Independent Québec City and Montréal: People, Places, Culture

Gain a comprehensive understanding of Montréal and Québec from experts, learning about the art, architecture, history and cuisine of these two great French Canadian cities.
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9 days
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Enjoy French Canada’s two very different cities — cosmopolitan Montréal and charming Québec City — and revel in the fine cuisine, history and artistry of both cities, with plenty of cultural insights from longtime residents.
Activity Level
Let's Go!
Urban walking of two miles or more over varied terrain; some stairs. Participants need to carry their own luggage and on the train each participant is restricted to one piece of baggage and one carry-on bag.
Independent City Discoveries
Independent City Discoveries
Learn with a Group Leader and enjoy educational programming while also getting independent time to explore on your own. Most Independent City Discoveries include lectures, self-guided excursions and passes for public transit and museums.

Best of all, you'll ...

  • Discover Québec, with its eclectic architecture, streets and monuments—eloquent, perfectly conserved testaments to its evolution.
  • Delight in a day for food lovers that'll lead you on an adventure through the many flavors of Montréal, strolling along beloved Saint-Laurent Boulevard.
  • Enjoy independent study time with the benefit of insight from our local expert, entry to five major museums and the Botanical Garden and a metro pass.

General Notes

This program is an active exploration of Montreal and Québec City and includes substantial free time and directions for self-directed excursions. A more inclusive approach with a lower activity level is "French Canada: A Cultural Journey through Montréal & Québec City" (#10382).
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Michel Jutras
Originally from Montreal, Michel Jutras holds a master's degree in the management of cultural organizations and has extensive experience in leading educational excusions. Passionate about researching history, especially the history of the dietary and culinary traditions of Quebec, he is working on a large collection of ethnological texts, the first volume of which has already been published, while the second is currently being printed.

Please note: This expert may not be available for every date of this program.

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Michel Jutras
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Judith C Lavoie
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Julie Bélanger
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Marie Legroulx
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A People’s History of Quebec is a lively guide to a little-known part of North American history. It tells of the settlement of the St. Lawrence Valley, but also of the Montreal and Quebec-based explorers and traders who travelled, mapped, and inhabited most of North America, and embrothered the peoples they met.
A short history of Quebec
by John Alexander Dickinson and Brian J Young
A Canadian classic, A Short History of Quebec offers a concise yet comprehensive overview of the province from the pre-contact native period to present-day constitutional struggles. The authors bring a refreshing perspective to the history of Quebec, focusing on the social and economic development of the region and its diverse peoples.
Montreal & Quebec City Guide – Lonely Planet
by Montréal-based author
Montréal and Québec City really serve it up. You've got old-world grandeur, new-world sensibilities and big-city charms - there's enough neighbourhoods, restaurants and festivals to keep you mon-dieu'ing for months. This guide, penned by a Montréal-based author, gets you straight to the action. Pick & Mix: buy and download individual chapters from this book You could download free: Introducing Montreal (Very interesting…)

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