British Columbia

Victoria and Vancouver: Glorious West Coast Gardens

Discover the botanical beauty of Victoria and Vancouver, where a blend of Asian, First Nation and European aesthetics combine to create some of the world’s most stunning gardens.
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Touring the beautiful gardens of Vancouver and Victoria was a delight to the eyes and spirit. Every single day we were treated to unbelievably beautiful gardens, led by knowledgeable, friendly tour guides. I want to go back for more!


My recent experience with Road Scholars on the Victoria and Vancouver Garden tour was outstanding in every way. Of course, the mild weather was a contributing factor, too, but the Road Scholars team put together a very interesting program with knowledgeable volunteers and local guides and a competent and professional tour leader. Going near the end of the tourist season helped with crowds, too, and so many plants were still at their peak with a flush of fall on some trees. I had a glorious time there thanks to a well planned trip.


The Victoria and Vancouver Glorious West Coast Gardens was an outstanding tour. Whether you are a gardener or just enjoy flowers and plants, you will not be disappointed. The focus is on a variety of public and private gardens with plants and trees indigenous to the area. Besides the expert guides of the gardens, you will also learn about the area, the history and culture. The accommodations are wonderful and close to the heart of each city. The restaurants offered food that was fresh and delicious. The program offered a nice balance of scheduled activities and free time to explore on your own. I learned a lot about plants and trees of the Northwest, but also about the history and development of British Columbia. I was very impressed, and I'm looking forward to my next Rhodes Scholar trip.


This is an excellent program. I thoroughly enjoyed it.


This is an exceptional tour and probably the best tour we have ever been on.

This reviewer did not give a star rating.

This was a well organized trip. We visited many outstanding gardens and other sites. The gardens were quite spectacular. We did have issues on our departure day. Our early morning airport limo did not show and our hostess was nowhere to be found. Even though the limo company said they had no record of our appointment, they did come up with a ride to the airport all due to our own efforts. In most of my Road Scholar experiences, the host has been with us until we were safely on our way. I felt this was a poor exception to the norm.


This tour was outstanding. It is not just for gardeners, but for anyone who enjoys the mix of great gardens, nature and city adventures. Our tour leader, Marlene, was excellent. Having this tour as a "small group" made it even better.


It is easy to use!


Road Scholar is a wonderful educational traveling experience. Well organized, friendly and knowledgeable guides. The West Coast Garden experience in Vancouver and Victoria is an experience I will cherish. Thank you!!


This was a very beautiful experience I saw plants and flowers and trees that are not found in any gardens anywhere else I loved this trip I would definitely recommend this trip to others


If you're an avid gardener, a beginning gardener, or just someone who likes to look at flowers, plants and trees, I encourage you to take the trip to Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia! Explore the gardens. Eat great seafood. Enjoy time exploring. Meet friendly people everywhere you go!


This program was awesome in the variety of the gardens. The weather temperature in July was a cool 70. Great time to visit the gardens. The tour guide and the garden instructors were knowledgeable and welcomed questions. Be sure to bring your camera---my son and I took over 900 pictures! If gardening is your passion, don't miss this program.


There's nothing like touring gardens filled with beautiful flowers and plants to make each day of the program wonderful, but the guides and other participants also helped!


If you love gardens and being by the ocean, great food and interesting fellow-travelers, then this program is for you.


A great program if you are a gardener and would enjoy seeing many diverse gardens. Docents at all gardens except Butchart Gardens where you have 3 hours on your own. An intense experience as you are doing 2-3 field trips every day. Also a chance to enjoy Vancouver and Victoria.


Victoria and Vancouver: Glorious West Coast Gardens was as wonderful as I had hoped it would be. While Butchart Gardens might be the star everyone has heard about, numerous other stars became part of our tour. It was a visually, intellectually, socially stimulating week. Very glad I attended.


The tour of Vancouver and Victoria is perfect for any garden enthusiast. I had no idea there were so many gardens. I loved learning about the gardens, especially from instructors who were so knowledgeable.


If you are a passionate Gardener you will love the beautiful gardens visited on this trip.


Bring a camera or smart-phone and a notebook because you'll want both to capture the beauty of the gardens and to remember what you captured after you return home.


Wonderful trip! Loved the gardens, the information provided, the tour director, the guides and the opportunities for free time in each area and the ability to do things on my bucket list. Very well organized. A wonderful trip!


Fascinating garden tour over a 10 day program! Excellent guide and presenters throughout. Couldn't ask for a better exploration.


Great program for garden lovers!!


Victoria & Vancouver: Glorious West Coast Gardens - certainly lived up to the title! The programs were well-organized, informative, and enabled us to efficiently visit the major gardens with new friends while also allowing time and location for individual exploration.

This reviewer did not give a star rating.

This was our first Road Scholar tour. First, the Local Guides were outstanding. They added so much to the tour. Joan Looy was especially engaging. Next, Gayle Higgins, our leader, was very qualified and professional. The level of activities were excellent. If someone was tired, they could sit down and wait for the group. The accommodations were excellent. The variety of restaurants was excellent. The food at each restaurant was outstanding. Our group of 23 people bonded. We sat at a different table for each meal and conversed with all the members of our group. Road Scholar made our flight arrangements and they were excellent. Each person was co-operative and gregarious. I would recommend Road Scholar and look forward to touring with Road Scholar again. Sincerely, Suann & Larry Dibble


This is a great trip and wonderful locations. I went in mid-July and the weather was fabulous. Leader and instructors were personable and well-informed. Hotels were within a block or 2 of the water. All the gardens - public and private - were gorgeous. We had 24 participants from all across USA and they were all personable and fun.


My wife, Gail, and I thoroughly enjoyed this tour of the western gardens. Sara Mitchell was an excellent tour guide and host. She is very organized and professional in her approach. The other local guides were also very well equipped to provide a meaningful experience at each of the gardens. Joan Looy was very good. The location of the two hotels was excellent in relation to accessing other activities during unstructured portions of the tour. One morning our breakfast slot was at 7:00 a.m., which is too early. People need more time in the morning before breakfast to shower, take medications and watch the daily news. We will use Road Scholar again and will happily recommend Road Scholar to others. Thank you. Jim & Gail Raffel


The gardens we visited in the areas of Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia, are indeed glorious, and I took a whole lot of photos to document them for my garden club back in Florida. So glad I was finally able to make the trip this year after having to cancel last year following knee replacement surgery!


This was a delightful program. It was active but not strenuous. The gardens were beautiful and I enjoyed the variety of gardens...Chinese, Japanese, show gardens, botanical gardens, gardens in public parks and one gorgeous garden at a private home. Highly recommended.


An excellent program for travelers interested in a generous dose of gardens. Gorgeous gardens, each one different, with knowledgeable guides enhancing the experience.


This was a wonderful trip exploring many different types of gardens in park, private and Japanese/Chinese gardens Be prepared to learn, listen and walk as you explore this wonderful part of Canada

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