From the floor of the world’s largest flower auction to prized botanical gardens to the works of the Golden Age Masters, discover the history of the iconic tulip.
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In the early 17th century, amateur speculators in North Holland sold their farms and possessions to bet big on the hottest new commodity on the market: tulips. First imported from Turkey in the mid-1600s, the bloom became a status symbol and extraordinarily expensive luxury during the Dutch Golden Age. At the height of tulip mania, 12 acres of land were reportedly offered for a single Semper Augustus bulb. Learn the story of the tulip craze, go inside today’s evolved tulip industry and discover the flower’s lofty place in Dutch culture.
Activity Level
Keep the Pace
Walking up to two hours / two miles at a time, sometimes twice per day; cobblestones and many unavoidable stairs. Public transportation used throughout the program.

Best of all, you'll ...

  • On the floor of the world’s largest flower auction watch as more than 20 million flowers are bought and sold in a daily flurry of activity.
  • A tulip farmer discusses the art and the business of growing tulip bulbs at his farm.
  • Art experts at museums in Amsterdam highlight Vermeer, Frans Hals and other masters of the Dutch Golden Age.
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