Hiking Arches and Canyonlands National Parks

Join natural history experts in Arches and Canyonlands National Parks to discover ancient petroglyphs, geological monuments and the colorful beauty of two national treasures.
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This is a wonderful trip. The hikes selected the best views and experiences for an initial trip to these parks. The atmosphere was friendly and supportive. I highly recommend the choice.


Enjoyed everything - the landscapes, hiking, other participants, and leaders. Trip was a whirlwind of full days - challenging hikes, warm temps, high altitude. Transported in comfortable vans with A/C. If considering the trip read descriptions carefully and be prepared for the elements. I arrived a day early to acclimate to the warm temperatures and altitude. Arriving early helped (I recommend it). Gave a little more free time. Also went to a half-day mountain bike tour with another provider on the pre day.


This trip, as planned, was wonderful. Jan and Sylvia were the reasons I came back to do another trip because they were kind, prepared, emotionally accessible, and smart. I was disturbed to find out that this was their last trip, which I got to take by accident. Unfortunately, Road Scholar does not ask enough questions of the participants. Although all the ladies in my group were lovely, there were several who SHOULD NOT have been accepted on this trip, and I have serious disappointment in your organization that you are catering to the lowest common denominator. There was more than one hike we were unable to do because several ladies needed more support than was correct for this level of trip. The rest of the group lost out because -a lady who had surgery- on both knees and shoulder, and couldn’t keep up -two woman who had never done any serious hiking. You go out of your way to evaluative the difficulty of the hikes (this is a HIKING vacay, no a bus trip), but clearly no one ever checked. This is not correct, and not fair to the rest of your participants. In addition- we need more all womens hiking groups. Many of the trips you advertise for women are not hiking, and we of age and higher activity level need more! I am going on another trip in a week (my fourth ), and as it is a bus tour, I of course expect a different level of expertise and ability. Please stock your participants appropriately!

Road Scholar
Hello, Wendy! Thanks for the feedback. We are thrilled you enjoyed your experience. Regarding your comment about the physical fitness of your fellow participants, we try our best to be clear and up front about the physical demands of every program we offer. We include an overall activity rating and description, as well as detailed daily activity descriptions. We also review the information each participant shares with us in their Participant Information Form prior to departure and reach out to them if we have concerns about their ability to participate fully in the program. Our goal is to have people enroll in programs that are the best fit for their interests and physical abilities. That’s why we offer a wide range of experiences with varying physical demands, from those that have little walking to those that are highly athletic. Nevertheless, despite our best efforts, people occasionally enroll in programs that are beyond their physical means, which it sounds like was the case on your program. We understand how this may have impacted the rest of your group, and we will continue to try our best to make sure participants enroll in programs that are the right fit for their abilities.

Don't let your age or ability stop you from trying a new adventure. Get in shape for what you want to do and then do it!!


Incredible trip with awesome instructors! There is something very special about the sole company of women hiking. Exploring Moab and the surrounding areas with our all women group was wonderful and empowering. Cannot say enough about our leaders, Jan and Sylvia, They are two of the most competent, professional, compassionate and downright funny women that I have ever met. Their combined knowledge and understanding of Arches, Moab and nearby places inspired all of us to drink in the beauty of these places. The accommodations, although a bit spartan, were comfortable and clean. I would hope that RS considers downgrading this trip to a less challenging hiking one. Most of the hikes were fairly easy and 3 miles or less. However, the beauty of this region is not to be missed and should be a must see if you consider going out West!


What an amazing trip!! So many beautiful Arches, and so little time to see them all. The hiking was wonderful. I especially liked the slick-rock hike we did, and the hike to Delicate Arch. Canyonlands was exciting, such different formations and valleys. Some very high steps on the hikes, but I was able to crawl up them. This is an amazing trip.


If you enjoy hiking and want to see Arches and Canyonlands National Parks I highly recommend this trip and its outstanding leaders! You will see many of the parks' iconic arches and vistas while avoiding much of the normal crowds. Everyday is filled with great hikes both morning and afternoon. You will enjoy nice accommodations and great food!


As a first-time hiker, this program was very empowering for me. From Day 1 until Day 4, I learned something new about myself every day, grew more confident and more physically able to take on the challenges. Loved every minute of it!


Best RS hiking trip of other two I have taken. A special closeness was shared with all women. Exceptionally knowledgable guides.


Arches and Canyonlands are wonders not to be missed. Jan and Sylvia were the best leaders ever. However, if you are a a regular hiker, you might want more challenging hikes.


The two parks, Arches and Canyonlands, sell themselves because they provide a unique and stunning panorama not available elsewhere.


From the title "Hiking Arches and Canyonlands National Parks" and the descriptions on the webpage and info packet which indicated hikes of 6 miles on days 2-4 and 8 miles on day 5, I expected this to be a hiking trip. It would more correctly be titled as a Geology Tour of Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. The leaders were passionate and informative about the geology, but the planned hiking portion of this trip was significantly less than what the Road Scholar website promised. When informed of the discrepancy, our group leader indicated that the info his company provides is somehow ignored when Road Scholar adds it to their website.

Road Scholar
Road Scholar makes every effort to ensure that the materials we present participants are as accurate as possible. In addition to confirming with our vendors and providers about trails, terrain and distances, we review program evaluations to make sure that participants are finding the activity level of the program as described. We recently reviewed the itinerary with this program for 2019 and will continue to monitor and make adjustments based on participant feedback.”

I hiked and seen things I never thought I would see. An amazing experience!

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