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South Carolina

The Best Barbecue in the World: Secrets, Sauces and Smokers

Program No. 16610RJ
For some, BBQ is more than just cooking, it’s a way of life. Come see for yourself as you join an experienced Pit-Master for an in-depth look at their culinary craft.
6 days
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Apr 2 - Apr 7, 2023
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Sep 24 - Sep 29, 2023
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DATES & starting prices
Apr 2 - Apr 7, 2023
Starting at
Sep 24 - Sep 29, 2023
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At a Glance

Explore the history and experience mouthwatering recreations of the world’s oldest live-fire cuisine! Delve into the evolution, philosophy and customs of this delicious culinary art form with Seth Watari. Seth hasn’t always loved barbecued meats. He can’t claim that his dad or grandfather were great Pit Masters, because they weren’t great Pit Masters; but Seth encountered Southern Barbecue while traveling in South Carolina in 1974. During a business trip, to the up-state, a chance dining experience with two local “Country” gentlemen started his quest for Southern Barbecue perfection. From that day forward, Seth has traveled 49 states sampling and learning about regional Barbecues. Settling in South Carolina’s Low Country, where Barbecue seems to be almost a religion, Seth narrowed his Barbecue focus on Low Country Barbecue history, techniques and flavors. Seth now shares his Barbecue experience and knowledge with Barbecue judges, experienced Pit Masters, and most importantly, backyard cooks.
Activity Level
Easy Going
Walking 2-3 blocks; some uneven terrain.
Small Group
Small Group
Love to learn and explore in a small-group setting? These adventures offer small, personal experiences with groups of 13 to 24 participants.

Best of all, you’ll…

  • Learn the history, methodology and application of traditional BBQ with exposure to numerous proteins and enjoy hands-on experiences as you prepare perfectly paired side dishes for each day’s themed dinners.
  • Practice cooking methods for rendering tough cuts of meat into succulent BBQ — from proper fuels, injections and rubs to wood types and the proper application of the low-and-slow methodology.
  • Discover how the flavor profiles change with new marinades, injections and dry rubs and transition to hot-and-fast cooking methods.

General Notes

The Retreat Difference: This unique, often basic and no-frills experience at a Road Scholar Retreat includes opportunities for early morning exercise, interaction with the local community for insight into local life, an authentic farm-to-table or locally sourced meal, a live performance or event, and a value-priced single room. Due to the nature of this program, listening devices are not available.
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Seth Watari
Seth is an award-winning cook, competition judge and instructor specializing in Lowcountry barbecue native to South Carolina. His interest in barbecue dates back to the mid-1980s when he lived in Herndon, Virginia. He is a cofounder of the Southern Barbecue Network, which sanctions tournaments and certifies judges in South Carolina, and the co-owner and pit master of the Some-R Swine competition team. Seth has also taught at the Carolina Pit Masters Barbecue Cooking School.

Please note: This expert may not be available for every date of this program.

