Island Adventure: Discover Chincoteague and Assateague Islands

Get an insider’s perspective on Chincoteague and Assateague, where you’ll enjoy nature walks, attend cultural performances, search for wild ponies and wildlife and sample local cuisine.
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Our program director, Beth Scheeley, was friendly, informative, creative, humorous, well-organized, and relaxed! We enjoyed being with her "on island time". We cherished the time we spent on Chincoteague and Assateague Islands. I highly recommend this experience!

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Chicoteague Island is a place to be experienced to be believed.


The trip to Chincoteague and Assateague Islands was extraordinary. If you are traveling for the first time with Road Scholar, I highly recommend this one especially if it is within driving distance for you. The food that was presented was outstanding, our tour guide knew the town from inside out and also many of people in the town. It felt like being part of a new family. I truly did not want to leave this charming town and the folks who attended this program with me.


If you've ever heard or read the story MISTY OF CHINCOTEAGUE and wondered if it was fact or fiction; if you've ever wondered whether there is a place where wild ponies rule; if you've ever longed to walk the shore of an ocean and feel the waves tickle your toes, then a Road Scholar trip to Chincoteabue is for you.


Anyone who likes animals, ponies: large males, sweet mothers, and little babies, on their wobbly legs cannot help but love this program. Also it was great learning about the sheep that used to be on the island while their coats were shorn and prepared for spinning and we must not forget he painting demonstration in which a duck appeared before our eyes after we all learned perspective using our own finger AND eyes...his was new to me!!

Mary Ellen

The Chincoteague trip went beyond my expectations. I learned so much about Chincoteague from our local leader and lecturers and saw more ponies than I could count. Definitely recommend this trip!


Easy to use and navigate while offering countless options for travel whether alone, with companion(s) or with family.


This program is a wonderful escape from the political climate of today to a place that sits in the shadow of a high-tech world that puts rockets and satellites in space but has successfully and wonderfully held off some of the pressures of the times to maintain a life-style that embraces acceptance that change is normal and natural and that it does not have to completely turn their lives upside down. These people live much as they have for generations, caring respectfully and deeply for their natural resources, including a herd of horses that were dropped off there centuries ago. A wonderful opportunity to view an unexpected environment as guided by insiders who live here because they care about and love the area and their families and neighbors who also share this unique place on the eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia.


What a pleasure to see a quiet beach. The Ponies were right near the road and we enjoyed the boat ride to see the Lighthouse. This is a small island that welcomes you and the people very friendly.


We went to the Chincoteague & Assateague program in September, but Hurricane Florence cut our program short, as a mandatory evacuation was issued. The part of the program we had was very enjoyable and Cindy was an excellent leader. Road Scholar handled the changes well. Wish we could have completed the program!


Seeing the Assateague ponies up close was a once in a lifetime experience, but I had no idea there was so much to learn about Chincoteague as well!


a lot to learn about a little place


I loved every minute of this trip and it exceeded all expectations. The PONIES were amazing, beautiful and inspiring to see. I learned so much about the culture of this lovely island and its watermen...good for this Midwesterner. The leader of the group was masterful because everyone was welcomed, included and she kept us learning and laughing. She also kept things on time without being harsh. A perfect combo. The accommodations overlooked the bay and it was a stunning view, clean and easy to navigate. An unexpected treat was the music we had one evening....full of singing about the sea, the ships and men who sailed in the Chesapeake Bay. I've waited years to come on this trip and it was worth the wait and I received tenfold more than I paid.


Discovering Chincoteague and Assateague was delightful. The Islands have a very interesting history and the guides were well informed and personable. We had great pony sightings and hope to go back to the Islands for the Pony Penning next year.


A most interesting place. There is an entire culture based on a book written in 1949 and 150 ponies that live on Assateague Island. These folks live and breathe for these ponies and their yearly four-minute swim between the islands. It's the best job of marketing that I've ever seen. I was curious about this place since I read "Misty" as a child. The scenery was pretty, with views of the horses across the marsh. Birds were plentiful and we sighted many types including eagles and ospreys. Activities were varied enough to keep my interest and ranged from lectures on clam aquiculture to wildlife painting. This was an easy trip and not physically demanding. The accommodations were pleasant, and the food good but not great. We traveled on a school bus, and although it got noisy at times, we had head sets. Later in the summer the bus might get very hot.

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