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Western Europe

Douro River, Portugal

From picture-perfect coastal villages in Ireland to the serrated ridge lines of the Swiss Alps, the history, landscapes and cultures of Western Europe offer more diversity than you’ll find anyplace else on earth. For people with a passion for educational travel, this corner of the world is the sweet spot. When you explore it with Road Scholar, you’ll learn from authors, university professors, passionate locals and others who know their lands better than anyone else.

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Western Europe Tours and Adventures

Tours of Western Europe provide insight into some of the world’s richest histories, cultures, and landscapes. In this corner of the world, you’ll be able to discover a wide range of landmarks, geographical features, and wildlife. 


At Road Scholar, our adventures in Western Europe can bring you anywhere, from coastal villages in Ireland to the ridge lines of the Swiss Alps. Whether you’re interested in the history of ancient cultures in Spain or stories of the kings and queens of France, our Western Europe sightseeing tours cover it all. Explore Western Europe with Road Scholar by exploring our tour groups below.

Western Europe Sightseeing

The landscapes and cultures of Western Europe offer more diversity than anywhere on earth. With that said, Western Europe sightseeing tours give you the chance to witness and explore these areas yourself. Led by authors, university professors, and passionate locals, here are some of our top tours of Western Europe:


  • France: One of the best adventures in Western Europe is exploring France. France is home to countless attractions, such as the lavender fields in Provence, the luxury beaches of Nice, and the chateaus in the Loire Valley. 

With Road Scholar, you can discover all that France has to offer and visit iconic cities and towns like Paris, Normandy, and mountain villages in the Pyrenees. You can even take a riverboat cruise down the Seine to view D-Day beaches and the city lights of Paris.

  • Czech Republic: The Czech Republic is another country that should be on a Western European tour itinerary. In the Czech Republic, you can visit the Old World city of Prague and take in the city skyline filled with Gothic rooftop spires on churches and the Charles Bridge crossing the Vltava River.
  • Greece: Greece is another top destination for an educational tour in Western Europe due to its ancient relics, iconic architecture, and Aegean islands. At Road Scholar, you can find walking and hiking tours for your destination, and in Greece, you can explore ancient civilizations on foot in cities like Athens and Thebes.
  • Netherlands: Interested in art history? Look no further than the Netherlands, where you can learn about great European artists like Vermeer and van Gogh. You can also tour world-famous cities like Amsterdam to learn more about the Dutch culture and way of life.


These are just some of the top ways to explore Western Europe. With Western European tours of countries like Spain, Belgium, Turkey, Italy, and everything in between, you’re sure to find a learning program that suits your needs. 


Road Scholar has family tours of Western Europe and Western Europe tours for singles, so anyone can explore the history and landscapes of Europe in a setting most comfortable to them.

Educational Tours of Western Europe with Road Scholar

At Road Scholar, our educational adventures in Europe are second to none. Group travel to Western Europe is a great way to better understand the diverse cultures of our world. Our expert guides will walk you through the history, landscapes, and wildlife to give you a holistic understanding of your destination. 


As you browse our Western Europe tours, familiarize yourself with our European travel tips to ensure you make the most out of your adventure.