Texas/New Mexico

Hiking at Big Bend, Guadalupe Mountains & Carlsbad Caverns

Come south this winter to explore diverse ecosystems, geologic formations and human cultures, while hiking in three of our nation’s national parks.
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The three National Park tour of south west TExas was fantastic for those who want to get outside and touch the earth.


This was an excellent program, well-organized and well-led. Big Bend, Guadalupe Mountains, and Carlsbad Caverns are spectacular places. The accommodations were fine and were clean and well-managed. Both Erin and Caiti were excellent leaders. The hikes were excellent. I learned much during this program and I highly recommend it.


After nearly 30 Road Scholar hiking trips this particular one run by Erin and Erica Little is in the top 10% of the experiences I have had. For someone looking to bust their chops hiking there might be a bit of disappointment but the overall experience is exceptional. The twin sisters who run the company are VERY customer focused and have great knowledge of the history, geology and geography of the area that they share with infectious enthusiasm. You will return home with LOADS of stories to tell and wishing I were close so you could give me a hug.


The hiking and experiences were awesome. Erin and Caiti were informative, funny, caring, and flexible in accommodating participants various needs. We really appreciated this trip.

This reviewer did not give a star rating.

This was my first Road Scholar trip. As a solo female traveler I have been looking for a way to take some of the hiking trips on my bucket list. This turned out to be the perfect answer. Our leader Erin and assistant Katy were both wonderful and informative. Erin is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the Big Bend area. You have to appreciate people who show up every day with enthusiasm and a smile on their face. The logistics of everything from transportation to, lodging, meals, communication, bathroom stops, etc. were all dealt with in a very professional manner. One night Erin treated us to a view of the stars/constellations/galaxies that I will not forget. It brings tears to my eyes when I think of that experience. Those of us in big cities do not have any comprehension of how much we do not see in the night sky. I think Road Scholar is the key to my solo travel future.


Erin Little is an inspired, efficient and fun leader! She accommodates all levels of ability. Highly recommend this trip.


This was a fantastic program ! The leaders were truly impressive. The hiking was challenging as described in the Road Scholar materials and the scenery was outstanding. In addition to the wonderful hiking, we crossed the Rio Grand by row boat and spent a day in a remote Mexican village, and also visited an "off the grid" home in the desert. Both great learning experiences.


Go for it! This is an amazing tour of beautiful trails in Big Bend and surrounding Parks. The guides are fantastic, the country beautiful beyond expectations. We loved every minute of our experience.


This hiking trip was amazing! The hikes took us through beautiful mountains, desert and caves. The group leaders, Erin and Caiti, provided a wealth of information and they were kind, caring and very organized. They worked as a team to provide a wonderful experience for everyone and could not have been better. This was my first Road Scholar trip and I can't wait to book my next hiking trip.


Fun hiking trip. Don't expect a lot of luxury because of remoteness and distances involve. A different way of living in Telingus(Sp) with off the grid folks, etc.


This was an amazing adventure. Our group leaders, Erin and Caitlin, were so knowledgeable and shared their love of this wild, rugged, and remote area with all of us!!


What a fabulous tour! Very well organized. Beautiful trails and scenery. Food was very good. Having now done 23 Road Scholar trips, this one is definitely one of the best. Erin is absolutely the best tour guide!


Great tour that included many of the "must see and do" short hikes and cultural sites of Great Bend, Guadalupe Mountains, and Carlsbad Caverns National Parks along with visits to public and private locations that provided insights to life in the community of the desert boarder country.


THIS is the trip of a lifetime. And I have been in 40+ countries! Erica's knowledge of 'all things Big Bend National Park' will astound you as it did me.


Big Bend NP is a remote and rugged park filled with beauty. Every hike was amazing. Carlsbad Caverns NP exceeds expectations. The Guadalupe Mountains NP is totally different and equally beautiful. Three different and beautiful parks in one visit--I call that a win!

This reviewer did not give a star rating.

Loved the hiking and viewing of beautiful country. Enjoyed the day we ventured into Mexico. Our guide,Erica, was informative and entertaining. Our driver,Ronnie, was always helpful and friendly. Some of the eating venues needed improvement. The pizza place ran out of salad and the pizza was burned. And our last night we had to stand for 30 minutes waiting for a table. Overall, it was a fun experience.


I loved seeing a part of my home state that I had never seen before. I was so amazed by the canyons, the river and surrounding beauty, the people and the wildlife. We happened upon the most beautiful days to hike. not too cold, not too hot, brisk in the morning, warm during the day. The locals of the area were welcoming and kind. I can’t wait to explore the area again one day.


