Mongolia: The Land of Genghis Khan

Mongolia is a must for the intrepid explorer. Admire its limitless beauty as you discover ancient ruins, growing cities, and the incredible Gobi Desert.
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Mongolia was a breath taking excursion for me-and our guides-Shinee Turbat from Mongolia and Allah from Bankan,Russia-absolutely made sure we were informed and enjoyed every detail and minute of this extraordinary trip. Our outstanding trip through the Gobi Desert was highlighted by the drivers of the 4-wheel vans-Jack,Baaska,Enee, and Bataa! They spotted animals,birds landscapes-and enabled us to see the desert in beautiful sunlight and moonlight. Every day was so special and not a wasted moment. I am delighted to have had this wonderful experience and memories with these awesome individuals.


An absolutely fantastic trip!


Mongolia -- I knew little about, mostly history: Genghis Khan and his waste empire. I’ve enrolled in the RS trip “Mongolia: The Land of Genghis Khan” to learn about today-Mongolia. And, I was not disappointed. The nature is breath-taken. The people are friendly and hospitable, nomad life simple and healthy. Ullan Bataar is becoming fast a very modern, desired place. I fact, after visiting before (also, with RS) India, China, New Zeeland, Spain -- and changing my mind after each trip -- Mongolia became now the place I could easily consider home. The tour was very well organized. Every day had something more exciting than previous. Crossing Gobi desert from North to South, going through spectacular changing vistas, parks, museums, temples, nomad family livings, riding horses and camels, learning archery from a champion and trot-singing from a famous artist, listening local artist and going to a concert at National Opera in UB, a visit to a cashmere factory, eating traditional food… it was, for me a truly unique experience. We were a group of 12, with 3 guides, in four jeeps. I came home with my batteries charged, after only two weeks of living without stress. The friendship of people of the group, the memories and the almost 3,000 pictures I took, will be with me forever. Thank you, RS! Advise for travelers: Take lite clothing for layering (wind jacket and pants, a vest, shirts/blouses you can hand-wash) and at least two pairs of really comfortable shoes, a flashlight, adapters and chargers for electronic devices, personal toiletries. Verify and have printed your flight itinerary, necessary to apply for a temporary visa in Beijing, if sleeping there. (China is nasty!)


In our top three. After doing twenty-something RS trips all over the world, this "Mongolia--Land of Genghis Khan" leaped into our top three, for the beauty, fun travel, uniqueness. R&J, Philadelphia.


The trip to Mongolia was my 1st experience w/ Road Scholar and definitely won't be my last. I found the guides knowledgeable and easy to approach w/ questions, etc. The pace of each day was active but there was enough variety in the types of experiences we had that made for a nice balance. This trip is not for someone who is looking for total comfort and nice amenities, but every place we stayed met our basic needs. This adventure is very high on my list of favorites and opens the door to an area of the world that isn't overpopulated or packed w/ tourists! So pack lightly, wear layers and enjoy a unique and beautiful part of our world!

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Mongolia is beautiful, rugged, wild and fascinating. Had a wonderful time learning about this country with such a rich culture and history. Highlights were afternoon lunch with nomadic family, private audience with a lama learning from him the meaning of life/death in Buddhism, throat singers, Gobi Desert, warm hospitality of people, and I know I'm forgetting other memorable experiences. While staying in gers was not always the most comfortable, I nonetheless really appreciated this immersive camp experience. Our guides, Alla and Sam, could not have been nicer, they were well informed, personable, patient and sincerely interested in our feedback about the trip. We also had great drivers on the trip who were so accommodating. It was a real adventure. There were moments on this trip of such beauty that just took my breath away! I give this amazing experience FIVE STARS! I came away with a real affection for Mongolia.

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