Adventures Online: The Art & History of Paris

Join us live from the City of Light — from the comfort of your own home! Embark on an online adventure to explore famous museums and landmarks and enjoy Q&A sessions with our experts.
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Renaissance Paris & the Age of Reason
From the comfort of your own home
Paris and the Revolutions
From the comfort of your own home
Paris - Capital of the 19th Century
From the comfort of your own home
The Seine River and Its Monuments
From the comfort of your own home
Paris In The 20th Century, Program Concludes
From the comfort of your own home
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At a Glance

Live like a Parisian from the comfort of your living room during an online learning experience that brings you into the heart of the city. Our local Parisian experts will share the very best of their city while leading explorations of world-class museums and landmarks. Take in sessions by historians and city experts on artistic masterpieces and Parisian history, while also enjoying opportunities for small-group discussions and Q&A sessions. Each day, you’ll “see” a new part of Paris and enjoy a chance to bond with your fellow Francophiles without ever leaving home. Join us for this cutting-edge learning adventure, live from the City of Light!
Activity Level
Easy Going
Your online program will be between 2:00 p.m. and 4:20 p.m. (ET) most days. The first day will end at 4:50 p.m. and Day 5 at 4:00 p.m. (ET).

Best of all, you'll ...

  • Explore the collections of the Louvre, Rodin and Orsay museums - among many others - as you join your experts for a virtual exploration of each institution's most notable artworks.
  • “Go inside” Sainte Chapelle, discover the front of Notre Dame Cathedral and join in a discussion about efforts to restore this magnificent building.
  • Join your expert for a virtual walk through the Saint Germain area, La Sorbonne, Pont-Neuf, Place des Vosges, Montmartre and many others.

General Notes

This live online experience is through Zoom, an easy-to-use web video service. All you need is an Internet connection and your computer. We’ll provide a how-to session to make sure you’ll have a hassle-free experience.
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Nettah Yoeli-Rimmer
Nettah Yoeli-Rimmer studied French and Spanish literature before going on to get a master’s in European culture at the University of Cambridge. He has traveled extensively and has many years of experience leading educational adventures in France, Spain and Italy. He has recently completed a PhD in 19th-century Spanish literature. In addition to his principal research, he regularly writes for a number of publications on urban history and architecture.

Please note: This expert may not be available for every date of this program.

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Nettah Yoeli-Rimmer
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Visit the Road Scholar Bookshop
You can find many of the books we recommend at the Road Scholar store on bookshop.org, a website that supports local bookstores.
Les Grands Magasins: The History of Paris’s Legendary Department Stores
by Ladonne, Jennifer
Les Grands Magasins: The History of Paris’s Legendary Department Stores
by Jennifer Ladonne
Paris Stories
by Mavis Gallant, Michael Ondaatje (Introduction)
All written in Paris (where Gallant has long lived), these magnificent stories take place from the Left Bank to the French Riviera, postwar Germany and Franco-era Spain. If you haven’t read her work (many of the stories originally appeared in the New Yorker), you are in for a treat. Gallant is one of the great 20th century short story writers.
The New Paris
by Lindsey Tramuta
Move past the clichés and learn about what makes up Paris today. Explore the open-minded sensibility, diverse populations, and hidden corners of The New Paris.
Camembert: A National Myth
by Pierre Boisard
Camembert - delectably fragrant, creamy-centered, neatly boxed - is the most popular and most famous French cheese. Originally made by hand in the Norman countryside, it is now mass-produced internationally, yet Camembert remains a national symbol for France, emblematic of its cultural identity. In this witty and entertaining book, Pierre Boisard investigates the history of Camembert and its legend.
Edible French: Tasty Expressions and Cultural Bites
by Clotilde Dusolier
French food-related idioms are explained and delightfully illustrated in this playful meditation on the French language.
Murder in the Marais
by Cara Black
Literate and thrilling, with a strong sense of the geography and flavor of Paris, the first in a series of mysteries starring Aimee Ledoc shows off the French-American detective's wit and wile. The series continues with Murder in Belleville (FRN562), Murder in the Sentier (FRN563) and many more.
F is for France: A Curious Cabinet of French Wonders
by Piu Eatwell
An alphabetized catalogue of quirky French culture and history tidbits.
Cathedrals and Castles, The Cathedral Builders of the Middle Ages
by Alain Erlande-Brandenburg
This pocket-size encyclopedia of the art, architecture and culture of the Middle Ages features hundreds of drawings, color illustrations and a brief chronology.
Murder in the Latin Quarter
by Cara Black
The ninth installment in Black's series featuring "adorably punkish" detective Aimee Leduc, who gets around on a pink Vespa. This time, Aimee's investigations lead her through the old university district of Paris -- its colorful streets, schools, museums, cafes and bookstores providing a vivid backdrop to the suspense.
The French Impressionist
by Rebecca Bischoff
Rosemary, 15 years old, is in France on her own for the first time on an exchange program. What an adventure!
Paris in Mind
by Jennifer Lee (Editor)
With selections spanning 300 years, this wonderful anthology reflects America's long connection to Paris and the French. The 30 American writers tapped include Benjamin Franklin, Ernest Hemingway and David Sedaris.
A Traveller's History of Paris
by Robert Coles
A fast-moving, short survey of French history with a focus on Paris from its foundation, through the heady days of revolution and up to modern times.
How Paris Became Paris: The Invention of the Modern City
by Joan DeJean
A captivating history of the growth, design, and planning of Paris, telling the story of how the modern city came to be.
Markets of Paris
by Dixon Long & Marjorie Williams
An in-depth guide to the best markets in Paris. Dive into the heart of French culture and navigate the markets like a local with maps, tips, and handy phrases.

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