Boston: Birthplace of American Liberty

Explore Boston, a city of great social and cultural heritage, as you visit its landmarks and learn about revolutionary events alongside scholarly experts and friendly locals.
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I got an email saying you have put 150 in my account for a future trip. I was disappointed in the trip to Boston. Accommodations were a bit below expectations and some of the itinerary was not presented in a very inspiring way. Other things bothered me also. I'm. not sure I'll take another trip.


I thoroughly enjoyed this program on Boston; I had a fabulous time. Everything was well organized, and the location/hotel was fantastic. All the different speakers were engaging and interesting; there was a wealth of historical information to be gleaned. I gained a new and more personal perspective on what all led up to America declaring its independence from England, the courage it took for those early colonists to undertake such an action, and a gratitude to them for doing just that. It made me appreciate more fully what the 4th of July represents. So glad I took this adventure!


A must see program for American Revolution History enthusiasts.


One of the best 29 programs in which I have participated. Lectures on point, sights and sites historic, important and interesting. Excellent hotel location within walking distance of everything. Luncheons and dinners with special and varied Road Scholar menu. Excellent food. Outstand leader and lecturer.


Awesome experience! Money well spent. Easy at every level.


A well conducted, organized tour with excellent speakers. This tour allowed me to see all the highlights of Boston, with an educational component that enhanced the whole experience.


5-Stars Boston (in the early Fall) offers a great combo of history, beauty & happening things to do. Moreover, staying in Charlestown and at The Constitution Inn was an ideal location for easy access to historical sites-- if that is your priority. While some may find The Inn "modest" as compared to more "modern" hotels in the inner-city, we found it to be VERY PRACTICAL and it more than met our needs. Since America's early history is the priority of this Program, it is fitting that the primary instructor is Charlie Bahne, who is truly an expert in these matters, and yet able to make his info palatable for participants. Complimentary copies of his "Freedom Trail" book/guide was a bonus. At the same time, Shannon K. was a nice complement to Charlie as our logistics Group Leader. While historic Boston was the focal point of the Program, we nevertheless enjoyed the 1-day Field Trip to historic Lexington & Concord, while enjoying some N. Boston communities enroute (e.g. Cambridge & Harvard U.). That Boston offers so many modes of transpo. was also a plus, and we never tired of our good-weather ferry rides between Charlestown & Long Wharf. In sum, while this is a can't-miss program for history buffs, it also offers plenty of both city & small town charm & beauty, and a broad range of things to see & do. And we've now been motivated to enrich our learning of all that this region contributed to the beginnings of our country.


Great overviews of programs offered.


Enjoyed this program tremendously!


Unless you are an expert in the Boston area leading up to the American Revolution, you will find this program and its presenters knowledgeable, interesting and something you WILL remember. For me personally, a heavy reader and history lover, this was eye opening and stretched my knowledge.


We were very happy with our program.


Really wanted to see Boston and learn, again, about our United States history. This program was great for both of those things. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would recommend it to anyone.


This program was fabulous, well planned and exceeded my expectations. I enjoyed learning the history of the American Revolution and Boston. Nancy Coolidge, group leader, was knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and well organized. Charlie Bahne, historian, was very knowledgeable and an excellent presenter. I highly recommend this program. Hopefully this was just the first of more tours to come.

This reviewer did not give a star rating.

This was my first program and it exceeded my expectations by a lot! I had a blast, and was so glad that I gave Road Scholar a try! Nancy Coolidge was a top notch tour leader; she took good care of all of us, and the tour went very smoothly. Our professional expert was wonderful, and I learned so much.( Charlie Bahne) He had a lot of rich detail, as well as the big picture , interpretation and analysis, that really brought history to life! Will be back for many more programs.


My trip to Boston was my first experience with Road Scholar, or any tour group, for that matter. The tour exceeded my expectations.


If you are even, just a little, considering this program jump at it. It was truly an amazing experience. Nancy Coolidge was a wonderful, friendly, helpful group leader. Charles Bahue is a informative humorous lecturer who has two books published on this area and time. This trip was about history and I promise you that you will feel this. Lectures, hotel, food and company is all top notch. Every first time Road Scholar attendee on this trip said they are so excited about planning their next trip through them. I am a newby at this (4 trips via Road Scholar so far) but promise you many more for me. Nancy Coolidge was are group leader and if you can find a program with her leading....grab it.


Great, great trip. Last minute substitute guide - Debra - was simply outstanding - herding us through traffic, onto the subway and Terrifically helpful in planning our free afternoons. Funny, friendly and extremely knowlegeable and organized. Food was excellent. Comprehensive itinerary with an expert guide - charlie- good at holding your attention. Best domestic Road Scholar so far.


If you are interested in what lead to the Revolutionary War and Boston's role in it, this is the program for you!


This was a very interesting week of exploring the origins and first military actions of the American Revolutionary War. Our primary historian, Charlie Bahne, was a true expert in the subject matter and a very entertaining and engaging tour leader and lecturer. We had excellent hotel accommodations and quite a few really good restaurant meals. I have written up a web travelogue of our experience at http://www.posix.com/Boston18/index.html


This program exceeded my expectations. The lectures, led by an outstanding local historian, were most interesting and informative. It was great to visit places that I had known about for years but had never been to. We were able to use public transportation and walking to cover most of the field trips. The program concluded with a most powerful presentation by a local actor.

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