Walking & Hiking in Italy

In a country shaped like a boot, it’s no wonder that we have an impressive collection of walking and hiking adventures in Italy! Put your best foot forward as you explore the countryside of Tuscany, the hill towns of Umbria and test your resilience on alpine hikes. Find the adventure right for your activity level and explore Italy by foot!

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Walking and Hiking in Italy

If you're a trekking fan on the hunt for unforgettable experiences, Italy is the place to be! So, get ready to challenge yourself with some alpine hikes and explore the stunning countryside of Tuscany and the charming hill towns of Umbria. Whether you're a seasoned hiker or just starting out, there's a trail out there that's perfect for you. Who knows, you might even discover some hidden gems!


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This guide not only features the top Italian walking tours and hikes, but it's also packed with plenty of fun facts to keep you entertained along the way.


1. Walking and Hiking in Idyllic Tuscany and Mystical Umbria

Embark on this 12-day journey through the magnificent Italian countryside and immerse yourself in the rich culture, history, geology, art, flora and fauna of Tuscany and Umbria.

Key Highlights:

  • Explore Bevagna, a quaint town that's home to two extraordinary Romanesque churches.
  • Visit Saint Francis’ hermitage and explore the small town of Assisi, where you'll experience a sense of spiritual renewal and a deep connection to the past.
  • From picturesque wineries to local cheese shops, get your taste buds ready for a culinary adventure that'll leave you craving more.


2. Italy Walking Tour: Walking the Hill Towns of Umbria

Ideal for nature lovers who seek impressive views of Tuscany without the crowds, Umbria provides the perfect opportunity for you to embark on scenic guided walking tours.

Key Highlights:

  • Learn the secrets of truffle hunting in Spoleto.
  • Explore the panoramic vistas of Assisi and Trevi before reaching a local winery for a well-deserved wine tasting.
  • Visit a medieval paper manufacturer in Bevagna, where you'll get to learn the fascinating technique of paper-making that dates back centuries.


3. Alpine Hiking in Austria and Italy

Discover the unmatched charm of Austria's Tyrol and Italy's South Tyrol. Compare and contrast their rich culture, history, environment and architecture.

Key Highlights:

  • Hike roughly 4 to 10 miles on varied terrain.
  • Learn about Ötzi, the fascinating mummified "Iceman."
  • Join our walking lectures to explore the botany of the Dolomites, where you'll discover the healing power of local herbs.


4. Hiking Below and Beyond Mont Blanc: Switzerland, Italy and France

Get ready to experience the grandeur of the Alps across three countries! Walk through quaint villages, castles and chalets in Switzerland, Italy and France.

Key Highlights:

  • Walk through the ancient Great St. Bernard Pass, once traveled by Napoleon’s army.
  • Take in spectacular views of Mont Blanc while hiking in Chamonix or from a nearby peak reached by cable car.
  • Visit Aosta, founded by the Romans in 25 B.C. and known as the “Rome of the Alps.”


5. Hiking the Cinque Terre

Hiking in Italy wouldn’t be complete without the Cinque Terre, where medieval fortresses, fishing villages and vineyards coexist in a breathtaking Mediterranean landscape.

Key Highlights:

  • Experience expert-led walks along the dramatic Cinque Terre footpaths.
  • Discover the local wine, cheese and focaccia bread with the president of the Lunigiana Wine Route.
  • Hike through a chestnut forest to the beautifully preserved village of Vergheto.