Marie Dentzer
Jam-packed with color illustrations, archival material, maps and site plans, this shirt-pocket encyclopedia is our best-selling book on Petra.
Eyewitness Guide Egypt
by Eyewitness Guides
A visually rich guide to the history, culture and monuments of Egypt.
Eyewitness Guide Jerusalem: Israel, Petra & Sinai
by Eyewitness Guides
This compact, illustrated guide provides a thorough overview of Israel and western Jordan, including Petra, Wadi Rum and Amman.
The Archaeology and History of Jerash: 110 Years of Excavations
by Edited by Achim Lichtenberger and Rubina Raja
The Rough Guide To Jordan
by Matthew Teller
An in depth expert and comprehensive guide to Jordan. The Rough Guide to Jordan will help readers discover the best places to explore, sleep, eat, drink and shop.
Islam, A Short History
by Karen Armstrong
Armstrong brings authority and experience to this vivid, clear-headed survey of the history and impact of Islam from the birth of Muhammad to present-day challenges. The best short introduction to the subject.
Israel & The West Bank: With Petra
by Genevieve Belmaker
A guide to Jerusalem that includes color photos and helpful planning maps with descriptions.
In a Desert Land, Photographs of Israel, Egypt and Jordan
by Neil Folberg
A stunning collection of photographs of the desert Middle East, including the Sinai, Petra and Jerusalem.
The Jordan Valley and Petra
by William Libbey
Northeast Africa and Arabia Map
by Michelin Travel Publications
A folded map of the Northeast region of the continent at a scale of 1:4,000,000.
When Woman Ruled the World, 6 Queens of Egypt
by Kara Cooney
Celebrated Egyptologist Kara Conney’s narrative explores the lives of six remarkable female pharaohs, from Hatshepsut to Cleopatra, and shines a light on female power, exploring the connections between Woman’s roles as public figures then, and now.

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