Taste, dance, walk and sail your way through Spain with Road Scholar on dozens of exciting learning adventures. With our knowledgeable local faculty by your side, discover lively cities home to inspiring cathedrals and prestigious museums, the rich history of powerful religious empires and the cultures of Spain’s many provinces, each with their own identity. From the sandy beaches and Moorish palaces of Andalusia to the modern art and world-class vineyards of Catalonia, we have something to offer for everyone in Spain! 

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Adventurous and Educational Travel Spain

Educational travel to Spain grants you the opportunity to immerse yourself in Spanish culture. Dance, taste, walk, and sail your way through this remarkable country with one of Road Scholar’s trips to Spain

From the rich history of powerful religious empires to the cultures of Spain’s many provinces, there’s a lot to discover in this European country. Let Road Scholar take you through guided tours of Spain, so you can explore Moorish palaces of Andalusia, sandy beaches, and renowned museums.

Guided Tours of Spain

At Road Scholar, we provide privileged access to some of the world’s most iconic destinations through expert-led tours. Through any of our educational tours to Spain, you’ll learn from our knowledgeable local faculty who will walk you through century-old cathedrals, lively cities, and world-class vineyards. You can explore Spain at a slower pace through walking tours of Barcelona and Madrid, or spend winter in Spain to discover Moorish architecture and explore the Rock of Gibraltar. 

With some of the best small group tours of Spain to choose from, you can have peace of mind knowing our local experts will provide a one-of-a-kind experience.

Family Adventure Travel in Spain

Get the grandparents, kids, parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins involved in family adventure travel to Spain with Road Scholar. Our educational learning adventures are perfect for all ages and ability levels, so every member of the family can have an enjoyable experience on their trip to Spain. 

Refine your search by interests, destinations, activity level, and other criteria to narrow your results and find a program everyone will enjoy. At Road Scholar, our educational travel to Spain is designed to bring people together to discover the world around them, and our guided tours of this historic country won’t disappoint. 

Best Small Group Tours of Spain

We have some of the best small group tours of Spain to choose from, so you can have an unforgettable experience. Our learning adventures bring together a diverse cohort of lifelong learners coming from various backgrounds, such as retirees, solo travelers, couples, families, and more. Together, you’ll learn from local experts while exploring unique and historic landmarks, destinations, and cultures of Spain, such as Granada and Seville in southern Spain or Madrid and Barcelona, two of Europe’s most famous cities.

Through educational travel to Spain, you’ll create lasting friendships and memories that will last a lifetime.

Tours of Spain for Seniors

Discover one of the world’s oldest countries through a tour of Spain for seniors at Road Scholar. What better way to spend your golden years than sipping a glass of red at the prestigious vineyards of Catalonia, or taking expert-led walks discovering Spanish art from the Golden Age to Gaudi. Through our tours of Spain for seniors, you’ll have a relaxing and educational trip that you can look back on for years to come.

Road Scholar Trips to Spain

At Road Scholar, our mission is to inspire adults to learn, discover, and travel, and our educational tours to Spain make this happen. Learn about medieval Europe, ancient cathedrals, and religious icons hiking along the beautiful Camino de Santiago, or explore the vineyards of northern Spain and Portugal to taste regional delicacies. We even offer virtual Road Scholar trips to Spain to give everyone the opportunity to learn about this historic country, such as our online adventure exploring the roads to Santiago. Book your guided tour of Spain through Road Scholar today!