Multi-City Adventures in Italy

Do you have a list of places you’re ready to explore in Italy? These learning adventures pack in the learning during explorations that lead you through some of Italy’s most beautiful regions. Discover Southern Italy from Puglia to Calabria, experience Tuscany and Florence together or explore three of Italy’s most famous cities — Rome, Florence and Venice — on the trip of a lifetime. Make the most of your time in Italy with an itinerary that is sure to inspire!

italy is Road Scholar's 2023 Campus of the Year!

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Multi-City Trip to Italy

Are you ready to take a multi-city tour to experience the many wonders of Italy? Italy is Road Scholar's 2023 Campus of the Year, and a multi-city trip to Italy is sure to delight all your senses. Walk the winding streets and explore the centuries-old historical sites of Rome. Gaze up at the Sistine Chapel ceiling in Vatican City. Dine on the fresh, delectable flavors of each Italian city's regional food specialties. Or step back in time to explore the recessed ruins at Pompeii.

Italy offers something for everyone, no matter your interests. Experiencing multiple cities is one of the most wonderful ways to immerse yourself in the charm and treasures of this country. Join us as we explore and learn about the unforgettable cities of Italy and discover them as the locals do.


Multi-City Trip to Italy Itineraries

Where do you want your learning adventure to take you? You can choose between various Italy multi-city vacation packages, each offering unforgettable itineraries.

Have you dreamed of exploring Italy by foot? Walking and hiking through the Italian countryside is one of the best ways to get close to the rich culture, history, geology, art and diverse ecosystems of places like Tuscany and Umbria. Join us on informative walking and hiking adventures that take you through preserved medieval and traditional villages with friendly locals, world-class cuisine and some of the world's most picturesque vistas.

Does your list of must-see places include Rome, Florence and Venice? Then join us on our Italy adventure tours. You will learn about Rome's preserved ruins, take a gondola ride in Venice, explore Renaissance architecture in Florence and savor classic Tuscan cuisine. 

Explore the southern region of Italy from "heel" to "toe," where our experts will guide you through quaint villages, scenic coastlines and unforgettable landscapes. You'll also have the chance to discover Romanesque and Baroque cathedrals and explore UNESCO World Heritage Sites like the trulli constructions of Alberobello and the troglodyte dwellings of Sassi di Matera.

Join us for an Italian multi-city holiday vacation! We offer several holiday vacation packages, including Christmas in Assisi, where you can take in great works of art, expert lectures and musical performances in the hometown of St. Francis. Or celebrate the holidays by attending classical concerts, exploring the ancient city of Pompeii and experiencing the breathtaking beauty of the Amalfi coast.


Book Your Multi-City Trip to Italy

Book your multi-city Italian vacation and prepare to be inspired by your surroundings. Browse our collections and discover an array of personalized learning explorations with helpful and informative local experts who will guide you through some of Europe's most beautiful cities. Learn more with Road Scholar today.