Australia/New Zealand
An Odyssey Down Under: Australia and New Zealand
Alongside experts, discover natural wonder, native culture and cosmopolitan cities as you learn what makes Australia and New Zealand so connected and yet both so unique.
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Geographically isolated, rich in indigenous heritage and home to diverse and fragile ecosystems, Australia and New Zealand have much in common. Yet, separated from one another by more than 1,200 miles of open sea, they each bear distinctions that run deeper than can be perceived from afar. Find out for yourself what these island nations share and what makes each unique on this in-depth odyssey of discovery.
Activity Level
Walking up to three miles at a time over varied terrain. Standing at least three hours daily; climbing stairs, getting on/off buses, carrying own luggage. Elevations up to 3,100 feet.

Best of all, you'll ...

  • Local experts reveal the story of New Zealand’s settlement by Maori and Europeans.
  • Witness the eruptions of spectacular geysers in the Rotorua geothermal region and experience the magnificent fjords of Milford Sound.
  • Examine a delicate natural wonder — the Great Barrier Reef — and learn about efforts to protect it.
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John Walsby
Dr. John Walsby is a consultant marine biologist, natural historian, writer, illustrator and educator. John was educated in England and earned a degree in zoology and a Ph.D. in marine biology. He came to New Zealand over 30 years ago to work at the University of Auckland’s Marine Research Laboratory and taught at the university for 15 years. Dr. Walsby now teaches courses for the marine aquaculture industry and for marine environmental monitoring.
Brian Clarke
Richard De Gille
Margaret Copland
Andrew Fitzgerald
Liz Cruickshank
Albert Sword
Gordon McLauchlan
Brian Kirkham
John Walsby
Barry Skipsey
David O'Brien
Rayleen Brown
Robbie Selwyn
Martin Ludgate
Peter Ackroyd
Hamish Campbell
Ruth Pullin
Robert Lee
Sue Grebenschikoff
Tim Marwick
Michael Deaker
Errol Costello
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