Retreats in the Southern US

Maybe life moves a bit slower in the sultry South, but new experiences are no less energizing. Learn to pluck the strings of a dulcimer in North Carolina. Paddle a kayak under Spanish moss-draped canopies on Florida’s Nature Coast. Experience a Virginia theater where Gregory Peck performed before he became a household name. Road Scholar Retreats are designed for exceptional learners — those as in tune with natural beauty and storied history as the new friendships they’re sure to forge.

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Nature Retreats in the Southern U.S.


To retreat is to withdraw from normal life and spend some time away in a quiet, sometimes secluded place where you can relax and rejuvenate. Going on a retreat can mean different things to different people. The Southern parts of the U.S. offer a slower pace of life, but there are many adventures to be had. 


Paddle a kayak under Spanish moss-draped canopies on Florida’s Nature Coast. Experience a Virginia theater where Gregory Peck performed before he became a household name. Road Scholar will take you on a relaxing yoga retreat in North Carolina. Our nature retreats in the southern U.S. are designed for those who want to take time for themselves, discover histories of the south, and enjoy unique adventures.  


Tours of the Southern States

Discover The 8 Limbs of Yoga in North Carolina


Located at the heart of the Montreat Conference Center overlooking Lake Susan in North Carolina is the historic and impressive stone Assembly Inn. Here, guests will experience a six-day yoga program to connect mind, body, and spirit. 


At this wellness retreat, expert instructors will introduce yoga postures and principles that retreat participants can bring home and incorporate into everyday life. Each day includes a morning and afternoon yoga practice and a lecture about yogic concepts. Guests will be treated to a tour of the southern state that includes insight into local southern life, an authentic farm-to-table or locally sourced meal, and a live performance. 


Bicycling in Virginia 


One of our favorite natural retreats of the southern states is Bicycling the Eastern Shore of Virginia. The Eastern Shore of Virginia in America’s South has some gorgeous landscape and unique wildlife. Road Scholar takes you on a 4-day bike tour along Virginia’s Eastern Shore with a small group of adventurers. Bike paved trails to see and learn about the historical national parks and monuments like Ker Place, a 200-year-old home built in the Federal style. 


On this tour, pedal to the Wallops Island Navy and NASA facility to learn about dune ecology at a deserted beach restricted to the public. You will also ride the biking trails of Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge and Assateague National Seashore from the Atlantic Ocean to the Chesapeake Bay to see wild ponies, egrets, and horseshoe crabs.


The Life and Works of C.S. Lewis


Have you ever heard of a book lover’s retreat? Road Scholar truly has a trip to delight everyone’s passions. Journey to North Carolina to enjoy a comprehensive study of C.S. Lewis’ life and work. On this retreat, you will discuss rare materials, hear a broadcast from his Oxford days, and have a virtual visit of his England home.


This 6-day trip is led by a noted Lewis scholar who will discuss selections from his letters, journals, poems, fiction, and nonfiction pieces of writing. This unique retreat to the south is perfect for all the bookworms and writers out there. 


Experience Retreats with Road Scholar

At Road Scholar, we offer a range of retreats in the South. Road Scholar has chosen each retreat for its natural beauty, storied history, warmhearted staff, and vast treasure trove of educational discovery. Learn more about the best tours of the southern states by enrolling with Road Scholar today.