The Best of Iceland: A Country of Beautiful Contrasts
Traverse the wonders of Iceland with locals and scholarly experts, delving deep into a landscape of stunning geological features, glaciers, and bubbling thermal pools.
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Named by a Scandinavian explorer inspired by the beauty of icebergs bobbing through a fjord, Iceland is in fact not very icy at all, boasting abundant vegetation, a veritable menagerie of wildlife and stunning geological features. Journey through Iceland’s north, south and west with native experts who introduce you to their country’s history, music, food and traditions. Learn about the Sagas of Icelanders and explore a dramatic landscape, from the coast to the Blue Lagoon.
Activity Level
Walking on uneven surfaces.

Best of all, you'll ...

  • Witness geology in action in the “Land of Fire and Ice” and visit a geothermal power plant.
  • Go on a scallop fishing excursion in the Breidafjordur and take a bite out of another Icelandic delicacy: shark.
  • At the Agricultural Science Center learn how Icelandic agriculture is powered by geothermal greenhouses.
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Finnbjörn Gíslason
Finnbjörn Gíslason was born in Iceland. After learning computer programming and systems design in Maryland, he studied Human Resource Management at the University of Iceland. He worked with computers for 35 years, and was employed for four years at the Pentagon Federal Credit Union in Virginia. Since retirement, he has worked for the Icelandic Red Cross and graduated from the Icelandic Travel School. Finnbjörn enjoys hiking, geology, photography, traveling and spirituality. He and his wife Margrét have seven children and 11 grandchildren.
Finnbjörn Gíslason
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