This is a fun program that lets you experience the three national parks through the eyes of people who live there, are passionate about it and want to provide you with the best experience. The days are packed with beautiful settings including gorgeous lunch breaks. This program is as carefully "curated" as an important art show. Lots of extras are included. Totally enjoyable and memorable experience. We had a great grupo muy simpático y divertido.


This was my first Road Scholar trip and it provided me with much more exciting experiences than I ever imagined.


Hiking in Big Bend, Guadalupe Mountains and in Carlsbad Caverns was a great experience, but being in this part of the country and on the border with Mexico and learning about how many people are living their very interesting lives was a highlight. Road Scholar never disappoints in lifelong learning experiences.


This program is an excellent combination of hiking interesting and historical trials, along with learning about nature, local culture, environmental issues, and many other things. The instructor guides were terrific!


This trip provides a snapshot of an area the USA which is relatively unknown. This is an intimate peek into the culture and characteristics of the Big Bend area, but especially allows a view of it's physical beauty and its beautiful people


Fabulous trip. Two skilfull leaders with stories to tell about their unique way of life off the grid and a huge variety of things to do and see each day. Hiking daily, swimming in the Rio Grande fully clothed to cool off and so as to touch the towering natural canyon wall between the US and Mexico, star gazing at the clear desert sky, being rowed across the river to Boquillas Mexico, visiting an off the grid house in the ghost town of Terlingua, Texas while ending up inside the deep caves of Carlsbad. We learned a lot. This was the best of our three trips with Roads Scholar. I would do it again!


This was a fabulous trip for me seeing Big Bend, Guadalupe Mountains, and Carlsbad Caverns - I considered all of the accomodations good for the areas we were in and for the functions we had and the kind of trip it was - all of the meals were delicious - Erica and Jimmie are very experienced with working this area and are very knowledgeable. Every Texan and American needs to see and experience this area of the Lone Star state. Although this trip may be for more experienced hikers it is a "go at your pace" tour. You will not regret seeing this sacred place of beauty and all that she is and has. Great trip!


What a great trip! Erica and Jimmie are kind people and have a ton of experience. In talking with them, the detailed planning they provide is evident, and they obviously learn from experiences and modify the itinerary based upon those experiences. The areas that we hiked were beautiful and at times magical. I enjoyed meeting and hiking with the other participants. I highly recommend this trip if you love hiking and have some experience in doing so [not for beginners]. If you are an avid, experienced hiker as I am, you will find this trip gorgeous but not at all difficult. I would definitely book this trip again if offered as a challenging itinerary with 10 mile hikes in Big Bend and Guadalupe Mountains National Parks! The lodging was adequate [nothing special]. The food was adequate [mostly nothing special, except great the night it was catered in Big Bend by Erica and Jimmie's company/coworkers!]. But the real reason to do this trip is the opportunity to hike in these magnificent national parks!


This is a fabulous trip. Lots of great hiking; learning about the culture and ecosystems. Big Bend was incredibly beautiful with a variety of natural beauty. . Carlsbad caverns and Guadalupe Mountains were special treats. Lovely to cover 3 National Parks in one trip. Erika and Jimmie were fabulous guides.


This was an excellent trip. Our guides were terrific, knowledgable, efficient, personable and fun. I saw many stunning River canyons, and it was fun to take the row boat across the Rio Grande and spend the day in Mexico.


Erica and Jimmie made this trip an amazing experience I will treasure forever. Their love for this remote area and the people who struggle to live here make this a unique and special program.


Big Bend NP, Guadalupe NP, and Carlsbad NP: Erica and Jimmie are a perfect compliment to each other on this most amazing trip offering even more than stated, with three National Parks in eight days. This team has developed a well orchestrated experience that provides so much more than the write-up states. There were surprises, variety, wonderful hiking, characters to meet, unique accommodations, adventure, and fun!


This program delivers as promised, that and more! The leaders are truly professional, engaging, knowledgeable, organized and entertaining. What more could one want? Each day was fully-packed with hiking and other activities of local and historical interest. There is some distance driving involved, but hey, it's TEXAS!


Awesome trip. The trip leaders were well organized, knowledgeable of the Big Bend area, flexible and really worked hard to ensure the trip went smoothly. The West Texas area was more rugged than I envisioned which made for some fun hiking. The hikers had options on the difficulty of their hikes. Also made for a nice break from our Minnesota winters.


This was a great hiking program into some remote areas of the US.


This is a fantastic program led by 2 uniquely qualified individuals. We were busy from morning until night doing interesting activities. Hiking was as described. Trip to Mexico by "international ferry" was great fun!!


This was a very unique Road Scholar trip. One not only sees three tremendous National Parks, but also gets to see a way of life in the US that few people chose to live - away from the cities and a way of life based on neighborly friendship and plain hard work with a lots of fortitude!

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