The Civil Rights Movement: Atlanta, Montgomery, Selma, Birmingham

Journey through the Deep South to learn the history of the civil rights movement and its defining clashes. Hear powerful stories of struggle and be inspired by resilient heroes.
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All Americans should take this trip. It saddened me, but I learned a great deal. I am glad I went.


The Civil Rights Trip was a wonderful, educational, emotional trip which helped me better understand the Civil Rights Movement and the implications of race in America today. The leader, Camilla Comerford, was wonderful -- enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and fostered a wonderful group learning environment. The speakers were great, often with actual directly-related experience. The museum and memorial in Montgomery is something that I think everyone would benefit from seeing. This is not a "fun" trip but it is a deeply meaningful and worthwhile trip.


This is a voyage we all need to make - with our feet, through our minds, and in our hearts.


This program is essential for anyone who wants to learn the depth of our racist history and the courage and commitment of black people in fighting for their freedom during the Civil Rights Movement and today.


Road Scholar provides me and my wife an opportunity to travel and learn, something we did for years on our own before I became disabled.


Web site was useful

This reviewer did not give a star rating.

My overall review: Every person in our country should I take this trip! I am recommending this trip to all of my friends and am thinking about how to put together a group of my friends to take the tour together - with full families. I found the following speakers (guides) to be excellent: Steve Davis, Ann Clemons, Joyce Rylee, Diane Harris and Barry McNealy (he brought it all together)! The following locations (and the speakers) were interesting and added immeasurably to my understanding of the era in which I came of age: M.L. King National Historic Site, Ebenezer Baptist Church, Atlanta Center of Civil and Human Rights Museum, Apex Museum (depressing), Paschal’s, Rosa Parks museum, Dexter Ave. Church, National Memorial for Peace and Justice, Civil Rights Museum (Montgomery), Freedom Riders Museum (a great docent), Brown Chapel Church, Edmund Pettus Bridge, The 16th St. Church and Civil Rights Institute (Birmingham). The docent at the Carter Center shared wonderful stories about the Carters. Morehouse College was of moderate interest. The two young men who spoke to us were passionate about the college. They lacked somewhat in actual information. Items of little interest or problem areas: Hotels that use a coffee pot for tea hot water (2 of them), Eartha Sims (very little information & seemed spaced out), Margaret Mitchell evening (excellent speaker - held no personal interest), Dr. King childhood home, Sturdivant Hall. Failing to confirm participation by Spruill. Excellent food (except breakfasts) - way too much. Highlights: All of the docents who spoke to us. Sitting at the lunch counter in Atlanta and listening to the abusive comments is something I will never forget! Seeing the route of the March & hearing about the conditions. Getting to know our fellow travelers. Stevenson's Museum! My conversation over a meal with our driver (James). I am grateful to him for his willingness to have our conversation and for his questions to me.

This reviewer did not give a star rating.

Excellent trip with great trip leaders. Everyone should go on this very educational journey, all of our kids and adults alike. I learned about our real American history which is still a work very much in progress, and our sad, sad history. A must. Tom and Janet were a nice combination of information and fun. This trip was truly an eye-opener.


Road Scholar allowed me to learn about the civil rights events that I missed earlier in my life. Although I have not reenable to attend these events in person at their time,RS has greaty failitated my learning and involvement with these crucial events.


Well done! I love the educational aspect of Road Scholar tours and this was a week long intensive and immersive history lesson. The importance of the subject matter cannot be overstated. I highly recommend this program.


This is a fabulous, informative, perspective-changing trip. Road Scholar planned it beautifully and respectfully. The guides and teachers at each site were amazing.


This program taught me so much about the Civil Rights Movement and helped me connect the dots with my limited previous knowledge. It was very well organized, our speakers were excellent and the excursions added to my educational experience.


Excellent Program. The itinerary and the speakers/leaders were perfect for the theme of the excursion.


This is an extremely important tour. Every U.S. resident would benefit greatly from this trip. I am extremely grateful for the experience.


This program reminds us that we need to understand the complexities of our shared history and we should remain vigilant about threats to our rights as citizens ... of any and all beliefs, viewpoints, colors and interests. Excellent speakers, program and experience.

This reviewer did not give a star rating.

