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Exploring Nature With Your Grandchild

Share your love of the great outdoors with your grandchild. Get up close to nature on learning adventures from the Grand Canyon to the Serengeti as you learn about plants, animals, rocks, fossils and more in ecosystems both wet and wild. 

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Nature Adventures for Grandparents and Grandchildren

If you are looking for a great way to spend time with your grandchildren, Road Scholar has created amazing tours that bring you closer to nature and each other! Share the best of the great outdoors with your grandchild as you snorkel in coral reefs, go whitewater rafting and zip lining, and learn the cultural importance of countries around the world. Each learning adventure is created with your grandchild’s age and learning level in mind, allowing you both to have fun, learn, and make new friends. 

Road Scholar has chosen a few favorite nature tours from our collection that have been a huge hit with grandchildren.


Galapagos Islands 

Nature’s Laboratory: Wild Finds in the Galápagos With Your Family

A trip to the Galápagos Islands is a perfect getaway for multigenerational families who love nature travel and want to get up close to wild animals. Road Scholar has curated a very special 11-day Galápagos trip where you'll explore volcanic landscapes, snorkel bright blue waters, and learn about exotic animals. You'll take a yacht around the Galápagos Islands, where your family will spot flamingos, marine iguanas, giant tortoises, penguins, and blue-footed boobies. Our naturalists will guide you on a swim to sea lion hangouts and on nature expeditions to look for land iguanas.


Grand Canyon

River Rafting & Railroads: The Grand Canyon With Your Grandchild

Take your grandchild on a nature expedition by train through the Grand Canyon that they'll never forget. On this six-day trip, you'll go river rafting, explore ancient Indian cliff dwellings, and participate in a challenge course. There may even be a western shoot-out along the way! 


Puerto Rico 

Snorkeling & Wildlife: Puerto Rico With Your Grandchild

Puerto Rico is a magical wonderland of coral reefs, hiking trails, cultural experiences, and more. Explore Puerto Rico with your grandchild, snorkeling in an underwater world teeming with fish, zip lining through a rainforest, or taking a nighttime boat trip to see a bio-luminescent bay in Parguera. On this fun, educational seven-day journey, Road Scholar experts will teach you and your grandchild about conservation and the colonial history of Puerto Rico. Adventure awaits you!


Costa Rica 

From Monkeys to Macaws: Colorful Costa Rica With Your Grandchild

Have you ever had breakfast with a playful monkey or been surprised by dozens of loud macaws flying overhead? You will, on one of our Costa Rican tours! Road Scholar has a wonderful 10-day trip for you and your grandchild that is filled with wildlife and adventure. On this adventure, you will sail along rivers, kayak the warm waters, zip line over the jungle, and trek through the rainforest to spot gentle sloths making their way through the trees.


Explore Trips for Grandparents and Grandchildren With Road Scholar

Road Scholar has an expansive collection of trips for grandparents and their grandchildren. Our professional guides will help you discover your destination's culture, geography, landscapes, and cuisine. Through spirited conversations and active discovery, you’ll return with lifelong friends and cherished memories.