Photograph Yosemite: Capturing Waterfalls, Cliffs and Domes

Improve your photography skills alongside a photography expert in idyllic Yosemite National Park. You’ll learn a variety of techniques and explore the region’s natural beauty.
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Thank you Sadie, group leader, and Nancy, workshop photography instructor for planning and instructing a wonderful workshop. Your planning and knowing where to go for avoiding the crowds, catching the light and working the scene made for a superb and successful workshop. I not only learned invaluable lessons but enjoyed your delightful and warm personalities. Best regards.


An excellent way to discover Yosemite. Nancy Robbins is an excellent instructor and her love of photography makes this course a lot of fun.


The Yosemite Photographic program is perfect for any photographer at any level who wants to see a beautiful National Park in the company of a local expert photographer. You won't be disappointed in the organization of the trip, the warmth and welcome you receive, and you will learn!! You need to be ok with feeling a little like you are away at summer camp and the lodging is run that way, but it's in a lovely woodland setting with a small pond including ducks and swans! Also many paths to hike on around the grounds. It's completely safe and very relaxing. The rooms are worn and really need some updating. The food served in the cafeteria is good for cafeteria hall food! Road scholar staff are excellent at what they do and very accommodating. I would highly recommend this trip for anyone who wants to improve their Landscape photography skills and who also like to do a bit of hiking with your photo equipment. You always had the option to stay on the bus if you wanted to, but who wants to do that! Yosemite really is magnificent and you need to get off the beaten path a bit.

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