Angkor Wat & the Mekong River: The Wonders of Cambodia & Vietnam

On a riverboat voyage along the legendary Mekong River, meet the people and discover the places that make Cambodia and Vietnam two of the most fascinating countries in Southeast Asia.
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This was a deeply revealing experience, answering many questions but raising others. The juxtaposition of evidence of a tragic and desperate history with signs everywhere of energetic resourceful people willing to forgive and move ahead is mind-boggling. Add to that the beauty of the countryside and the mystery of ancient cultural sites. This was an experience not to be missed.


This was a wonderful trip. I feel we were able to see places that wouldn't normally be on my radar. It was very hot and humid but well worth it.

This reviewer did not give a star rating.

My wife and I are very experienced global travelers, and we both agree that this is among the best tour related trips we have ever taken. Our guide (Bros) is a real pro. He handled the logistics of the trip with skill and ease. As a person, he is engaging and delightful. In short, it was a privilege to travel with him and to learn from him. Furthermore, he has clear ethical commitments and concern for the people we encountered along the way. I would recommend this trip to anyone without reservation.


We had a wonderful time and were impressed with how they handled our flight delay in Hong Kong. The local re-arranged the schedule in a very professional manner and and we did't miss anything. Road Scholar went out of their way to make this a positive experience. I'd recommend this trip to anyone who has the skills to meet the minimum requirements. We would have liked to have contacted our fellow team members ahead of time so we could have known them when we arrived, as they were all on our flight. Excellent! Sharon Hollinger


I recently lost my travel partner, husband, and was reluctant to travel alone. Road Scholar not only made this a possibility but allowed me not only to travel solo, but to meet others who were interested in the same kind of travel that I am...learning and meeting new people. My future travel plans will be through Road Scholar. They have it all figured out to the smallest or largest detail.


This is a fabulous trip. Learning about Cambodia and Vietnam was eye opening. The field trips to temples, museums, and pagodas were incredible and the Mekong boat ride was a joy - very comfortable with good air conditioning (essential!). The hotels were classy and very comfortable. The trip went from countryside and river to sophisticated (relatively) Saigon. The heat was pretty crushing during most of the trip (late March) so take this into consideration if you choose this trip.


Our tour of Vietnam and Cambodia via ship on the Mekong River was wonderful. We saw many things that we would not have been able to see if touring on our own. The tour leader and the other guides were very knowledgeable and welcoming. Highly recommended.


This is fabulous experience. Be forewarned that Cambodian sensibilities about female dress are conservative. Shorts and skirts should come all the way to the knees, and shirts should have sleeves - short sleeves are OK, just not sleeveless.

John Jay

With an interest in Cambodian history and a cruise on the river to avoid packing every day, this program is for you. It is worth the cost.


A wonderful trip to experience the culture, history, food, and people of Vietnam and Cambodia!


A fantastic experience, made more wonderful by our group leader Bros. I appreciated a glimpse into life along a mighty river, contrasted with the vibrancy of cities like Pnom Penh and Ho Chi Minh City.


Road Scholar is for the more meaningful travel that challenges the mind


This was an exceptional educational experience that surpassed all my expectations. We learned so much about two rapidly evolving countries with complex histories, politics and cultures. We had an exceptional guide (Bros) who was an excellent ambassador for his country. Highly recommended!


This is a wonderful trip that will open your eyes to a very different and vibrant part of the world. What an experience!


"Angkor Wat and the Mekong River" was a fascinating experience between visiting a world-famous archaeological site, travelling in a small boat with a Cambodian crew, and visiting fish farmers and villagers along the river.


The program description of the Mekong River trip to Vietnam and Cambodia is 100% accurate! Truly a terrific way to visit and learn about these two countries that have been so important in recent American history.


This was a great trip in every way. I recommend it highly.

Jo Anne

Outstanding trip to Vietnam, Cambodia and Hanoi with Road Scholar. There is truly nothing major that they need to improve on. Our tour guide, Bros, is an amazing, brilliant, kind, caring and great philosopher whose beliefs and thoughts are impressionable. The food, education and facilities we had were top notch! look forward to bnooking my fourth Road Scholar trip.


