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Ancestral Homelands: Hopi, Navajo and Chaco Canyon

Immerse yourself in the culture and mystery of America’s Southwest as you explore ancient cliff dwellings, attend a Native-arts demonstration and visit world-renowned Chaco Canyon.
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This was a highly educational program, both in regard to ancient cultures and current Hopi and Navajo life. The Canyon de Chelly and Chaco Canyon sites are well worth the trip.


The program is well executed and provides an opportunity to see,learn, and experience the Hopi,Navajo and Chaco Canyon areas. These are areas not frequented by most travelers.


I highly recommend this program. It was everything I had hoped for---and more.


This was my first Road Scholar trip. Having no idea of what to expect I was thrilled with what I experienced. Lots of education and fun.


Memorable experiences, extraordinary leaders, simpaticos fellow travelers. This trip, designed and staffed by Northern AZ Univ. and scheduled by RoadScholar, exceeded my expectations.


The Pueblo Heritage program is great! I learned a lot about ancient and modern native southwestern cultures, thanks to outstanding leaders. The field trips to the three canyons were the highlights of the week.


This was my first Road Scholar trip, and it exceeded my expectations. I got way more than my money’s worth. The location, the content of the program and the leaders were all excellent. I would highly recommend this opportunity.


The leaders on this trip are fantastic, with a wealth of local knowledge. The scenery is breathtaking, and you'll see a lot of it, with many hours in the van! But most of all, you will experience Native culture and homelands first hand from excellent interpreters, and set foot in places where beautiful ruins give fascinating glimpses of the past. Canyon de Chelly was magical and Chaco was awe inspiring.


This was my first Road Scholar trip; it will not be my last! We travel on our own several times a year, but having a program like this with experienced guides and a well planned trip takes a lot of guesswork out. Well Done!


This is a great program to gain insight to these ancient cultures and actually walk the lands where they lived. Each day is very different and fresh with guest speakers who enhanced our experience. The lodgings and food were great and the leaders were tops. It was an excellent experience for all involved.




This program gave me the opportunity to walk the paths and touch the stones of the ancients of true and important American history denied most of us in conventional education. Astounding!


This was my first Road Scholar trip. I cannot say enough about how rewarding it was. It was very well organized, we learned an amazing amount of history, and the scenery was breathtaking.


All of the destinations were very worthwhile. The presenters and guides were wonderful. It's difficult to describe the impact of being in Canyon de Chelly or traveling across the reservation with guides like Tracy and Eric. Stewart had the textbook knowledge to share, Eric had stories of growing up on the reservation and Tracy added a mother's and woman's life point of view, so it was a perfect pairing of guides. The potter at the Hopi reservation and the guide at Old Oraibi were fantastic and provided the insider experiences I have come to love at Road Scholar. I thought the Hubble Trading Post would be a filler, but the ranger lead house tour and the amazing Conté crayon portraits of native Americans were some of my favorite things . Be prepared for poor hotels and really bad food. The hotels in Flagstaff and Gallup were at locations with no good walking areas or access to shopping etc. and not especially clean. In Flagstaff there were cobwebs over my bed and in Gallup the bathroom had mildew and the bedroom smelled so badly of cigarette smoke I asked for another room. The food was the worst I have ever had on a tour! Nearly every meal was a buffet. In Flagstaff it was a glob of gristle and no alcohol at Sizzler. The Greek restaurant food was so salty several of us couldn't eat it. In Chinle we had salmon so dry people were putting mayo, salsa and anything else they could find on it to try to make it edible. Breakfast was all fat and white carbs, even the yogurt was highly sweetened and there was no fruit available, so pack dried fruit, Cliff bars, etc. Don't let the bad accommodations and food deter you because this is one of the best experiences you'll ever have, just be prepared to take the bad with the good.


Great opportunity to experience Native speakers and lands not easily available to the general public. Program had lots of variety and choices about how strenuous you wanted your hikes to be. Absolutely stunning landscapes.


The trip was well worth it. Very informative and interesting. The places we saw were fantastic and the staff friendly, welcoming, and very informative and knew their stuff.


The ruins are so much more amazing in person than can be imagined. The trip is well organized and the experience gets better as the trip goes on.


this tour will allow you to walk interesting trails, meet native americans who will share their knowledge and demonstrate musical or artistic talent, and visit places of great beauty.


This was an interesting and educational trip that and a lot of fun too. Beautiful country, wonderful people.


LOVED my trip and made new friends and looking forward to many more trips in future!


Great way to travel and explore!

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