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Roaming Rome: The City of the Seven Hills

Program No. 22620RJ
Become an expert on the Eternal City on an adventure combining local scholarly insight with a flexible schedule and city-center lodging ideal for self-directed discovery.

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At a Glance

Become an expert on the icons of Rome and seek out knowledge of its lesser-known treasures on an adventure that combines the insight of local scholars with a flexible schedule and city-center lodging ideal for self-led discovery. Illustrated presentations provide a wide angle on the Eternal City from before Caesar to today, and narrated field trips ensure you experience the essentials, while periods of unscheduled time leave it to you to decide what next to explore.
Activity Level
Let's Go!
Walking up to five miles a day. Extended standing during site visits with limited or no public seating. Uneven terrain, limited public handrails, unavoidable stairs, marble and terracotta flooring, cobblestones, steep inclines, loose gravel, dirt paths. Elevator use is limited or restricted in historic sites. Expect crowded conditions in pedestrian centers and museums. Program-related travel and transfers will be via bus and minivan. The extent of walking and other activities during free time according to personal choice.
Small Group
Small Group
Love to learn and explore in a small-group setting? These adventures offer small, personal experiences with groups of 13 to 24 participants.

What You'll Learn

  • Explore the Colosseum and Roman Forum with a local expert.
  • Learn to make and enjoy a typical Roman dish in a cooking class.
  • Discover the history of Rome's Jewish Quarter with a walk through one of the city's oldest neighborhoods.

General Notes

The program includes independent time to explore Rome and several meals on your own. The Group Leader will provide directions for self-directed excursions. Suggestions for free-time activities are provided in your Final Information Packet.
Featured Expert
All trip experts
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Rachel Potts
Rachel Potts is a licensed excursion leader in Rome. She graduated from Manchester University with a bachelor's in Philosophy and French, and later studied garden design at the London Gardening School. Having grown up in Rome, she chose to return to Italy and share her knowledge and love of Rome and the surrounding areas.

Please note: This expert may not be available for every date of this program.

Profile Image of Rachel Potts
Rachel Potts View biography
Rachel Potts is a licensed excursion leader in Rome. She graduated from Manchester University with a bachelor's in Philosophy and French, and later studied garden design at the London Gardening School. Having grown up in Rome, she chose to return to Italy and share her knowledge and love of Rome and the surrounding areas.
Profile Image of Giulietta Seme
Giulietta Seme View biography
Julieta is a passionate student of history, specializing in the history and culture of her native city of Rome. She studied at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma with a concentration in painting before earning a degree in classical archaeology and art history from the Università degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza." Outside of history, Julieta enjoys hiking beautiful nature trails by the seaside or in the mountains of Italy.
Profile Image of Alessio Rosoldi
Alessio Rosoldi View biography
Alessio Rosoldi is a native of Rome and a true lifelong learner. He graduated from the Università degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza" with a degree in foreign languages and literature and an MA in intercultural communication. Alessio went on to work for the World Food Program, a United Nations entity based out of Rome. Recently, he earned a second MA, this time in Italian studies from the University of Washington.
Profile Image of Daniela Sarghini
Daniela Sarghini View biography
Daniela is a licensed travel leader for the city and province of Rome. She studied and worked in other countries in Europe, in China and Morocco. Daniela defines travel as learning about and appreciating different cultures. With a young family, her most recent adventures have been traveling in time, rediscovering ancient sites and historic curiosities in sites off the beaten path in Rome, the city she considers the most beautiful in the world.
Profile Image of Shara Wasserman
Shara Wasserman View biography
Shara Wasserman is a specialist in modern art in Italy. She was awarded her MA in art history from the New York University Institute of Fine Arts, has taught for Cornell University's study away program in Rome and is on the faculty at Temple University's Rome campus. Shara is an independent curator, focusing primarily on organizing exhibitions in public spaces of fellows' residents at the foreign academies in Rome.
Profile Image of Marco Ceccarani
Marco A. Ceccarani View biography
Marco Ceccarani, a native of Assisi, holds a PhD in humanities from the Università degli Studi di Perugia. His field of expertise includes medieval and Renaissance Italian civilization and literature. He has taught for several American universities in the United States and currently teaches in Florence for American university study away programs.
Profile Image of Simon Martin
Simon Martin View biography
Simon Martin holds a B.A. in History from Queen Mary and Westfield College (London), an M.A. in Slavonic Studies from the School of Slavonic and East European Studies (London), and a Ph.D. from University College (London). His doctoral thesis, later developed into a book — “Football and Fascism” — on football and Fascism in Mussolini’s Italy (2004) won the British Society for Sport’s History’s Lord Aberdare prize for literary history. His book, “Sport Italia: the Italian Love Affair with Sport” won the same prize in 2012.
Profile Image of Andrew Kranis
Andrew Kranis View biography
Andrew Kranis, a Columbia M.Arch graduate and LEED-accredited professional, boasts a decade-long journey leading, teaching, and immersing himself, students, and clients in Rome's rich architectural culture. As an adept designer, he leads diverse teams in commercial and residential projects, serving clients like Whole Foods. With expertise spanning urban analysis, conceptual design, construction management, and long-term preservation, Andrew offers a global perspective influenced by transnational experiences.
Profile Image of Loredana Ottomano
Loredana Ottomano View biography
Loredana Ottomano was born in Puglia but has resided in Rome since 1983 due to her studies, earning a translation degree in English and French. She has worked in the field for several years with a passion for translation, particularly of Shakespeare. Additionally, Loredana's love for art inspired her to pursue studies again, leading to her qualification as a licensed Rome travel leader after four years of dedicated learning. She adores her profession and has been happily married for over 35 years, raising two children.
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