Hopi Mesas & Navajo Lands of Canyon de Chelly & Monument Valley

Gain a deeper understanding of Hopi and Navajo cultures as you visit their reservations to experience the landscapes, artifacts and traditions that have shaped their ancient story.
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This trip awakened me so fully to another culture, the Native American culture,, in my own country! It was an amazing adventure and learning experience. Joan Meister


Some of the places visited are only accessible by Native American guides, we were so lucky to have a Navaho and a Hopi tribe member as guides. Their personal experiences and insights to their daily lives were a priceless gift that they shared.


This trip was my first experience in solo travel as well as traveling with Road Scholar. I was somewhat anxious in taking the plunge, but found the program and guides helpful and knowledgeable, and my fellow travelers friendly and warm. This will not be my only trip with Road Scholar. I'm already looking through the catalogs for my next adventure!


Being fortunate enough to have both of our guides Native Americans made this an unforgettable experience.


This program offers a chance to experience a first hand, authentic experience with the Hopi and Navajo cultures.


This trip (18591RYH - Hopi Mesas and Navajo Lands of Canyon de Chelly & Monument Valley) was a great surprise! I thought the trip would be "nice". But it was absolutely fantastic! Filled with exciting (and at times humbling) experiences that were totally unexpected and positive. Great staff! Great experience! If you are at all interested in the "indigenous people of North America", then this trip is a must do. Also why not take a few extra days to see the Grand Canyon, or Sedona, or other exciting features of northern Arizona?


excellent program. everyone we met [docents, presenters, and Native Americans were friendly and welcoming. Wonderful experience.


The trip has two segments in my mind. I will discuss the spiritual first. Both the Hopi and Navajo have an earth based spiritual outlook toward life. We had several lectures and activities which brought their outlook forward for us to observe. Their spiritual life is simple and easy to understand as it does not involve the political and social issues that most other worldly religions contend with. If you listen carefully, you can get a deep meaning of their spiritual life which is also available to you. I walked away from this week with a deeper understanding of the moral and ethical life I attempt to lead. As an example, we were exposed to the concept that in planting a corn kernel in mother earth and watching it grow. The seed grows from mother earth, with the assistance of the sun in father sky and is born as a corn stalk. Later it reaches maturity and gives back and the cycle of life continues. So simple yet so meaningful. We humans do the same, plant the seed, it is born in the form of a child and grows to maturity and gives back. Secondly, to get out of the philosophical arena, the visual aspects of the trip are an exposure to our wonderful planet. Being able to see Hopi life on First and Second Mesa was interesting. Then we transitioned to Navajo land and saw different lands but the same spiritual experience. Canyon de Chelly was beautiful as was Monument Valley. I highly recommend the experience for both the spiritual and visual.


Our program instructors were local Hopi and Navajo Indians and taught us about their culture . Staying on the Hopi reservation was a highlight of this RS program . Another highlight for me was the time we spent at the entrance to Canyon de Chelly where our Navajo leader told us about the Navajo Long Walk. I read the book recently and this was one of the reasons why I chose this program. The 4-wheel drive into the Canyon was absolutely wonderful , what a beautiful and awe-inspiring place . i hope to return to this area soon and learn more about the local population and visit the beautiful countryside .


This program is an excellent choice for those who are interested in gaining in-depth exposure to Hopi and Navajo people and culture. The Navajo and Hopi group leaders were exceptionally knowledgeable about their history and culture and shared their own unique personal perspectives and experiences. There were numerous well-chosen excursions that were enhanced with educational presentations and demonstrations. The scenery during the bus rides was amazing! The tour participants developed a nice camaraderie over the week and it was enjoyable to interact with members of the group. My knowledge of Southwest history increased and I developed a deeper connection to Native American people and culture. For me, the experience was soul satisfying and changed my perspective forever. Highly recommended.


Hopi Mesas and Navaho Lands gave me a rich experience in a beautiful setting interpreted by the Native Americans who guided us through their homes always treating the tour group like family.


You'll travel around reservation land on a bumpy bus which may or may not have adequate air circulation. You'll be immersed in Navajo and Hopi culture. You'll also take some 4 wheel drives, one on which much of the lecture will be about movie making and Johnny Depp.


STOP-and explore the advantages of traveling with Road Scholars around the world and here in the US. You can choose an endless variety of destinations,experiences and learning opportunities. Road Scholars provides the unique ability to explore the world that may not be available to those who dream to do so. Its worth the time to invest in new adventures with Road Scholars programs. THANK YOU! to and for all the generous donors that support Road Scholars programs.


A nice introduction to the culture and scenery of the Hopi and Navajos lands. A reasonable amount of walking with few difficult spots and they can be skipped without missing any essential views.


This was the trip of a lifetime. The quality and caliper of both my peers and group leaders was excellent! The subject matter experts were spot on as well. I will be doing a Road Scholar trip in the future!!


I particularly liked the fact that the program was totally staffed by American Indian people. I felt that for the first time I could have a frank dialogue with such people. Thanks for the opportunity.


I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Hopi and Navajo. I learned a lot about their culture, history and current day as well as past challenged I didn't know. Our guides were both natives who could tell us a lot about their respective tribes. The geological and historical sites we visited were breathtakingly beautiful. There was ample time to take photos and explore the interesting sites. I can highly recommend this trip.

Mary Margaret

This was our first trip with Road Scholar but will certainly not be the last. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the people with whom we shared it. Both our leaders were helpful, personable and knowledgeable about the area and customs.

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