Northern Ireland

Ireland’s Coasts from North to South

Gain a deeper understanding of Ireland’s coasts as you discover ancient wonders, meet local academics, taste local whiskey and kiss the famous Blarney Stone for good luck.
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18 days
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Journey from the natural wonder of the Giant’s Causeway to the rugged seacoast of the Southwest as you experience the unrivaled beauty of Ireland. Walk the Walls of Derry, and discover Northern Ireland’s troubled history in Belfast. Witness an ancient stone fort in county Donegal and, journeying south, explore the ancient passage tombs of Brú na Bóinne. Learn about Irish emigration while in Cork and encounter some of Ireland’s greatest treasures — its people — as you meet local academics in Belfast and dine with local families in county Cork.
Activity Level
Keep the Pace
Walking up to two miles per day; some uneven terrain and stairs.

Best of all, you'll ...

  • With a National Trust expert, explore Giant’s Causeway and learn the history of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Enjoy a poetic exploration of County Sligo’s landscape with a local Yeats expert.
  • Learn about the history of Northern Ireland with a field trip to the political murals in Belfast and an excursion to City Hall.
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You can find many of the books we recommend at the Road Scholar store on bookshop.org, a website that supports local bookstores.
Ireland, A Concise History
by Conor Cruise O'Brien
With its lively even-handed tone and hundreds of well-integrated photographs and illustrations, this book conveys the essence of Irish history and the Irish experience.
Ireland 1912-1985
by J.J.Lee
Ireland in Mind: An Anthology
by Alice Leccese Powers
Editor Powers presents three centuries of fiction, poetry, and essays on the Emerald Isle by a stellar cast of mostly Irish, English, and American writers. What is portrayed is not the stereotypical Ireland of facile travel writing but an altogether deeper and profounder place.
7 Days in Dublin: Everything to See and Do
by Shane Kennedy
Ireland in the 20th Century
by Tim Pat Coogan
Ireland entered the twentieth century savaged by poverty and memories of the famine but inspired by the Celtic Dawn, a remarkable cultural renaissance led by Yeats, Synge and Lady Gregory. She left it in the era of the Celtic Tiger, with unparalleled prosperity and a new, confident, outward-looking view of herself and the world - although this prosperity and self-confidence is now giving way to uncertainty. In the intervening hundred years, Ireland has experienced more 'history' than almost any other country: beginning under the British crown, she was racked by revolution, the Anglo-Irish war, partition and civil conflict. Led by towering figures such as Michael Collins and De Valera, she has suffered terrible hardships and disputes but has nevertheless provided brilliant cultural and literary examples and is now a country of importance in the wider international community, providing leadership in a variety of moral and development issues. In this readable and authoritative study, Ireland's bestselling popular historian tells the extraordinary story of how contemporary Ireland came into existence. Covering both South and North and dealing with social and cultural history as well as political, this will surely become a definitive single-volume account of the making of modern Ireland.
Ireland and the Irish
by John Ardagh
impressionistic portrait of the two Irelands, based on interviews with leaders and ordinary people from every walk of life, includes their insights and the author's own observations and analysis. Anatomy of the country, this book is a most useful guide for the visitor wanting a complete picture of modern Irish life and the prevailing social and economic trends.
A Traveller's History of Ireland
by Peter Neville
From the Celts to the Norman invasions and modern-day Ireland, this short history is highly recommended for those who would like a brief overview of the Emerald Isle through the centuries
Heritage of Ireland
by Nathaniel Harris
From the arrival of the Celts to the present, "Heritage of Ireland" reveals how history, climate, and culture have worked together to create a distinctively Irish identity.
EXploring Rural Ireland
by A.Sanger
Ireland (Landscapes Countryside Guides)
by Peter Singer
This guide covers the Republic and Northern Ireland and includes: 13 car tours, 22 walks, 30 picnic suggestions; walking maps; timetables for public transport; pull-out touring maps; many short walks and picnic suggestions.
Ireland : The Emerald Isle and Its People
by Mark Morris and Anthony Cassidy
Dublin American Express
by Polly Devlin

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