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From Colony to Revolution: Jamestown, Williamsburg, Yorktown

Program No. 2011RJ
Immerse yourself in historic Virginia with scholars, instructors and historians as you explore Colonial Era history from the founding of Jamestown to the end of the Revolutionary War.

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At a Glance

Embark on a journey through Virginia’s “Historic Triangle” with no less than a dozen historians and other experts. Delve into Virginia society, from the establishment of the first successful British outpost at Jamestown in 1607 through the end of British rule only a few miles away at Yorktown in 1781. Traveling between these sites, pause to visit the Colonial capital in Williamsburg. Learn about the development of plantation society, slavery and the role of religion and events leading to the Siege of Yorktown. You'll also enjoy a unique tavern dining experience.
Activity Level
Keep the Pace
Walking up to two miles daily on brick, cobblestone and uneven ground.

What You'll Learn

  • Relish an in-depth look with the head curator at the incredible Jamestown Rediscovery Project, where archaeology is uncovering the original fort.
  • Experience William & Mary's Wren Building and the historical Duke of Gloucester Street, heart of Colonial Williamsburg, with a knowledgeable interpreter.
  • Follow your instructor across the earthworks to the field where American independence was guaranteed by the surrender of Lord Cornwallis.

General Notes

For a shorter experience with more free time in this area, check out "Historic Triangle Sampler: Williamsburg, Jamestown & Yorktown" (#22991).
Featured Expert
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Bly Straube
As a member of the team of archaeologists who found the remains of James Fort, the site of America's 1607 birthplace, Bly Straube is renowned for her knowledge of our country's history. Since 1973, she has worked in the Williamsburg area as a historical archaeologist, first with the Virginia Department of Historic Resources and then as co-founder of the James River Institute for Archaeology. Bly has recorded many programs for the History Channel, the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation.

Please note: This expert may not be available for every date of this program.