The Civil Rights Movement trip was superb. It is extremely well organized and includes many wonderful and meaningful places to visit and experience. The content of the trip is at times appropriately sobering, but enlightening as well. The guide was great, patient, organized, and enjoyable to be with. Food and lodging are fine. An excellent Road Scholar trip. (By the way, at the end of the trip the bus DOES return you to the starting point hotel, where you are allowed to park your car for free.) Anyone that chooses this trip should also see the MEMPHIS Civil Rights Museum, which includes the Loraine Motel as well as an excellent and moving museum.


Don’t miss this educational opportunity of a lifetime! On the civil rights tour you will learn much, be moved much, and emerge a more compassionate and understanding person. All of the sites are essential, and the speakers are first rate. Grab your friends or your mate or both and sign up for this trip! Susanna Wilson, Los Angeles


The week is chock full of enlightening experiences. The local experts are not to be missed. Don't hesitate, sign up!


This was a transformational trip for me. Just the visit to the Peace and Justice Museum and Memorial made the trip worth it - but there was so much more.


Even though I was around for the Civil Rights events of the early '60s, I really didn't have a deep understanding of what happened. As a result of this trip, I now have a much better grounding in this important aspect of our shared history.


Outstanding tour for anyone interested in learning more about the Civil Rights movement and seeing first-hand key sites. Great tour guides and lecturers at every stop. But be ready for an intensive week-long experience, one that may exhaust you emotionally. As with the two previous Road Scholar trips we have taken, this one was very well organized, and the group we travelled with was very friendly and helpful to each other. We did the "small group" version of the trip, which I would recommend if it's available and fits your schedule, as a few of the sites were hard to fit even the 23 people in our group (for example, Martin Luther King Jr's parsonage in Montgomery).

This reviewer did not give a star rating.

As always with Road Scholar, I learned how little I know about this time. Haunting and realistic view of a difficult time which reinforced our belief that we may be slow to learn, and we still have far to go, as we seem to repeat some of our past mistakes... well worth the time! Fellow Road Scholars on every trip always make it the best part of the journey- good food, great lodgings, interesting people, terrific conversations!


One of the most memorable, overwhelming programs ever - dramatic recreation of the civil rights era through amazing museums, lectures, reenactments and dramatic presentations by individuals personally involved in the movement.


The population of our country, all ages, should be encouraged to participate in this program. It’s a learning experience that can’t be forgotten and will hopefully broaden ones perspective.


This is an outstanding program. The content is educational and emotionally gripping. You will see the actual places where the civil rights movement took place. You will learn from experts and in some cases people who lived through this time. I believe this type of program helps us to become more compassionate and understanding citizens, and therefore a better nation. Highly recommended for anyone who cares about our full history and how that relates to our current times.


This was a well organized trip with a full agenda. We visited multiple sites each day including National Landmarks, museums, and churches. The local guides were all well informed and offered moving testimonies. Learning about the courage of the many individuals who fought for civil rights was iboth humbling and inspiring. I personally would have have liked more time in many of the museums, but then some parts of the program would have been eliminated. The friendly and informative trip leaders worked hard to accommodate individual needs and interests. We had several great meals in unique places. The other participants were well informed and very friendly. I would recommend reading some books about the civil rights movement to greater appreciate the program. I arrived a day early and visited the Atlanta History Center which is within walking distance of the program hotel, or there is a shuttle. Another alternative would be to attend Sunday worship services ar Ebenezer Baptist Church. I used the MARTA tram to get from the airport to walking distance of the hotel (or you could call the hotel shuttle).


Everyone needs to take this trip. Very enlightening, inspiring, informative and emotional. The things I experienced I will never forget.


A very educational program that will exceed your expectations. Highly recommended.


This was the perfect tour for people deeply interested in Civil Rights. However it did not include Memphis, which is an essential final stop, especially in this MLK50 commemoration year.


I strongly recommend this program. It was informative and inspirational. It covered many facets of the civil rights movement. It exceeded my expectations.


This program was presented by people who had had personal experience or connections to people or events in the Civil Rights movement. So wonderful to see all the monuments, museums and exhibits dedicated to Civil and Human Rights. Very informative. This was my first but definitely not my last Road Scholar trip and a wonderful way for a single person to travel.

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