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Most Popular Travel Destinations

Trying to decide which experience to check off your Road Scholar list? We’ve rounded up our most popular programs to help you decide! Whether you long to explore wonders at home, like our National Parks, or dream of learning abroad, such as voyaging along Croatia’s idyllic Dalmatian Coast, these popular picks are sure to inspire – but they fill up fast!

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Best Places to Visit: Most Popular Travel Destinations

Embark on a Road Scholar journey to explore some of the best places to travel. From the iconic landscapes of the United States' National Parks to the enchanting Dalmatian Coast in Croatia, our popular programs fill up fast. Secure your spot today for an inspiring adventure and create lasting memories in these sought-after travel destinations!


The Most Popular Travel Destinations for Adventure-Based Learning

The world we live in is a magical place, and at Road Scholar, our goal is to provide educational travel programs that are enlightening, affordable and most of all, memorable. However, coming up with educational vacation ideas can be a challenge, especially when there are so many places to explore.

We’ve curated a list of the most popular travel destinations. Whether you’re looking to stay close to home or travel across the world, you’ll find a wide range of adventure-based learning programs to choose from.


Explore Popular Travel Destinations at Home

Are you interested in seeing what your home country has to offer? You can’t beat one of our National Park programs that teach you about the history, landscape and cultures that formed some of America’s most iconic parks. You’ll even find educational travel programs that visit some of the most popular travel destinations right here in the U.S., such as a tour through the five boroughs of New York or a trip to some of Southern California’s most popular museums.


Find Unique Adventures Abroad

If you’re longing to see what’s beyond the borders, we have a great selection of educational travel programs abroad. If you’re looking to travel for learning, there’s no better place to gain new knowledge than a tour through some of Europe’s greatest cities like Budapest, Vienna and Prague. Or, soak up the sun in the tropical climate of Costa Rica while you gain a deeper understanding of Latin American culture, food and biodiversity.

At Road Scholar, you’ll find unique adventure-based learning programs that are led by expert instructors who are well-versed in the history, culture and environment of your destination. And there’s a reason these are some of the most popular travel destinations for knowledge-seekers like yourself. Each location, whether home or abroad, is filled with one-of-a-kind adventures that allow you to hear powerful stories, experience nature and learn something new.


Best Travel Destinations for Seniors

The world is filled with exciting destinations to visit, and choosing some of the best places to travel can be a challenge with so many options. This is especially true for senior travelers who need to consider certain factors like accessibility and activity level when looking into popular travel destinations. To help you narrow down your choices, we have rounded up some of the most popular places to travel around the world, from medieval European towns to tropical oases and more.

  • California: If you’re looking for popular travel destinations in the U.S., California has much to offer. The Golden State is ripe with adventure, giving seniors a wide range of destinations and activities. For the adventurous type, consider visiting some of California’s many national parks, including Yosemite, Death Valley, Joshua Tree, Channel Islands, Redwoods, Lassen Volcanic, Pinnacles, Sequoia, and King Canyons. Here, you can partake in outdoor adventures like hiking, birding, and landscape photography while learning from expert guides on the history and wildlife of the park. You can also visit one of California’s many iconic cities, like San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, all of which are popular cultural hubs that have a significant impact on the world.
  • France: One of the most popular travel places in the world is France. This European country is rich in culture and cuisine, offering senior travelers the unique opportunity to explore French culture through food and historical adventures. From the liveliness of Paris to the relaxing shores of the Riviera and castle country in the Loire Valley, there are many reasons why France is one of the best places to visit.
  • Costa Rica: For seniors looking to experience the pura vida way of life, consider an experiential adventure to Costa Rica. This Central American country has plenty to offer — from invigorating hikes through the rainforest, where you can see the peaks of active volcanoes in the distance, to the sandy shores of the Pacific and Caribbean, Costa Rica has the perfect blend of adventure and relaxation. It’s also one of the most popular travel destinations for solo female travelers due to its safety and accessibility.
  • Australia: The Land Down Under is another one of the popular places to travel for seniors, and for good reason. When it comes to tips for first-time travelers, reviewing the safety, accommodations, and accessibility of your preferred destination is crucial, and Australia checks all of these boxes. With comfortable temperatures along the coast, a robust tourism infrastructure and transportation network, and high safety standards, travelers can make their way through Australia with ease to explore popular attractions like the Outback and Great Barrier Reef and iconic cities like Sydney and Melbourne.

Ready to find an adventure? Our list of the most popular travel destinations barely scratches the surface. At Road Scholar, we have countless experiential travel programs across the globe that connect you with like-minded learners looking to discover more about the world around them. Find the best places to travel with Road Scholar today.


Adventure-Based Learning with Road Scholar

To help you among some of the most popular travel destinations, you can refine your search using the drop-down menus below. For example, if you’re looking to voyage along Croatia’s idyllic Dalmatian Coast, you can narrow your search by changing your destination to Europe. Depending on your desired activity level, you can choose a challenging outdoor excursion, such as whitewater rafting down the Colorado River in the Western Grand Canyon. Or, you can select a more relaxed educational travel program, such as exploring the Mississippi River on a paddlewheel riverboat. In addition to destination and activity level, you can also refine your search based on your desired dates, price range, and duration.

Are you ready to build lasting relationships, form lifelong memories and gain newfound knowledge? Book your trip to some of the most popular travel destinations with Road Scholar. We have a wide range of educational vacation ideas that can help you choose a destination that’s on your bucket list. However, act fast! These popular travel destinations fill up fast, so enroll today to ensure you have a spot on one of our highly sought-after journeys.