Profile Image of Seth Watari
Seth Watari View biography
Seth is an award-winning cook, competition judge and instructor specializing in Lowcountry barbecue native to South Carolina. His interest in barbecue dates back to the mid-1980s when he lived in Herndon, Virginia. He is a cofounder of the Southern Barbecue Network, which sanctions tournaments and certifies judges in South Carolina, and the co-owner and pit master of the Some-R Swine competition team. Seth has also taught at the Carolina Pit Masters Barbecue Cooking School.
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A Coast for All Seasons: A Naturalist's Guide to the Coast of South Carolina
by Miles O. Hayes, Jacqueline Michel and Joseph M. Holmes
From Book Description: "Explore the marvels of the South Carolina coast through the eyes of two gifted coastal geologists. Miles O. Hayes and Jacqueline Michel take their exceptional understanding of the Carolina coast with its barrier islands, estuaries and bays, and, offer rare insights into this beautiful, and, sometimes, treacherous world. Illustrations, photographs and satellite imagery enhance a narrative that presents hard science and makes it accessible and very human. This is a book that investigates the changing face of the coastline through erosion, hurricanes and climate change. This is a book that matters."
Nature Guide to the Carolina Coast: Common Birds, Crabs, Shells, Fish, and other Entities of the Coastal Environment (2nd edition)
by Peter Meyer
Copied from Book Description: "Nature Guide to the Carolina Coast, second edition, is a completely updated, revised, and expanded version of the book originally published in 1991. It is a practical, entertaining, reader-friendly guide to the common animals, plants, and environment of the Carolina coast. Fully illustrated, with over 150 color photographs to aid with identification of over 120 subjects, plus additional drawings with in-depth information on each subject. Scientifically accurate, yet written in language the lay public can understand. It is a perfect resource for coastal residents and visitors along the North Carolina/South Carolina, and even the Georgia coast. A beachcomber's handbook; valuable to any seaside explorer."
The Water is Wide
by Pat Conroy
Pat Conroy's memoir about teaching on Daufuskee Island in a one-room schoolhouse. The book was made into the movie Conrack, starring Jon Voight. Sense of place and people. Product Description from publisher: The island is nearly deserted, haunting, beautiful. Across a slip of ocean lies South Carolina. But for the handful of families on Yamacraw island, America is a world away. For years the people here lived proudly from the sea, but now its waters are not safe. Waste from industry threatens their very existence--unless, somehow, they can learn a new life. But they will learn nothing without someone to teach them, and their school has no teacher. Here is PAT CONROY'S extraordinary drama based on his own experience: the true story of a man who gave a year of his life to an island and the new life its people gave him.
Looking for Longleaf: The Fall and Rise of an American Forest
by Lawrence S. Earley
Our Naturalists say that this is the “best all around for naturalists and history lovers.” Longleaf pine forests are a special ecosystem and home to the Red-Cockaded Woodpecker. From Book Description: "Covering 92 million acres from Virginia to Texas, the longleaf pine ecosystem was, in its prime, one of the most extensive and biologically diverse ecosystems in North America. Today these magnificent forests have declined to a fraction of their original extent, threatening such species as the gopher tortoise, the red-cockaded woodpecker, and the Venus fly-trap. Conservationists have proclaimed longleaf restoration a major goal, but has it come too late? In Looking for Longleaf, Lawrence S. Earley explores the history of these forests and the astonishing biodiversity of the longleaf ecosystem, drawing on extensive research and telling the story through first-person travel accounts and interviews with foresters, ecologists, biologists, botanists, and landowners. For centuries, these vast grass-covered forests provided pasture for large cattle herds, in addition to serving as the world's greatest source of naval stores. They sustained the exploitative turpentine and lumber industries until nearly all of the virgin longleaf had vanished. Looking for Longleaf demonstrates how, in the twentieth century, forest managers and ecologists struggled to understand the special demands of longleaf and to halt its overall decline. The compelling story Earley tells here offers hope that with continued human commitment, the longleaf pine might not just survive, but once again thrive."
Tideland Treasure
by Todd Balantine
Hand-drawn illustrations enhance the explanations. Each page was once an article in the local paper. Written for regular folks, there's information to satisfy trained naturalists.
The Prince of Tides
by Pat Conroy
Pat Conroy's novel captures the beauty of the lowcountry as it moves from present to past and back again. Made into a movie by the same title starring Barbra Streisand and Nick Nolte. Narrated by Tom Wingo, the novel explores the relationships between members of a dysfunctional family as it moves between the lowcountry to Manhattan. Shrimping, good description of salt marshes.
"The Swamp Fox"
by Amy Crawford
Here's the link to this article about one of the most famous Revolutionary War heroes in SC, and one for whom counties and cities are named. Francis Marion used his knowledge of the swamps and woods of SC and his attention to details to outwit British troops and earn his nickname. A poor speller, he was nonetheless a great report-writer. www.smithsonianmag.com/history-archaeology/biography/fox.html
The Spirit of Sweetgrass
by Nicole Seitz
Seitz's main character is Essie Mae Laveau Jenkins, a Gullah sweetgrass basketmaker who weaves her magic on the roadside near Mt. Pleasant. With her special love baskets, she works to brings people together. Conflict ensues when her daughter wants her to go to a rest home, and the florist she's been trying to fix up turns out to be gay. Sweetgrass making, roadside basket sellers in the Charleston area, mystery, comedy, family relationships, friends.
Confederates in the Attic
by Tony Horwitz
This is one of the funniest, most poignant, appalling, and clear pictures of the modern South's relationship to the Civil War she's ever seen. She says Horwitz (not a Southerner) is a great writer, no matter his topic, and here he jumps into his topic with both muddied feet. From the Book Description: When prize-winning war correspondent Tony Horwitz leaves the battlefields of Bosnia and the Middle East for a peaceful corner of the Blue Ridge Mountains, he thinks he's put war zones behind him. But awakened one morning by the crackle of musket fire, Horwitz starts filing front-line dispatches again this time from a war close to home, and to his own heart. Propelled by his boyhood passion for the Civil War, Horwitz embarks on a search for places and people still held in thrall by America's greatest conflict. The result is an adventure into the soul of the unvanquished South, where the ghosts of the Lost Cause are resurrected through ritual and remembrance. In Virginia, Horwitz joins a band of 'hardcore' reenactors who crash-diet to achieve the hollow-eyed look of starved Confederates; in Kentucky, he witnesses Klan rallies and calls for race war sparked by the killing of a white man who brandishes a rebel flag; at Andersonville, he finds that the prison's commander, executed as a war criminal, is now exalted as a martyr and hero; and in the book's climax, Horwitz takes a marathon trek from Antietam to Gettysburg to Appomattox in the company of Robert Lee Hodge, an eccentric pilgrim who dubs their odyssey the 'Civil Wargasm.' Written with Horwitz's signature blend of humor, history, and hard-nosed journalism, Confederates in the Attic brings alive old battlefields and new ones 'classrooms, courts, country bars' where the past and the present collide, often in explosive ways. Poignant and picaresque, haunting and hilarious, it speaks to anyone who has ever felt drawn to the mythic South and to the dark romance of the Civil War.

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