What a great adventure! Highly recommended.

This reviewer did not give a star rating.

5 stars. This was great adventure, the crew on the ship where friendly and helpful, our guide was knowledgeable and professional. The stops on the trip were well planned. My original interest was to visit Angkor Wat which was amazing. I was pleasantly surprised by all of the experiences along the river trip I found them very informative about life in Vietnam and Cambodia.


The program was fabulous. Our guides were from the area and gave us first hand experience and information on the sites we visited, the people and the ways of life. We could never have learned these things if we had not had the guides and program leaders. It was fantastic and we got so much more done not having to determine what we wanted to see and learn about on our own.


This was an amazing trip! Our trip leader, Kong, went out of his way to ensure that we had great experiences and were well cared-for throughout the tour. The boat crew and local tour guides were also terrific. Having come of age during the Vietnam War, I was anxious to see beyond the politics and propaganda of that era. Our encounters with the land, people and histories of these two countries were enlightened and very moving.


Wonderful trip! Bros is an outstanding guide who took us places and gave us insight into the land and its people and culture that made our time in Cambodia truly worthwhile. The barge accommodations were pleasant and the crew truly delightful.


This trip on board along the Mekong for Vietnam and Cambodia was a dream for me. Everything was excellent!


I had many longstanding questions about the American involvement in Indo-China. This trip was about the best way to try to understand that phenomenon that I can imagine.


very interesting and well-organized

This reviewer did not give a star rating.

Disappointing. Would not recommend. The tour guide, Pheach Davuth, in Cambodia was great. He had an understanding of of his country's history and current status. He did his best. But the trip was not planned well. The boat was barely a 3 star vessel. The food was barely edible. It was so full of salt and monosodium glutinate that everybody got swollen ankles. There was too much down time of the cruise. The ship was always parked off shore. No ability to go into towns on own and explore during the day or at night. There was limited evening activity on cruise boat. I would have loved to have gone to some dances or musical events in towns. Most disappointing was the inability to go to Tonle Sap. This resulted in a 5 hour bus trip. The tours advertise the trip to Tonle Sap but not if water levels low. WATER LEVELS HAVE BEEN LOW FOR 4 YEARS. BOATS HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO GO AT ANY TIME OF YEAR, PER BOAT CREWS. The hotel in Saigon was very nice. I would have like to see more of Saigon. Were were limited to the French Quarter. A city tour of Saigon would also have been nice. Our Vietnamese guide Minh was not informative. The last meal, an evening goodby, at the hotel was awful. Nobody was able to eat it. Very disappointing.


Take this trip! I really enjoyed my experience and learned a lot about the interesting places we visited. Bros was a wonderful group leader. I have nothing but praise for the program.


The small river cruise ship was my favorite by far. Good scenery, great food well presented.


We enjoyed the pre-tour trip to Hanoi and the Mekong River Cruise on December, 2017. The cruise ship was small and friendly and the excursions from the ship were consistently interesting and provided a detailed sense of the life in the countryside and in the cities that we visited. I found the differences between Hanoi and the southern parts of Vietnam to be fascinating; they were echoed by differences in our guides, both of whom were friendly and informative. While the trip is marketed as a tour of Vietnam, we also spent time in and learned about Cambodia, both on the cruise and in the last two days as we explored Siem Reap, Angkor Wat at sunrise, and several other nearby temples in various states of restoration. In all, a fascinating trip.


Combining the two tours in North and South Vietnam gave an interesting perspective on the country and its conflicts.


Traveling the Mekong River and spending land time in Saigon and Phnom Penh and Siem Riep were excellent ways to interact with the Vietnamese and Cambodian people. We loved all the field trips especially to the villages along the river, and experiencing the Cambodian young dancers performance aboard the ship. This two week voyage really gave us a feel for both countries and we learned so much! Thanks for a trip that broadened our cultural perspective and gave us a real world look into the legacies of both of these countries.

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