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Venturing to a new destination is very exciting. And while there are definitely a lot of packing and travel tips that are useful for any adventure, certain areas of the world require more specific preparations. Click on the continents below to learn what extra things to pack and what cultural differences to know in order to have the best possible learning experience in that region.



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From travel adapters to train travel – we’ve got you covered! Whether you’ve been to Europe before, or are a first-time traveler, these tips and tricks will surely help your next adventure be as seamless as possible.


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Spider Monkey, Amazon Rainforest
South America

Though it may not seem that far, South America is very different from its northern neighbor. Learn the lay of the land (literally!) with our altitude tips, what food you should try, which public transit is best and when are the best months to explore.


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To travel to Africa is to travel to another world, full of colorful wildlife and even more colorful locals. Before your adventure to a new African land, knowing how to interact with the locals is important as studying up on how to get around.


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With both bustling cities and rural villages, Asia is a fascinating continent. Make the most out of your adventure by packing correctly and by researching local traditions so you can be as respectful as possible to the new people you meet.


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Australia & New Zealand

What time of year is the best to explore Australia? What adapters should I use? Is there Uber? How should I tip? We’ve got your answers and more so you can maximize your time exploring the wilds of Australia and New Zealand.


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