Profile Image of Dean Shostak
Dean Shostak View biography
Dean Shostak, in 1991, became involved in the revival of the rare glass armonica, invented by Benjamin Franklin in 1761. Today, he is one of eight glass armonica players in the world, and the only musician since the 18th century to use a flywheel and foot treadle as Franklin originally designed. Dean began his musical career in Colonial Williamsburg at the age of 14, and after graduating from the University of Virginia, began to study 18th-century instruments such as the pocket violin and the hurdy-gurdy.
Profile Image of Stephen Christoff
Stephen Christoff View biography
Stephen Christoff has been a musical fixture at Colonial Williamsburg for more than 15 years. Since 2006, he has performed his one-man show called "Seller of Songs" at the Hennage Theater in Colonial Williamsburg to sell-out audiences and rave reviews. In 2007, Stephen was a member of a collaborative performance team that played over 100 performances of "American Musicworks," a signature show designed for the Dewitt Wallace Galleries folk art exhibition. He also performed for the Jamestown Godspeed Sail and Landing Party Festival.
Profile Image of Tom Marshall
Tom Marshall View biography
Tom Marshall has been an instructor in the music department at the College of William and Mary and a harpsichordist for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation for more than 20 years. Not only is he featured playing original instruments in many of Williamsburg’s historical recordings but he has made seven study explorations in Europe to examine and play many surviving keyboard instruments from the 15th to the 19th centuries.
Profile Image of Bly Straube
Bly Straube View biography
As a member of the team of archaeologists who found the remains of James Fort, the site of America's 1607 birthplace, Bly Straube is renowned for her knowledge of our country's history. Since 1973, she has worked in the Williamsburg area as a historical archaeologist, first with the Virginia Department of Historic Resources and then as co-founder of the James River Institute for Archaeology. Bly has recorded many programs for the History Channel, the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation.
Profile Image of Anne Conkling
Anne Conkling View biography
A native of Pennsylvania with family roots deep in that state, Anne Conkling attended American University before finally settling in Williamsburg, Va. She has a passion for anything historical, particularly from the period 1500-1875. Her interests include colonial Virginia, the role of the Anglican Church in colonization, royal charters, political life cycles, and the roles of women of all races. Anne has written for various newspapers and publications, is a historical interpreter at Bruton Parish Church, and a teacher of historical interpreters at Jamestown Island.
Profile Image of Felicity Meza-Luna
Felicity Meza-Luna View biography
Felicity Meza-Luna currently serves as an American Indian interpreter for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. Previously, she held the same position at Historic Jamestowne, site of the original first permanent English settlement in the New World and a point of First Contact. Felicity participates as a Jingle Dress Dancer at powwows around the region and is the Sergeant-at-Arms for the Inter-tribal Women's Circle. She is a member of the Lakota Tribe, Rosebud Reservation, and has family at the Pine Ridge Reservation.
Profile Image of Bunny Rich
Bunny Rich View biography
Bunny Rich has worked for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation for more than 40 years. Among her many interests, she has concentrated on Colonial family life, cooking, and clothing, often interpreting at the Powell House. Bunny also has served as a leader for VIP guests ranging from Bill Clinton to David Brinkley. A native of York County, Bunny can trace her roots on the Virginia Peninsula back to the 1630s.
Profile Image of Lee Rose
Lee Ann Rose View biography
Lee Ann Rose has found a way to use her theatre degree and her love of history into a career that has spanned 20 years at Colonial Williamsburg and now has allowed her to step out creating her own company called, Shades of Our Past. At her time at Colonial Williamsburg, she has played Martha Washington and coached other character interpreters and Nation Builders. When she is not performing, she is working on a book about Martha Washington's children.
Profile Image of Karen Warnecke
Karen Warnecke View biography
Karen Warnecke attended the University of Buffalo. After college, she made her way to San Diego, California, where she met her husband. His 30-year naval flight career led them to raise four sons all over the country. In Charlottesville, Karen continued her career with the University Of Virginia School Of Medicine as a course coordinator for first-year medical students. She retired several years ago to allow more opportunities to travel, visit family and friends, work in her garden, read, and enjoy the local area.
Profile Image of Mary Griffith
Mary Griffith View biography
Mary Griffith, a chocolatier, has an MBA from Old Dominion University and started Virginia's Finest Chocolate while an undergraduate student at Christopher Newport University. Taking the Small Business Institute class, she created the business plan for Virginia's Finest Chocolate and carried it out. For more than 25 years, Mary has enjoyed sharing her love for all things chocolate with her handmade products and educational programs. Her products carry Virginia's Finest Trademark as awarded by the Virginia Department of Agriculture.
Profile Image of Mary Alie
Mary Alie View biography
Mary had a 34-year career in education as a classroom teacher, assistant principal and principal. Since retiring in 2001, Mary has worked as a schools and groups Interpreter for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. She has also served as an instructor for the Colonial Williamsburg’s Teacher Institute. Mary also serves as a costumed interpreter in Colonial Williamsburg’s original and restored homes and public buildings, such as the Governor’s Palace and the Colonial Capitol.
Profile Image of Debbie Downs
Debbie Downs View biography
Debbie Downs has worked on Road Scholar programs since 2005. She has worked with Colonial Williamsburg as school group interpreter, educational specialist, and an African-American history interpreter. She currently works as an instructor for Colonial Williamsburg Teacher Institute and Evening Programs. She also serves as a program manager for the Shadows of the Past, telling ghost stories. Debbie has a master's degree in education from Old Dominion University and is employed by Newport News Public Schools as a pre-kindergarten teacher.
Profile Image of Carson Hudson
Carson Hudson View biography
Carson Hudson has been passionate about history since he was a young boy growing up in Virginia, surrounded by Civil War battlefields. He is a practicing military and social historian, author, Emmy Award-winning screenwriter, and circus fire-eater. He lectures regularly at museums and colleges on a wide variety of subjects, but his particular interests are the Civil War and colonial witchcraft. He performs regularly as part of the old-time music duo Hudson & Clark and with the Cigar Box String Band.
Profile Image of Valarie Holmes
Valarie Holmes View biography
Valarie Holmes, as part of the Colonial Williamsburg's Teachers Institute, has traveled the United States demonstrating how to accurately teach the history of enslavement. She has written and performed several productions which focus on the contributions of enslaved and free African American women in America. She also wrote and performed a production highlighting Clara Byrd Baker and the USO at Bruton Heights. Other notable accomplishments include her participation in the yearlong "1619 Commemoration" held at Historic Jamestown.
Profile Image of Leigh Jameson
Leigh Jameson View biography
Leigh Jameson is a Virginia native and local to the D.C. area for most of her life. She has over thirty-five years' experience as an actor and storyteller, and has served as a group leader throughout the East Coast. Over the past fifteen years, Leigh has worked with some of the most prestigious museums in the country, including the Smithsonian's American History Museum, Mount Vernon, and Colonial Williamsburg, and has two published guidebooks focused on this history.
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