Travel Tips for Seniors

Benefits of Group Travel

Local Insight

When you travel with a group travel organization like Road Scholar, you’re never on your own. You’ll have Group Leaders and instructors who will constantly be drawing on local knowledge and providing behind-the-scenes insight and, often, access. 

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Your Group Leader speaks the local language, so you can relax knowing you won’t have any trouble communicating or getting around. Plus, having a translator can allow you to interact with locals in a way that you wouldn’t be able to on your own, with a dictionary or with language apps on your phone.

New Friends
Mostly Inclusive

Many group travel adventures are highly inclusive, meaning that you don’t have to pull out your wallet to pay for hotels, meals and tips. Plus, you won’t have to worry about local gratuity customs.

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Like-minded Travelers

Probably the best benefit of traveling with a group is the group itself. When you travel with like-minded peers and take part in life-changing and memorable adventures, you can often bond very quickly. We hear all the time that Road Scholars met on programs and created lifelong bonds, often traveling together again on following trips.

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Stress-free Travel

When you enroll in a group travel adventure, everything from hotels to excursions is taken care of. Group travel organizations like Road Scholar draw on local knowledge to craft itineraries that include the best of the destination, and Group Leaders will get you from one place to the next without you having to make plans or decisions on your own.

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Exclusive Access

Traveling with local Group Leaders also means that you often have opportunities to see things and do things you couldn’t on your own. With years of knowledge and local connections, your Group Leaders can get you access to behind-the-scenes experiences and introduce you to people like chefs at famous restaurants, directors at a film festival or locals who took part in historic events like the Civil Rights Movement. 

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Good Value

Traveling with a group also usually means you get group discounts at hotels, restaurants, historic sites and more — and those discounts are passed on to you! Plus, programs that provide exclusive access to activities you wouldn’t be able to experience on your own offer priceless value to your trip.

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Peace of Mind

Depending on where you travel to, you may feel more comfortable journeying with a group than by yourself. Plus, your Group Leaders are trained problem solvers and are always there to help navigate unexpected travel surprises.

Cooking Class
Trying New Things

Traveling with a group can push you out of your comfort zone. When you don’t have to worry about things like logistics and safety, you can focus on just relaxing and enjoying the ride, and often new experiences. Plus, meeting new friends with different interests may encourage you to try new things!