Two Countries. One Learning Adventure.

Are you ready for a learning adventure, but not sure which fascinating country to explore first? Learn about the best of two worlds on our multi-country programs around the world! Wildlife Migration in Kenya and Volcanology in Tanzania. Moorish Architecture in Spain and Roman Ruins in Portugal. Or Maori Culture in New Zealand and the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Experience the best of both worlds on two-country adventures.

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Multi-Country Tours

Traveling provides you with the opportunity to experience a new country, a new culture, and a new part of the world. What if you could double all that amazing experience on the same adventure? Road Scholar is proud to offer multi-country tours where you can see and do more on your excursion.

The beauty of a multi-country tour is that you can pack more adventure and understanding into your travels by exploring nearby or bordering countries. Each Road Scholar tour is thoughtfully curated and guided by a local expert who will give you personalized insights into the places you travel. 


Top Five Destinations on Multi-Country Tours

It’s difficult to pick, but we’ve chosen our five favorite tours covering two or more countries. Our favorite multi-country tours will take you around the world and introduce you to distinct cultures and places. 

From Languedoc to Catalonia Through the Pyrenees: Spain/France

One of our top Europe multi-country tours will take you through the gorgeous mountain landscape of the Spanish Pyrenees and southern France. Explore medieval villages, visit ancient castles, and taste wines and cheeses from this intriguing region. This 17-day trip is full of wonder and history and will introduce you to Spanish and French culture. Perfect for history buffs and those who want to explore the European countryside.

Alpine Hiking in Austria and Italy: Austria/Italy

This gorgeous expedition is ideal for active travelers who love exploring with their feet. One of our most popular multi-country Mediterranean tours, this trip will take you through the magnificent Alps over 14 days. Along the way, you’ll learn about the history of the region, study the local architecture, and become immersed in the beauty of the Dolomite mountain valley. You’ll also interact with the distinct cultures of Austria and Italy. 

Hike and Snorkel to Find the Mystery of the Maya: Guatemala/Belize

If you love the idea of swimming in a jungle cave to behold ancient Mayan treasures, then this Central American multi-country tour is right for you. During this 10-day trip, you’ll rappel down a sinkhole and snorkel along the Barrier Reef in Belize. You’ll trek through the rainforest, search for toucans and howler monkeys, and seek out fascinating Mayan ruins. You’ll also learn about one of the most advanced ancient peoples and their mysterious disappearance. 

The People Down Under: New Zealand/Australia

Fly to the other side of the world to visit these two vibrant island nations. Your 20-day trip starts in Australia’s capital city of Sydney, where you’ll visit the Taronga Zoo and the iconic Sydney Opera House. You’ll then take to the sea on a premium ocean liner, where you’ll participate in fun field trips, enjoy onboard lectures, and learn about the indigenous Maori culture. The trip continues onto New Zealand, where you’ll visit Wellington, Gisborne, and end your journey in Auckland. For sun, ocean, history, and culture, you can’t beat this expedition. 

A Safari & Cultural Experience: Kenya/Tanzania

Travel to the Serengeti plains, where you’ll go on safari to search for the “big five”: lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants, and African buffalo. You may also see zebras and giraffes on your adventure. Take amazing photos against the backdrop of Mount Kilimanjaro and learn about the delicate ecosystem that sustains these fantastic creatures. 


Your Next Multi-Country Tour Is Waiting

Experience more when you choose one of our multi-country tours. We offer options all across the world that will appeal to adventurers, history buffs, and nature lovers. Want even more travel choices? Take a look at our epic adventure collection. If you still haven’t found the perfect tour, our list of most popular tours never disappoints.

Start packing your bags today. Your next adventure is calling.