Choose Your Pace: Hiking in Grand Teton and Yellowstone

Hike past hot springs and geysers at your pace, learn about thermal features and wildlife and ride a tram up Rendezvous Mountain for a new perspective on Yellowstone & the Grand Tetons.
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Great program content made even better by the quality work done by the guides from the Science School who were outstanding,


5 Star! The hiking leaders (Liz, Kimmee,Callee) were vibrant ,fun and challenging. Everyday, the we were offered a taste of the natural beauty and wonders of the surrounds of these two WY. National Parks. The accommodations ranged from country rustic ( food delicious and people friendly)to an in-town hotel). A wonderful wildlife excursion at night yielded views of a herd of elk and bison. At the rustic accommodation, a moose crossed our van path and held up our way to our hike . If you’re a hiker, don’t miss this trip!


We saw so many different landscapes and learned many new things. While I was challenged on a couple of the hikes, I thoroughly enjoyed them. I particularly liked the listening devices that are being used. The guides were thoughtful about the needs of our group.


This program far exceeded ALL of my expectations!!! It was very well organized. Our field guides (Wyatt, Helen, Myles) were exceptional. This program was challenging but not dangerous. We learned so much about the wild life (ex wolves, bears, moose, elk) as well as the vegation. I would highly recommend this program. Absolutely amazing!!!


The accommodations are not luxurious, but the Teton Science School staff are the best. Our guides were knowledgeable and observant. The wildflowers and the vistas were spectacular. We were even introduced to an informative podcast from Montana Public Radio on bison in Yellowstone called "Threshold - Season 1" while traversing the national park. Great trip.


A perfect trip with adequate physical and educational activity for interactive and nature-loving people.


The hiking in conjuction with the Teton Science Schools was a great experience. The leaders were very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. They went out of their way to accommodate all participants. This program was so much fun!


This was a good trip. Multiple choices as to hiking routes made it possible to match the hikes with your daily level of ambition.


Lived my dream with a great experience


Come prepared to hike on all types of terrain and at altitude. Beautiful scenery and wonderful leaders make this a great experience.


The Teton Science Schools staff comprises knowledgeable, skilled and exceptionally mature young leaders, who are adept at relating to and guiding ‘senior’ participants through the week. Accommodations at TSS include spacious rooms with a full bed and two sets of bunk beds and a private bath. We were allowed to use the lower bunks as shelves to store clothes and gear. The rooms are dim, in keeping with their green mission, and it’s difficult to adequately see into the mirror over the bathroom sink. You may want to consider bringing a small make-up mirror to use for this purpose. Some of our rooms were turned over and occupied by another group while we were on our three-day / two-night jaunt to Yellowstone National Park, necessitating removing all of our gear during that period. Tanya, the TSS Road Scholar coordinator, arranged for us to store gear we would not need on our trip to Yellowstone in a separate locked room. This helped to lighten our load for a few days. Meals at TSS are tasty and set up as a buffet. Field lunches are prepared in the morning from a variety of lunch meats and spreads, veggies, fruits, cheese, chips and cookies. We had a dedicated room for Road Scholars for our meals and presentations, while sharing the larger dining hall facilities with other groups. Cell service is excellent at TSS, poor-to-fair in Grand Teton NP and virtually nonexistent in Yellowstone NP. Hikes are on established park trails with stunning views at a comfortable pace, two to four miles for options 1 and 2, four to five miles for option 3. The leaders seemed to need our first two-three hikes to determine the appropriate level of challenge for the various participants – the photographers and wildflower-identifiers who require frequent pauses vs. those who prefer a sustained hiking pace. The following hikes were managed more smoothly and participants had a better feel for where they should place themselves. Another superb program. I highly recommend it.


If your looking for a great chance to combine hiking, wildlife , majestic mountains, waterfalls, geysers , hot springs and plentiful wildflowers----I would highly recommend this Program !


If you are considering this program but are unsure, take my advice and GO FOR IT! The "choose your pace" part of it makes for a very enjoyable time. All the hikes are manageable and they take you to the most picturesque places on the planet. This was the trip of a lifetime!


Wonderful vigorous outdoor explorations, with awe-inspiring vistas, animal encounters, and very good education. Not to be missed!


Great experience from the trail leaders to the Program Organizer to the many wonderful sites at a very reasonable price.


This trip if a great way to see the Tetons and Yellowstone while hiking at a length and pace you choose each day.


Hiking through the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone in good company with spectacular views. Highly recommended.

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