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Arctic Ecosystems: Fjords & Tundras Under the Midnight Sun

Program No. 25007RJ
Fascinated by Arctic wildlife and the region’s natural wonders? Set sail and experience northern Canada and Greenland firsthand via expedition ship.

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At a Glance

Are you drawn to Arctic landscapes and want to explore some of Canada’s northernmost regions? Does the idea of viewing polar bears and arctic foxes in their natural habitats inspire the explorer within you? Does Greenland, the world’s largest island, pique your curiosity? If you answered “yes” to any or all of these questions, this learning adventure in the Arctic is for you! Explore the waters of the Arctic by expedition ship and smaller Zodiac vessels, which will allow you to get up close to seabirds and marine life in places like Kitigung (Lady Franklin Island) and the Cumberland Peninsula. On land, experience the region’s geology and history alongside local experts, who will lead you through ecosystems like the tundra of Baffin Island. This learning adventure will leave you with memories that will be frozen in your mind for a lifetime.
Activity Level
Keep the Pace
Walking up to two miles per day over hilly, rocky, uneven terrain. Climbing stairs between decks on board as well as external gangway stairs to transfer between the ship and Zodiacs. Most embarkations and disembarkations will be via Zodiac, which require stepping up or down approximately 12 inches. Zodiac landings will generally entail disembarking onto rocky or gravelly beaches and in windy weather can make for rather splashy rides.

What You'll Learn

  • Board smaller Zodiac vessels at Kitigung (Lady Franklin Island) and the Cumberland Peninsula for opportunities to see arctic wildlife.
  • Visit the Uqqurmuit Inuit Arts Centre to learn about the region’s Inuit culture.
  • Explore Greenland’s west coast alongside a team of naturalists, marine biologists and geologists, including the Illulissat Icefjord, renowned for its enormous icebergs.
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