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Churchill’s Finest Hour: A Transatlantic Voyage on QM2

The Russians nicknamed him the “British Bulldog.” Learn about Winston Churchill’s fighting spirit as you study his life and work on a Transatlantic voyage aboard the QM2.
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13 days
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United States/England

Churchill’s Finest Hour: A Transatlantic Voyage on QM2

The Russians nicknamed him the “British Bulldog.” Learn about Winston Churchill’s fighting spirit as you study his life and work on a Transatlantic voyage aboard the QM2.
13 days
Starts at
Program No. 23191 RJ
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At a Glance

“Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties, and so bear ourselves, that if the British Empire and its Commonwealth last for a thousand years, men will still say, ‘This was their finest hour.’” A leader who brought hope to England during its darkest times, Winston Churchill may very well be one of the most admired, controversial and inspirational politicians of the modern era. Study Churchill’s life and career on a transatlantic voyage from New York City to Southampton, England, and delve further into his legacy during expert-led field trips to his home, Westminster and more.

Best of all, you'll ...

  • Join experts on board the QM2 for insightful lectures into the political and military career of Winston Churchill, including his roles during the Boer War, Gallipoli and World War II.
  • Trace Churchill’s life during field trips to his birthplace at Blenheim Palace, his beloved home of Chartwell, and St. Martin’s Church in Bladon where he was buried.
  • Gain a sense of Churchill’s “finest hours” as you explore the Churchill War Rooms and Museum, Westminster and the Imperial War Museum.
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Churchill: A Biography
by Roy Jenkins
From the admiralty to the miner's strike, from the Battle of Britain to eventual victory over Nazi Germany, Churchill oversaw some of the most important events the world has ever seen. Winning the Nobel Prize in Literature for his personal writing and cautioning against a powerful Soviet Russia in his later years in office, his larger-than-life and complex personality has continued to fascinate writers and historians. In this comprehensive biography, Roy Jenkins faithfully presents these events, while also managing to convey the contradictions and quirks in Churchill's character. Weaving together in-depth analysis and brilliant historical research, Jenkins has succeeded in crafting this magnificent one-volume account packed with insights that only a fellow politician can convey. Bringing to life the statesman, writer, speaker and leader, Churchill is packed with insights into one of the most important figures of the twentieth century.
Churchill: A Study in Greatness
by Geoffrey Best
Winston Churchill's inspiring leadership in the Second World War once put him above criticism. In recent years his record has come under attack. This book makes sense of this extraordinary man and his controversial and heroic career. Best brings outChurchill's strengths and weaknesses, looking past the many received versions of Churchill in a biography that balances the private and the public man and offers a fresh insight into his character.
Darling Winston
by David Lough
Churchill: The Power of Words
by Winston Churchill and Martin Gilbert
Winston Churchill understood and wielded the power of words throughout his six decades in the public eye. His wartime writings and speeches revealed both his vision for the future and his own personal feelings, fascinating generation after generation with their powerful style and thoughtful reflection. In this book Churchill’s official biographer, Martin Gilbert, has skilfully selected 200 extracts from his entire oeuvre of books, articles and speeches that reflect his life story, career and philosophy. From intimate memories of his childhood to his contributions to half a century of debates on war and social policy, we see how Churchill used words for different purposes: to argue for moral causes; to advocate action in the national and international spheres, and to tell of his own struggles, setbacks and achievements. Martin Gilbert’s informed choice of extracts and his illuminating explanations linking them together create a compelling biography of Churchill as recounted in the great man’s own inimitable words.
Chasing Churchill: The Travels of Winston Churchill
by Celia Sandys
Churchill: Wanted Dead or Alive
by Celia Sandys
No More Chamagne: Churchill and His Money
by David Lough
Churchill: Walking with Destiny
by Andrew Roberts
Winston Churchill dominates our view of the history of Britain in the twentieth century - the brash, brave and ambitious young aristocrat who sought out danger in late Victorian wars, the mercurial First Lord of the Admiralty who was responsible for the Dardanelles disaster in 1915, the Home Secretary who crushed the General Strike in 1926, the Colonial Secretary who rode with T. E. Lawrence and Gertrude Bell at the Pyramids, the Chancellor who took the country back to the Gold Standard and then spent more than ten years in the political wilderness - and who, finally, was summoned to save his country in 1940. 'I felt that I was walking with destiny, and all my life had been but preparation for that hour.' Andrew Robert's titanic new biography interprets all these events, especially Churchill's leadership during the Second World War, which he sees through the prism of all Churchill's earlier life. He gives full visibility to Churchill's flaws, and brilliantly explains his genius. Roberts has used over forty collections of papers not available to Churchill's previous biographer Roy Jenkins (2001) and he is the first Churchill biographer to be granted access by the Queen to the private diaries of King George VI. This is the Churchill biography for our times and the next generation.
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This trip exceeded my VERY highest expectations. Let me list the reasons why: 1. Jenny Cordon, the leader of the group was superb. She smoothly handled logistical glitches with panache. (like a coach arrived with 20 seats for a 32 person group. No one noticed the delay) 2. Dr. Spencer Jones was way, way beyond my high expectations. No one missed one of his 6 lectures...and he had stiff competition from the ship's other offerings in the 6 mornings. He made the on shore itinerary come alive. He was very social in the evenings too. Good move. 3. Ruth was a really great leader in London. 4. The locations of the 2 hotels were TOP NOTCH. Overlooking 9/11 site in NYC, where we stayed 4 days prior. In London, next door to Tower Bridge and the Tower of London, the Tube station and a great open air patio w/fire pits and great food. This is phenominal location and so we stayed 4 extra nights. 5. Tiny problem.......from Jan 2019 till Aug 2019, I never got the IT problem solved with my RS account. I was lucky that my travelling companion had a working account. This made me very nervous up till the day we departed. Come on, IT Department! Loved the whole experience once I got there.

