Three Popular Sports for People Over 50

Pickleball, Nordic walking and yoga have all seen jumps in popularity in recent years with the over 50 crowd. These activities are open to people with varying physical abilities and depending on how often one practices them, they can improve balance and overall fitness, while also offering a fun and often social experience! Let us break down these three popular sports, and show you how you can get involved and learn more! 



You’ve probably heard of pickleball— this paddle sport is being called the world’s fastest-growing sport. A pickleball game uses elements of tennis, badminton and ping-pong, and games can be played as doubles or singles. Its inclusion of a non-volley zone (known in the sport as a “kitchen”) makes the sport much less focused on running than its tennis or badminton counterparts, which can make it more accessible to those with mobility concerns. Professional pickleball tournaments have opened up, although the majority of players play for fun in a variety of places, including modified tennis courts and driveways.
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Nordic Walking

Want to step up your walking routine? By incorporating Nordic poles, you can work more muscles on a walk, while still taking in fresh air and beautiful views. Nordic walking is similar to cross-country skiing, using the poles to help propel your movement along the sidewalk or trail you are walking on. These poles also help you to work muscles throughout your body, as well as providing stability.
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Yoga dates back thousands of years and has its roots in spiritual practice. Today, yoga is practiced across the world in a variety of styles, and is popular because of its ability to help strengthen core muscles and reduce anxiety. The ability to modify poses and incorporate breathing techniques and meditation makes yoga an accessible form of exercise that can also promote mental well-being. So whether you’d like to improve your warrior pose or learn how to do a proper downward dog, yoga may be just the thing to help strengthen and relax you!

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