Explore the Coast of Maine Under Sail: Maritime and Natural History

Get to know Maine’s rugged coast and idyllic islands as you sail a classic windjammer to historic villages, pristine harbors, an uninhabited island, and see an iconic lighthouse.
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A great adventure- something new for me-exciting


A unique experience on a smaller vessel for those like myself that have had minimal sailing experience that lets you participate if desired. Wonderful captain and crew, so happy to have been able to do this trip.


This was a delightful adventure with Road Scholar on a Windjammer no less! Sailors on these ships are committed to the preservation of this travel as it does give one a sense of enjoyment on the water. Our Owner/Captain is a lifetime "on a boat guy." He inspires his crew and passengers throughout the trip. Our "narrator" was a well educated lady from Savannah and Rhode Island who has worked on ships over 30 years, so tuned to the information the "passenger crew" was looking for/expected. The visits to the small Maine coastal towns/villages was educational and welcomed every day. A highlight was a steam lobster lunch on a beach one day.....and every meal was welcomed as very good. Thank you Road Scholar for the organizing of this trip for your clients. We certainly enjoyed ourselves....and as always met "new friends."


You too can experience sailing in a way that contributed for our country's development. Even if you are an experienced sailor, you'll have a whole new appreciate for this mode of transportation.


The Angelique provides an unique opportunity to experience real sailing on an authentic sailing vessel. Any involvement with the sailing tasks is encouraged, but not required. Cabin space small, but adequate, and only used for sleeping. Food was outstanding. Captain Dennis and crew are great in their jobs and all were friendly and helpful.


My best trip ever! I have traveled abroad numerous times and being on the Angelique in Penobscot Bay topped them all. The daily views of the Maine coast were incredible, along with the spotting of whales and porpoises. Captain Dennis and his great crew were gave us a wealth of information. The fantastic chef Ian served us three full meals a day that were delicious and healthy. If you sign up for this trip, plan to climb up and down ladders several times daily as your bunk and restrooms are below deck.


This trip was the perfect way to see and enjoy the waters of Maine, learn about the history, and experience life on a boat. And the meals were consistently some of the best I have enjoyed.


There were so many things great about this trip. It was visually beautiful, being on the water 24/7, with changing sunlight, clouds, fog, seeing the sunrise and sunset over the bays and islands, being on a quiet, stately boat, getting so close to other big sailboats, exploring parts of Penobscot Harbor that would be hard to reach otherwise, having each day be an adventure, as our captain decided where the wind would take us that day. The big race was exciting. This was a photographer's dream come true. Jump on board!


Great experience. I had never sailed before, this was perfect for learning and experiencing sailing, both the modern aspects as well as the history. Great way to see, experience coastal Maine. Relaxing, too, just as cruising is supposed to be.

This reviewer did not give a star rating.

Wonderful experience! It exceeded by expectations. I would like to mention the sleeping quarters are small so those that have trouble climbing or larger framed would not be very comfortable. It was not an issue for me. I will repeat this trip!


What a unique experience! Road Scholar participants are always fun to spend time with!


Like the info on the website. The only "tweak" could be that you kept sending us notification that we had to fill out the preliminary forms even after we had done so. No big deal, but it was not real clear on the site what the "green checkmark" meant--were we good to go? No biggie here, and the website is well laid out etc. Well done!




Great cruise, very different from anything previously experienced. My observations can be found here: https://sixdecadesandcounting.blogspot.com/2019/06/angelique-me-21-other-folks.html


Loved it!!!


This was the first disappointing Road Scholar trip after so many glorious ones. There were very few planned activities, we learned little about where we were or where we were going. The group leader did not mingle with the passengers. It was rated "No Sweat" but needs to be reevaluated as it was difficult for those with handicaps to navigate steep ladders multiple times a day, and to climb into the boats used to row to shore.


Outstanding experience! For our trip, the weather was perfect, with sunny warm days and wind, for an unforgettable sail experience. The crew are all friendly and knowlegable. The cuisine is healthy, fresh, and amazingly wonderful- prepared from scratch each meal. Would strongly advise you be able to maneuver up and down ladders and sit without support for extended periods of time for an optimum experience on deck. The group size is ideal. I loved everything but my smallish forward bunk, which was OK.


This was a great chance to sail and see the spectacular coast of Maine. Participants should be aware that they need to use a steep ladder to reach their accommodations and have to climb up into bunk beds. The rooms are very tiny. I would recommend this trip very highly.


Angelique is beautiful and Penobscot Bay is amazing. Captain, crew and food were all EXCELLENT. Instructors were knowledgeable and helpful. I would go again in a heartbeat. Only thing to consider ahead of time is that because of the size of the ship some of the sleeping areas are very small and top bunks may be hard to get in and out of for some people.


great program . can't wait to again .


Participants should be aware that there may be some days when little or no time on land is provided, and that not all sites described in the program description may be visited due to sailing conditions.


Don't sign up for the Road Scholar program "Exploring the Coast of Maine Under Sail" expecting spacious quarters and luxurious living. Do sign up for a real adventure with interesting people. Captain Dennis and his young crew will guide the tall ship to interesting hamlets and inlets around the Penobscot Bay. You can help let out or take in the sails, or simply enjoy the experience of gliding across the sea with the cool Maine air on your face. The food is fantastic! Under 30 passengers means you can meet everyone. You are bound to discover several kindred spirits who become lifelong friends. This is a trip you will treasure.


I am a 77 year old female with many joint problems from an auto accident and arthritis. I was able to climb aboard the ship and go ashore for a short walk. The crew is great and very helpful; try it, you will have a great experience. Audrey Deveney, Belfast, Me.


I have vacationed in Maine for years but this has to be the best way to see the coast of Maine. Three cheers for captain and crew!

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I felt the Captain and the crew did everything they could to make this a safe and enjoyable trip. I am very pleased with the cruise and what I learned from the classes. The Gam was the highlight of the trip. Racing around with the other tall ships was a wonderful experience as was the music at the Gam. The crew encouraged those with disabilities to participate in all events. I would recommend this to anyone.

This reviewer did not give a star rating.

This is an outstanding program for anyone who wants to experience living on board a true sailing windjammer. Every day is a new adventure that is dependent on the weather and is filled with excellent experiences. The owner captain has the perfect background and personality to ensure that the guests and crew alike love every moment of the time aboard. The food is fresh, abundant,and tasty. The accommodations are tight, but all you use them for is to sleep and make the trip more realistic. We enjoyed it so much that within days of returning home are booking a different weeks voyage for next year and encouraging friends to join us !


If you have any interest in coastal Maine as seen from the water and occasionally from land, this is a good choice. But, be prepared. The quarters are typical style for a working ship (i.e. very small). Remember that the weather can be marvelous or cloudy, rainy, and/or windy. Come prepared! You will come away with a much better understanding of the history and landscape of coastal Maine.

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