This reviewer did not give a star rating.

This was my first Road Scholar adventure, and what an adventure it was! The experience of sailing across the "pond" (Atlantic Ocean) on the QM2 was fabulous - also a first for me. Spencer Jones was an engaging, dynamic and fascinating lecturer on Winston Churchill. The learning experience continued with Ruth as our Churchill tour guide in England. Ruth was a font of information, and a warm and welcoming person. (This was my first trip to London and to England.) Seeing the places Churchill lived, worked and cherished made him and his place in history all the more real. Our group leader, Jenny Cordon, was a marvel. She kept us moving, kept us on task, and kept us together - all 32 of us. She herded and managed us so very well. Jenny is also a delightful person. She gets the highest of high marks from me as a group leader. All of the accommodations arranged by Road Scholar were stellar. The Millenium Hilton in New York, the staterooms aboard the QM2, and The Tower (Gouman) in London, were as near perfect as accommodations can be. The locations of the two hotels were perfect for additional days/nights in each city, of which I and my traveling friend took advantage. The overall Road Scholar experience was superb, and I will highly recommend Road Scholar to my friends. Nevertheless, I do have a couple of criticisms: 1) I was told by RS (when my luggage tag was sealed shut) that my group leader would have extra RS luggage tags for us at our initial group meeting. She was not provided with these by RS, and therefore, I did not have RS luggage tags. 2) Pauline Lyttle, my traveling companion, accessed her Road Scholar account online for only about a week. After that she was never able to access the account again. I was able to access my account, and, therefore, able to provide her with information. We tried numerous times, in online chats and in telephone calls, to remedy this. It didn't work. However, all of the individuals we worked with on this trip were wonderful.


This was definitely the best RS program I've been on so far. QM2 is gorgeous and being on board was relaxing with great lectures about Churchill himself. In London, we had more great lectures, highly competent leadership, entertaining, educational tours, personable, very knowledgeable guides, just the whole package. Not enough time to fully explore each place we went, but definitely gives a taste and desire to learn more. Do be prepared for a lot of walking and standing but well worth it. Particular kudos to Rod, David and Ruth for all the info and hard work.


This program exceeded my expectations. The tour guide and study leader were true experts in their fields and provided so much more information and opened opportunities than I ever could have gained on my own.

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