Mississippi River Cruise

Climb aboard the American Duchess, the only all-suite paddlewheeler in the United States, or one of her sister steamboats for an unforgettable journey on the Mighty Mississippi. Learn about engaging topics from Civil War history and steamboat navigation to Cajun cooking and soulful jazz. Whichever educational adventure by paddlewheeler appeals to you most, you’ll get an in-depth look at life along America’s most famous river and the towns that line her shore — plus, you’ll find free round-trip airfare on each of these voyages!

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Mississippi River Cruises

Mississippi is a southern state that is home to one of the longest river systems in North America, the Mississippi River. Mississippi is known for its music origins, cotton plantations, and delicious food. Catfish and hot tamales anyone? 

Rhode Scholar offers two amazing Mississippi river cruises aboard the American Duchess, the only all-suite paddle wheeler in the United States, or the sister steamboat.  Learn about the tumultuous history of the state in the Civil War, taste the delicious flavors of Cajun cooking, and hear the soulful jazz that Mississippi is famous for. 

This riverboat cruise on the Mississippi gives travelers a unique opportunity to witness life along America’s most famous river and the towns that line the shore.

The Best of the Riverboat Cruises On The Mississippi 

If you are looking for the best Mississippi River cruise, look no further. Join Road Scholar on this classic Mississippi River cruise where guests will board a magnificent paddlewheel riverboat and get a front-row seat to immerse themselves in the music, food, natural beauty and architectural grandeur of Dixie, historic Natchez and Vicksburg, and small river towns. Spend three days exploring the hustle and bustle of New Orleans, including a jazz show at the iconic Fritzel’s Jazz Club.

History Along the Mississippi

Along the Mississippi River is a story of American history that runs through wars, flows through culinary traditions, and wades along the vibrant jazz scene. Road Scholar has local experts who will be on the southern journey to discover the natural, political, military, and music history from Minnesota to New Orleans.

Mark Twain grew up along the Mississippi river in the 1800s and writes about the science of navigating the ever-changing Mississippi River in his book entitled "Old Times on the Mississippi". This trip down the Mississippi river includes a lesson about Mark Twain in his hometown of Hannibal, Missouri. 

Experience Travel with Road Scholar

Climb aboard a river cruise to learn about a new destination from a unique point of view. At Road Scholar, we offer two educational riverboat cruises on the Mississippi. Free round-trip airfare is available from select cities across the United States. 

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