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Love to kayak, hike and bike? Ride horses, snorkel and surf? Our multi-sport programs offer a variety of active combinations so you don’t have to choose just one sport. Learn about the world your way on excursions that promise to keep you moving. 

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Multi-Adventure Sports Tours

At Road Scholar, we have an expansive selection of multi-adventure tours that allow you to enjoy a wide range of activities, from hiking and biking to snorkeling and horseback riding. Through our multi-sport tours, you can discover new areas from unique perspectives you wouldn’t get from other tour formats. With the ability to stay active while exploring a diverse environment, you can make lasting memories with a cohort just as adventurous as you. Learn about our active multi-sport adventure tours below to see where you can explore next.


How to Choose the Right Multi-Adventure Tours

Multi-sport adventure travel is a great way to partake in active activities in exciting locations across the world. However, there’s much to consider when looking into multi-sport adventure tours. From the destination to your activity level, it’s important to choose a program that meets your needs. Here’s how to choose the right multi-adventure tours:

  • Destination: One of the first factors to consider when looking into multi-adventure tours is your destination. Are you looking for a warm and tropical environment? If so, a program that brings you to Costa Rica or Puerto Rico, for example, might be a great choice. Or, if you’re a snow lover, outdoor travel in the Canadian Rockies or Alaska might be more suitable.
  • Sports offerings: Another key factor to consider when searching for senior adventure travel tours are the sports offered. At Road Scholar, our multi-adventure tours offer a wide range of sports, including hiking, biking, horseback riding, snorkeling, surfing, kayaking, and more. Browse through each program to find activities that you’re interested in trying, whether you’re seeking water sports or activities for outdoor enthusiasts like hiking or biking.
  • Activity level: Each active multi-sport adventure tour has varying activity levels, some designed for beginners and others for experts. Browse through our outdoor adventures with an activity level that matches your current experience so you can ensure you can keep up with the group comfortably.
  • Safety measures: Safety should always be a top concern in any travel program, especially multi-sport adventures that include whitewater rafting, hiking, and snorkeling. At Road Scholar, our expert guides walk you through safety protocols and are trained to help ensure you’re safe throughout the duration of your trip.

These are some of the top factors to consider as you choose your next multi-sport tour. Browse our collection today to find a program that suits your interests.


Browse Multi-Sport Adventure Travel Programs With Road Scholar

At Road Scholar, we have an exciting collection of multi-sport adventure travel programs for you, whether it’s whitewater rafting in Minnesota, kayaking in Alaska, or zip-lining in Oregon. Our educational small group tours allow you to join a diverse cohort of like-minded learners interested in active sports and wildlife, history, and landscapes. Our expert guides will ensure you’re safe, walking you through every step of the program with interesting information and opportunities for discovery.